Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 4: The Outer

I walked quickly through the bustling road. No matter how many times I came here this place felt so unreal and unrelated to me at all. The red light district of The Outer. Full of bars, gambling dens and whore houses. The biggest industry here is the whore house Witch Whisper founded by my so called long time friend Maria. One day she suddenly said to me that she wanted to open up the biggest whore house here in The Outer. Her impulsiveness sometimes bring me good but usually not so.

I stopped in front of a large pink building with a bright red neon sign Witch Whisper written on it. Thump thump. Deep breath. Deeep breath. Whooo. I pushed opened the neon red door.

”Welcome, sir, to the best place to fulfill your lusty desire the Witch Whisper!!! ”

What greeted me was a view of women and men lining up wearing skimpy clothes greeting me while bowing their head.

This freaking place really suffocated me. I quickly made my way to the reception counter. The short neon green haired receptionist girl greeted me cheerfully.

”Hello~ there~ Mr.Faust~ . Madam Maria is waiting for you on the fourth floor in her office. Do you want us to bring you some company while you discuss work with the madam? We also provide foods and alcohols at a reasonable price~. ” the girl spoke while giving me winks.

”No, I prefer to talk privately with Madam please but if you could please serve me an ice coffee in the Madam office I will be thankful. I have to walk a long way here from my office building you know. And one more thing Kate, please stop that kind of greeting at the entrance for me anymore. I know you only do this every time I come here so please I might have a heart attack next time I come here. ”

”No can do sir. Madam order is absolute here. ”

Sighhhhh. Whyyyy, whyyyy god. Why the job this time from her. Ughhhhh I really need headache pills when I return home.

”Lead the way then. ”

”Alrighty~. Shakram!!! Take care of the reception for me for a while. Then, please follow me sir. ”

With heavy footsteps I followed the hearty Kate.

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