Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 2: Madam Maria

ne quite up there. ”

”What?! Are you scared or something. Don tell me that you got blue balls after doing this for sooo long. ”

”Sigh. Its not like that. Recently people from Central have been trying to find fault with me. Truth to be told it is really annoying when there are people constantly monitoring you. ”

”Alright alright. Come to my place at 7. ”

The call got cut off. Ughhh my head hurts. Talking to her is really suffocating. Yeah she is beautiful and got great body but her personality ughhh. People will be jealous of me because I am a long time friend with a beauty but if they know her personality they might think twice about it. That full on aggressive and impulsive personality always bring me trouble. Sigh. I really don know how can she build up the biggest whore house here in The Outer.

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