stle like crystal at some time. The setting sun made the magnificent building more brilliant and brilliant. On the tower, there was a large astronomical clock with only an hour hand, which pointed to 6 oclock.

Jingling ~ jingling~

The sweet melody sounded, and the floating dessert slowly swayed with the music, which could not help evoking the old mans childhood memory. He felt healed and his body became light. Then he jumped up and walked in the dessert square, humming the nursery rhyme with the melody:

… Why do our hearts tick?

Because the rain will make a patter

Why does time run so fast?

The wind blew him away

Why do you want me to hold your hand?

Because with you, I feel very warm

Why is there a devil and a God?

To make curious people


”! ”

At this moment, the old man woke up in shock. He found that he was lying on the edge of the sidewalk and almost fell off the road ahead. He did not understand why he suddenly slept on the side of the road. The original trees, desserts and castles disappeared.

Beep ————-

The police officer whistled hurriedly to stop the locomotive that loves to drill. The whole bus was stuck on the steps of the sidewalk. I don know how to drive it. All the large and small motorcycles crashed into a mess. This is probably the largest series of car accidents that the police officer has seen for many years.

The sirens of ambulances and police cars came to the scene one after another for support. We could see that the pedestrians around were falling asleep on the roadside like the old people, staring blankly at the strange bamboo shoot landmark and the government building.

★ ★ ★

”Next, Id like to break news for you. Just after 6:20, the largest serial traffic accident in the history occurred in Xinbei citizen square. The perpetrators suddenly dozed off while driving. However, according to the confirmation of the police, everyones alcohol test value was zero, but they all had the same dream of white castle. Is it true that the strange plot like a fairy tale has been staged in reality? Lets listen to the people who witnessed it on the spot… ”

The castle dream incident soon became a hot news search on the Internet platform that night, and a large number of messages poured into the bottom of the film:

Netizen A: ”The scene was too miserable. It was a miracle that there were no casualties! ”

Netizen B: ”Its really weird. I thought I was watching a movie. ”

Netizen C: ”Do you suddenly fall asleep and have the same dream while driving? This is a group of three treasures looking for excuses, right? ”

Netizen D: ”Come on ~ can the title party finish watching the film first? And a bunch of passers-by said they dreamed~ ”

Netizen E: ”Who can share the feeling at that time? ”

Within a few hours, the film has received more than 100 replies, and a message full of slots is hidden in it:

The channel of dreams has been opened.

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