Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 8: Alchemist & Grimoire

“That long? ”

”Yeah that long. By the way it is only for the early stage. Once they have the understanding of the fundamentals, they will start expanding and increasing the number of pages in their Grimoire. That is when they can truly be called an Alchemist. Unfortunately, someone give this guy a Grimoire forcibly unlocking his potential as an Alchemist. ”

”Why is unfortunate if it help him unlocking his potential? ”

”Do you really don know or you are just asking for confirmation? ”

”Im seriously asking because I don know. Not many people have knowledge about Alchemist and Grimoire. They are like petroleum, a very ancient and rare commodities only certain people know and have. The knowledge about Alchemist is only shared around Alchemist very rarely it leaks to ordinary people like us except oddballs like you Faust. ”

This is quite a long walk. Maybe because I tried to pace myself with her stride but sure that legs are quite short. I glance a bit at her legs covered with fishnet.

”Hmmm? Faust why are you looking at my leg? Is there something stuck there? ”

”No-nothing there. Back to the topic. It is unfortunate for him because the Grimoire and his power will slowly eat away at his life. All because he awaken prematurely without any guidance from another Alchemist. So right now his Vestia must be raging inside his body. ”

This is weird we should have arrived by now. Wait that tree, I think I already passed that tree. Could it be? Oh shit. My eyes widen.

”Maria stop. ”

”What? Why? ”

”I think we are trapped. I am quite sure that we are trapped inside a trap type Artifact. ”

”HUH!?!?!?!? ”

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