All Abilities Great Urban Master

Chapter 7 Then he is God

Lin Xiaolus bedroom is on the eighth floor. For Chen Lings weak body board, who prefers to the house, it is really tiring to carry a large bag of heavy luggage.

However, when he heard Lin Xiaolus voice that ”this senior is so good, he must be very happy to marry him in the future ”, Chen Ling felt that it was worth it.

The two women in the same bedroom as Lin Xiaolu were stunned when they saw this scene. Strangely, Chen Ling couldn hear what they were thinking at this time. Not only them, but also Lin Xiaolus thoughts could not be heard, as if everything before was hallucinations.

Two women greeted Lin Xiaolu warmly.

Chen Lings mouth is dry: Are women open now? He turned his eyes and was ready to leave.

”S senior Chen Ling, thank you! ” Lin Xiaolu brought a glass of water and said timidly.

Looking at the glass of water, Chen Ling felt like smoke in his throat. After drinking it in one breath, he did not quench his thirst at all. On the contrary, his lips were even dryer. He looked at Lin Xiaolus thin lips and had a strong impulse.

”S senior, do you want to take a break? ” Lin Xiaolu saw that Chen Ling was a little wrong. The two women laughed and said: Its time for the senior to exercise. Its too weak.

Chen Ling couldn listen to what they were talking about at all. Lin Xiaolus smooth and tender lips were combined with incomparable temptation.

Lin Xiaolus words of concern were almost illusory. Chen Ling only felt that his body was not controlled by himself. A strong yuwang drove him to make the following move that would be called ”the most awesome senior in history ” in the future.

Chen Ling swore: This is by no means his intention!

In the aisle where the freshmen came and went in the girls dormitory, Chen Ling hugged Lin Xiaolu, held her fragile waist with both hands, and kissed her with the leaning posture between lovers. Under Lin Xiaolus clear eyes, others kissed in the stunned eyes of others.

Chen Ling, who looked honest, kissed by thunder and earth. His tongue was extremely familiar with Lin Xiaolus fragrant tongue, which made people feel that he often did this at a glance. As a result, Lin Xiaolu fantasized about losing countless first kiss scenes so confusedly.

After kissing, Chen Ling was also dumbfounded.

Noting that he kisses so skillfully, this is actually his first kiss since he was ten years old.

”Im sorry… ” Chen Lingluo fled, completely unaware of why he wanted to do this.

”Little deer, is he your boyfriend? ”

”Im dizzy. Look at his honesty appearance, why is he so bold? ”

Several women chattered and talked. Lin Xiaolu touched her hot lips, and her ears turned red.

Chen Ling fled to a corner of the school, and he was stunned when he encountered this situation for the first time. Although there are so-called slim ladies and gentlemen, its too **ing to kiss others for the first time they meet.

The garbage animal that Shen thinks about in the second half is not their turn.

Suddenly, Chen Ling remembered something, immediately dialed the upper-line customer service line, and said angrily, ”Its all your ghosts. ”

”What? ” Xiaoya is also very confused.

Chen Ling was not angry to explain that his body felt like being controlled had nothing to do with this watch.

”Oh. ” Xiao Ayas response was light, and it smelled a little ”it turned out not to be robbing eggs ”.

”Well, in order to check and balance the law of conservation of energy, SL has a certain cost after use. The brain will issue some instructions, and the body will force it to complete it. ” Xiao Aya said, ”By the way, SL means the supernatural law in the language of the mortal world. ”

Chen Ling scolded me secretly, and he was mentally forced to be abused. How can he have a routine with the ”black contracter ”?

”Please rest assured that the cost of mental coercion after the event will not threaten the lives of the parties. ” Xiao Aya said comfortingly.

”Dear Xiaoya, youd better talk about SL in detail. ” Chen Ling almost gritted his teeth and said the word ”dear ”.

”Please don call honey. Thank you for your cooperation. ”

”Haha. ”

Xiao Aya said, ”The 13 model watch of Zhuangyi has NO108 SL, of which SL is divided into four levels. The three-digit number is the primary power, 50-99 is the intermediate power, the 10-49 is the advanced power, and the unit number is the top power. You can use voice prompts when operating for the first time, and use imagination in the future, but it should be noted that each SL has a specific time and limit.

”Why don some have any data? ” Chen Ling asked a strange question.

”Oh~~~ ” Xiaoyas oh, the ending is very strong, and it sounds very guilty. ”There is a small deviation in the passage between the upper and mortal world, and there may be data loss in the process of item transmission. ”

”Im dizzy. Isn that there many powers gone? ” Chen Ling thinks its a pity.

”Of course not. Every SL is entered into the watch has a specific module chip. You just need to recollect it. The watch and SL chip resonate with a specific frequency. If the power chip appears, there will be a prompt.

Im dizzy. Some powers still need to be collected, but not playing games.

But its okay. Its too boring to get it casually.

”By the way, there is one thing that needs special attention. Have you noticed the halo on the edge of the watch? ”

”Well, red? ” Chen Ling thinks this halo is quite dazzling.

”That color represents the use restriction of NOSL (numbered supernatural rule). The watch halo has a total of seven kinds of ”red, yellow, green, blue and purple is 30 minutes per use time, and it is limited to 1 time a day. And the clear color is 60 minutes per use time, and it is limited to 3 times a day… ”

”The specific color level upgrade method depends on your own spiritual strength. ”

”ExCase, Chen Ling, do you have any questions now? ” Xiaoya said with a smile, which means that she is going to hang up the phone.

Chen Ling scratched his head on the phone. Sure enough, there was no free lunch in the world, and it was not so easy to play the All-power Master.

Finally, Chen Ling asked a question that everyone would be curious about.

Why will it be me?

”Oh~~~~ ” Xiaoya continued to drag the long length, as if it were the end of the dandy flirting with the women of a good family, and replied, ”This is a unanimous decision of the upper class and you don need any burden. This watch has belonged to you. According to the second paragraph of Article 8 of the Eighth Harmony Conference, the Ultimate Article of the Upper World. In the seventh small bank, the owner enjoys the private right of property, and the upper world has no right to interfere. After a pause, Xiaoya smiled and said, ”But for myself, I still hope that Mr. Chen Ling will continue to be a good person. ”

Chen Ling fainted: ”What exactly is the upper world? ”

”Confidential. ”

Xiao Aya smiled.

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