Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 4: The Outer

get shoo away. ”

”Thats a sound argument. Yeah people from The Circle called us slum dwellers or something but that was years ago. Now look at this place. It has become prosperous enough for even Merchants from Outside come here to trade. I am just worried for the kids under me. The target you asked is a person from Central, that Central. ” I rubbed my sweaty forehead thinking if I should take this job or not.

”Do you really do not want the job. You know I can increase the CP commissioned. How about I increase 200%? How is that to seal the deal? Hmmmmm? ”

Maria looked at me intensely. I can with those eyes. Ughhhh. This girl knows my weakness.

”Alright alright I will take the job. The kids already start gathering information anyway. Might as well right? ”

”Alright!!!! Kate!!!! Bring the agreement. Sign here and here. And~ thats seal the deal. ”

”You really are prepared huh. By the way I have a question. ”

”Yes? ”

”Umm why did you wear a bunny girl suit? ”…and whats more its bright red.

”Oh this? This is a new product from the Outside. A durable and for combat use bunny girl suit. Nice right? ”

The boob part looks nice I keep that in my head.

”Y-Yyeah of course. Before I go can I talk for a minute with the girls that have been raped? ”

”Sure. Byeee byeee let Kate take you to them. Kate!!!!!! ”

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