Do you remember the last time you told each others stories at the dinner table with your family, friends, lovers and colleagues?

And I just want to share a story with you.

This is a world that the world has never realized. It is full of dreamland, dessert buildings and music festivals, but it also hides lies, arrogance and greed.

Evil forces are slowly rising in an attempt to trigger a war of aggression. Only sleepwalkers can fight them. They will use their imagination to save the world. They are the dessert magician wearing a hat, the rhythm hairdresser with white rabbit ears, and the dream girl riding a white feather dragon, wearing a white armor and holding a white heart gun.

The beginning of the story is in a place you may not know, from an island on the beautiful ocean

”Taiwan ” is located in the east of Asia, at the intersection of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. It is relative to the surrounding areas. It has a total area of 36188 square kilometers, 394 kilometers long from north to south, narrow from north to south, and narrow from east to west. It looks like a sweet potato. The terrain is high in the East and low in the West. Mountains and hills account for about two-thirds of the total area of the island. The central mountain range formed by the extrusion and uplift of the earths crust runs from north to south. There are 23million people living here. ”Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery.

In fact, this sentence is very suitable to describe this island. ”The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is people! ”

★ ★ ★

May 13, 20XX 17:50

The sunset light beautifully and the cicadas chirp never stops. It seems normal that people come and go every day. This is the administrative district of Xinbei municipal government. It is a symmetrical and majestic double building. In front of it is a public square as symmetrical as an arena, which is connected with Banqiao station. There are large and small vehicles driving home on the road. A large number of engine sounds almost cover up the cicadas chirp in summer nights.

A well-dressed gentleman old man walked out of the government building slowly and followed the bamboo shoot landmark a few feet high to the underground MRT station in the square. The bamboo shoot reflected warm afterglow in the sunset, making the old mans vision blurred. At this time, he found that he was not close to the bamboo shoot and gradually felt something wrong.

Suddenly, the bamboo shoot landmark in front of him turned into a silver white tree. The old man rubbed his eyes and put on his trendy glasses for confirmation. However, he found that in addition to the silver glittering tree, there were many floating cookies, cakes and candies around him. The dreamy scenery in front of him made him stop and try to hold his cheek to confirm whether he remained awake

Rattle ————-

When the bell rang in the rear, the old man turned around and found that the government building had turned into a white ca

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