All Abilities Great Urban Master

Chapter 4 The Most Awesome senior in history

Chapter 3 Mind Reading Girls Delusional Disciple

”Hmm. ” Xiangxi Palace probably also thinks Chen Ling is very honest.

”You take your classmate to go through the admission procedures. ”

Chen Ling nodded and calmly took the luggage of this innocent beauty.

The beautiful woman responded to her voice and followed her timidly, and left timidly in an angry eyes.

”Xiaozi, help me take good care of my future sister-in-law. ” Fang Mengze waved tears and farewell.

”This senior!! ” A thick voice sounded behind him.

”What are you doing? Don you see that Im busy? ” Fang Mengze looked back and was a seven-foot muscular man.

”Oh, that beautiful senior sister said that you would take me through the admission procedures. ” The rough man patted him on the shoulder and laughed heroically.

Nodded, Xiangxi Palace and his assistant turned around to handle other freshmen entering the department.

”My mother. ”

There was a scream at the gate of the school.

Chen Ling secretly looked at the deer behind her. The girl buried her head deeply and followed her step by step. Her cheeks were like an autumn red apple.

Its beautiful and pure. Seeing that she was so shy, Chen Ling stepped back a few steps and walked side by side with the girl on a horizontal line, but the girl still subconsciously stepped back a few steps.

”My name is Chen Ling. Whats your name? ”

The girl replied in panic like a deer, ”S senior, my name is Lin Xiaolu. ”

Deer? Its really in line with the image. Looking at Lin Xiaolus shy appearance, Chen Ling remembered that when he reported at the beginning, he was also a little panicked behind a senior sister at that time.

After thinking about it, Chen Ling began to slowly introduce Lin Xiaolu to the characteristics of Huada, and sometimes brought a few funny stories to ease the atmosphere. Chen Ling was not a talkative person, but Lin Xiaolus introvert couldn help but make him want to say something.

Lin Xiaolu also gradually relaxed and listened quietly, and sometimes laughed a few times, but once she looked into Chen Lings eyes, she quickly avoided it.

From stamping the department to the report form from the academic and engineering office to paying in the finance department… The freshman procedures of Huada University are not only complicated, but also quite long interspersed. Chen Ling gradually doesn know what to say.

So the atmosphere of talking and laughing suddenly returned to silence.

”Lin Xiaolu, you don mind the embarrassing atmosphere, do you? ” Chen Ling asked.

”Ah, ah, no, no! The senior. ” Lin Xiaolu woke up like a dream.

Its really considerate. Chen Ling grabbed his head and saw the watch in his hand, and his eyes lit up. Its better to try the power. I pressed the Roman numeral one and waited for the power to fall from the sky with joy.

Sorry, there is no No.1 SL data record… A mechanical voice came into his mind. Chen Ling was dumbfounded and unseveranced and pressed two or three, but got nothing.

Lin Xiaolu blinked her dry eyes and looked curiously at Chen Ling playing with her watch. When Chen Ling skimmed over, she immediately withdrised her eyes. Chen Ling is very depressed. Now he has become childish in the image of a beautiful woman. What makes Chen Ling even more depressed is that he will actually believe that the so-called watch will carry 108 powers.

Chen Ling finally pressed the final number 108, and he didn want to believe that Xiaoya would be a liar.

This time, there is finally no more damn data record.

But after waiting for a while, there was no change in his body. Chen Ling was very disappointed – I still continued to be a promising career as a bad person.

”This senior is so cute. He still plays with his watch when he is so old. I really want to hold him in his arms. ”

A dream-like voice floated into his mind. Chen Ling was stunned and looked at Lin Xiaolu in stunned, ”Did you say anything more just now? ”

Lin Xiaolu was at a loss. After looking at Chen Ling for a second, she immediately lowered her head. I thought, how did he know what I was thinking just now? Oh, my God, Im so shy. How can I want to hug him? Obviously, men are so evil.

”Huh? ” Chen Ling was sure that no little beauty beside him didn speak, but it was obviously Lin Xiaolus voice echoing in his ear.

Whats going on?

Chen Ling specially looked at the nearby, and there was no abnormality.

”Do you think men are all bad-hearted? ” Chen Ling tried to ask,

Lin Xiaolu nodded and immediately shook her head. Chu Chu, the last face, was pitiful.

”Don force others… Sure enough, he guessed it. What should I do? I will be hated. What if the senior commits violence against me? No, I must be able to resist. ”

Chen Ling almost lay down. He didn say anything. He kept watching Lin Xiaolu as he walked.

The girl kept bowing her head, shy and blushing. She kept a certain distance, but Chen Ling clearly heard something that belonged to her into his mind.

”Why is he looking at me here? Do you like me?

”What if you want me to be his girlfriend? I obviously hate men, but I don seem to hate him… ”

”Ah… No, although he is so honest, his girlfriend must do that kind of thing… I haven done it… ”

”… ”

What on earth is this girl thinking? Chen Ling stopped.

Lin Xiaolu was shocked.

”Ah, why is there no one here? Does he want to push me? Do I want to refuse?

Chen Ling coughed falsely: ”This is the training costume of the leading army of the Armed Forces. ”

Lin Xiaolu said, what am I thinking about?

Chen Ling helped Lin Xiaolu lead the military uniform. By the way, he tried to see if he could hear what the administrator of the military uniform was thinking.

Sure enough, he heard the sadness in the heart of the administrator who looked serious. What a pure freshman. Its rare to be so shy. Such a cute girl must feel very cute in bed. Poor my yellow-faced woman wants to be a queen. Last night, the whip hurts now.

Chen Ling almost sprayed water. Before leaving, he patted the manager on the shoulder and said seriously, ”Uncle, Nietzsche has a good saying. Go find your woman. Don forget to bring a whip. Men can be old as M.

The administrator stared in surprise!

On the way, Chen Ling couldn help laughing. Is this the legendary mind reading?!

”Nurn go to get the quilt, and Ill help you send it to the bedroom. ” Chen Ling turned around.

Lin Xiaolu nodded and blushed even more.

The next trip is much more interesting. Although on the surface, the two have been walking silently, only Chen Ling knows how confusing the little beauty with a pure appearance in front of him is.

The lewd moaning in his heart almost made Chen Lings nosebleed.

What ”Don tear my clothes ” and ”It can be like this… It won be… ” ”Light up… ” ”Amer America fall, a library… ” In short, the lines from Japans Aiqing action movie are reproduced in an unrecible original version, even exaggerated.

Looking at Lin Xiaolu, who lowered his head and face turned red, with a reserved appearance, pure, Chen Ling was speechless.

Is this the legendary girl with a pure appearance and a lewd delusion in her heart?

Under Lin Xiaolus groaning delusion, the tedious admission procedures passed in a moment. Although it was a great excitement to Chen Ling, she finally helped her carry her luggage to the bedroom.

Just when I look at Lin Xiaolu again, my eyes are a little strange.

This schoolgirl is unusual

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