Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 8: Alchemist & Grimoire

After a while, Keysha slowly became calmer. The three other girls also followed suit. Taking a deep breath and slow exhaling, Keysha started to continue her recount of the night.

”When I started to regain a calm of mind, I started looking around and saw four men talking to each other. Then, one of the men that look like some kind of wealthy guy from The Circle started shouting and hit a guy in a hooded robe a smack on the back of his head. The two other guys are just wearing some kind of uniforms and a mask covering their nose and mouth. ”

Hmmm. A hooded robe huh. What is he, some kind of old fashioned wannabe Alchemist or some shit? Trying to be mysterious by wearing a hooded robe. That fashion is so outdated for Alchemist. Alchemists right now wear t-shirt, short pants and sandals like some guy I know.

”The two masked men then walked out of our house maybe to become watchguard or something. The hooded robe guy lean back on the corner of the room while snickering at us. The wealthy man then slowly approach us and- ”

I raised my palm to Keysha as a sign for her to stop.

”Whoa there. You don have tell me about that part. I know how painful and traumatizing that experiences are but I am not the right person you want to tell about that. Madam Maria and Kate are more suited for that or the girls at the Witch Whisper. Its just okay if you just tell me what happen after that in general. Alright? ”

”The wealthy men started to sexually assaulted us one by one for five days. The hooded robe guy didn do much. He is just reading a book for five days. The two uniform men rotated with each other by watching us and by being a look out. ”

”So how did they got their source of food? ”

”A guy wearing all white occasionally came and deliver foods and drinks for them but mostly the foods and drinks were for the wealthy man. ”

”Did the wealthy man say something weird or the hooded robe guy said something like completely unrelated to what is happening at that moment? ”

”Oh I remembered ”

Alaia exclaimed loudly. Looks like she became more energetic, thats good then.

”They said about running away from his post or something and said they don have much time. ”

Ahhh I can almost see the whole picture now. That demoted Politician was running away from his post. The questions are which post it is, where is the post, when he ran from it, how he ran from it and why. If I know the answers to all of these questions then I don have to actually kill that guy with my own hand.

”Thank you for braving your way through to recount the tragedy of that night to me. Here, I actually bring gifts for you girls. This is calm inducing tea leaves and therapeutic grounded coffee bean. These two are consumable Artifacts so the effects are immediate. ”

”Girls what do you say to Mr. Faust for the gifts. ” Maria said to the girls.

” ” ” ”Thank you Mr. Faust for these amazing and wonderful gifts! ” ” ” ”

”Ha-ha its really not that great of a gift. Anyways, I will be going now. If you girls have some jobs or just want to talk , you can come to my agency building if you go south from the red light district alright? My agency name is Cackling Crow Agency. Bye-bye. Its nice seeing you girls. ”

”Huppp. Look like I have to get back to work too now. You all take of yourselves and each other alright? ”

” ” ” ”Have a safe journey Madam Maria and Mr. Faust. ” ” ” ”

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