Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 7: Keysha\'s Recount Part 2

”That night we four girls decided to take a week long holiday from working at Witch Whisper. That night would also be our first day of vacation. We four got off work around 3 in the morning. When we all entered our house that night suddenly we all fainted. ”

”May I interrupt your story for a bit Miss? When you said that you all suddenly fainted are there any some kind of feeling before the faint. ”

”What do you mean by that sir? ”

”Like maybe you feel pain on any part of your body, dizziness or did you guys yawn? ”

One of the three girls raise her hand shyly. Curly orange hair, blue eyes and light brown skin. I remembered her profile. Alaia, a cheerful, kind and sometimes cheeky.

”U-umm I-I think I feel kind of a little bit of pain on my soles before I fainted. ”

”I don feel pain on my soles but both my leg felt a little bit numb. ”

The girl who just speak is Kalia. A sporty girl who always has a ponytail, tanned skin, a supple muscle and black eyes. A girl full of passion and always giving her best.

”M-my l-legs jj-just a little t-tingly. ”

The stuttering girl is Lita. She is a bit meek but diligent, hardworking and quite a smart girl. She has a shoulder length dark green hair, fair white skin and light brown eyes.

”Hmmm. Legs huh. Do any of you girls see some sort of flashing light? ”

Keysha raise her hand.

”I do and when we entered the house, I am at the very front of the group. ”

”Ohhh and what do you felt at that time? ”

”A hot searing pain on both of my legs ”

”Hmmm. Sorry for the tangent. You can continue the story Keysha. ”

”Yes. When we woke up, we were all n-naked while our hands and legs were t-tied up with some really strong rope. ”

Keysha eyes started to glitter.

”Its okay take your time. ”

Maria slowly rub Keyshas back. The sound of sobbing and sniffing could be heard from the girls. I slowly sip my hot coffee. I will just wait for them. I also need some time to think about the information I got earlier from the girls. From all the circumstantial evidence and eyewitnesses, there must be an Alchemist. An illegal one. A demoted Politician from the Central and an illegal Alchemist huh. A strange but not so strange combination. Should I call the Executioner? No those guys are more troublesome than a demoted Politician. Sigh~. Look like I have to deal with the Alchemist myself.

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