Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 6: Keysha\'s Recount

”Wait!!! Wait!!!! Let me come with youuuu! ”

Maria run up to me while I was following Kate to meet the girls. This impulsive girl.

”Why so sudden? You know you could just wait and see the results and my reports. I will give you occasional reports during this job. And….. don you already talk with the girls about the assault? ”

”Yes of course I have already talk to them about the sexual assault but that does not mean that they told me everything. ”

”What make you think they will tell me something you don know. Whats more I am a guy alright? ”

”… ”

”Tell me the real reas- ”

”I just want to see how you do your work that is all. Nothing more, nothing less. And~ having me along can ease their fear a bit~ ”

”Sigh~. Alright fine. But! Don interrupt me while I do my work alright. Clear? ”

”Yes sir! ”

After a while, we arrive at a small house. It looks a bit old but not run down or anything. Its just an old brick house.

”You told me in the file that they got relocated so, this is the new place for them? ”

”Temporary, yes until you are done with job. After that, I will give them a new permanent house. ”

”A new permanent house huh? The employee benefit is great. Yes that is really a good decision on your part. You might as well destroy their old house. To be sexually assaulted in your own house. That must be traumatizing as **. ”

I let Kate knocked on the door. Knock! Knock! Knock! Then the door open slowly. Standing on the doorway is a teenage girl of age 16 with a greyish bob hair. Then Kate slowly lowered her eye level to meet the eye of the girl because Kate is quite tall.

”Hello~ Keysha~ . Can we meet all the girls in this house because I bring Madam… ”


”Good evening Madam ”

”And a guest. This is leader and founder of the Cackling Crow Agency~ Mr. Faust~ ”

”Nice to meet you Keysha ”

”N-nice to meet you too sir. ”

”Mr. Faust is here because he want to know the details on that night. Can you let us in? ”

For a split second, when the phrase hat night was muttered the eyes of Keysha trembled and her fingers started trembling a bit. She then replied meekly.

”Y-yes of course. Come in. Let me call them and prepare some drinks. ”

She then quietly hurriedly walked into the kitchen.

”So she really is a level headed girl. Looks like the information you give me are not wrong. ”

”Hmph of course. Ive been doing this business for years now so I must have at least that much knowledge to stay on the top ladder of this kind of business. ”

After we entered and sat down on the plastic chairs, three more girls other than Keysha appeared.

”Please sit down. We just want to have small talks. ” Maria gestured to them.

” ” ”Yes Madam ” ” ”

They were so obedient to their boss.

”Let me introduce him to you girls. This is Mr.Faust. He is the leader of the Cackling Crow Agency~. He is here to hear the recount of that night. ”

”Nice to meet you girls. If any of you don want to tell me the story, that is a-okay with me. I am just here to see the condition of you all and have a little bit of small talks. Alright? ”

Keysha appeared with the drinks and boldly stated, ” I will tell you Mr. Faust the tragedy that happen on that night. ”

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