”Youth brother, what are you shouting about? ” Fang Mengze stabbed Chen Ling. Among all the students, except for the cold Xiangxi Palace, only Chen Ling was the calmest.

Chen Ling has always been indisputable in his impression, low-key to pointing, but Fang Mengze couldn help but admire such a thing.

Chen Ling said casually, ”Im wondering which country this hacker will be from? ”

”It must be Chinese! ”

A student made a determination.

”Thats right. ”

”I heard that our country has a ”Red Guest League ” where it is full of masters. He also fought against American hackers and occupied the White House.

”It must be. ”

Although a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense claimed that this was a premeditated false accusation by a hacker organization, he saw the details of the above public information that was stunned. The so-called false accusation naturally is that the benevolent see the wise.

The discussion in the classroom was hot, and the students were deferring the identity of the hacker and how to do it, and the atmosphere was almost the peak.

”Professor, I have a question to ask! ” A loud male voice is very eye-catching in this atmosphere.

Others looked at each other, and even Xiangxi Palace couldn help looking at it. The person who asked the question came from the corner of the wall, which was Chen Ling.

”This classmate, whats wrong with you? But I can answer you about what this hacker does. Professor Yao smiled.

Chen Ling said, and his face was full of nothing. ” I want to know if since the top-secret data of the U.S. Department of Defense has been made public, is it possible for this hacker to get some in-depth technical content? ” In fact, what Chen Ling really wants to ask is: where are the best-secret technical data in the United States? This question must be suspected, and he changed to an obscure way.

”This classmate is still too simple. ” Professor Yao smiled and said, ”It is impossible to put top-secret technical data on the Internet. Isn this just to let others steal it? Right? ”

The church laughed, and the students looked at Chen Ling with ridicule.

Chen Ling was a little disappointed. Sure enough, these things were not so simple to see.

”However, I have also heard some people say that because of the increase in espionage cases, all countries have adopted to store technical data in physically shielded computers. The fifth-generation computer intelligent Turing developed by the United States seems to be for this purpose. ”

”Thank you. ” Chen Ling nodded, if he thought about it.

”Well, lets stop the incident about hacking. No matter how we guess, this hacker is an individual, an organization or even a national power machine. If it is an organization, then this organization must be very powerful. If it is a state machine, we should be proud that this may be the power of our country… ” Professor Yao said.

”What if its a person? ” Fang Mengze shouted loudly.

”Then he is God. ” Professor Yao couldn help laughing.

The students laughed.

At the secret meeting of the Ministry of Defense, a group of network security experts and dignitaries of the Ministry of Defense attended the meeting, at which everyone looked extremely embarrassed.

A projector is constantly playing pictures of the humiliation of U.S. defense.

”Are you all a group of rice buckets? ” General Daulson was furious and patted the table. Unexpectedly, it is a disgrace for you to let enemy hackers invade the core host network at will! The Minister of Defense is very unhappy, and the president is also very unhappy.

”Yes, Minister. ” A network security expert said ashamed.

”Do you understand how the enemy did it? ” General Daulson asked coldly that in the eyes of the Americans, they were targeted by enemies, and there were no hackers.

”We didn expect how the enemy concealed the IP scanner and the five-stage fire protection system to establish the highest reading permission, and the service port was not abnormal. ” The person in charge of maintaining the Department of Defense network said that because of the strongness of the United States, the Department of Defense has always been the biggest target of all hackers in the world, targeting 20 to 40 incursions a day, but these incursions are only pediatrics and cannot cause substantial damage.

Like yesterdays shocking tampering with intelligence personnel from the other side revealed that they just found it. At the thought of this, network experts have the heart to die.

Its not like a hacker intrusion, but its really like the Minister of Defense walking in his backyard.

”The same thing, the Minister of Defense doesn want to happen again. ” The general said coldly.

Others nodded immediately, but secretly complained from the bottom of their hearts.

”Have you found out where the hacker came from? ” Daulson continued to ask, ”Ive heard that all network users in Red Kingdom have been used by hackers to get the prompt that we were attacked? ”

”Thats true. ” The person in charge was ashamed. He also asked his friends from Hongguo. The result surprised him. Even if he was the same top companion in network security, the computer automatically popped up that box. When asked him, the friend bumped into the wall. He was afraid he thought he was a virus on a bad website.

Despise him.

”How did you do it? ”

The experts present were equally at each other, and the person in charge said, ”Maybe Hongguo has also successfully developed the fifth generation of computers. Otherwise, it will be absolutely impossible for individuals to do it. ”

”So, is it true that the Red Kingdom is playing tricks? ” Daulson meditated. ” Why do you just want to do this? Is this a warning? ”

”It must be like this. Hongguo has always been very low-key in scientific research, but it has an amazing fake talent. We must report to Congress to improve the network security budget!! ” The person in charge immediately hit the snake and stick.

”I will discuss this with General Gomez. ” Daulson nodded. He got up from his seat, ”All of you are proud Internet experts in the United States. Don you be humiliated by a small hacker? ”

”Of course, of course. ”

They nodded with sweat and breathed a s breath of reassure.

As soon as the general left, a colleague asked the spokesperson, ”McRae, why don you tell the general signs that the text of the data has been changed? ”

”Tell me something. ” McCraes weak curse can change the data locked by quantum encryption into another text. they don stand here and discuss it. Just die directly.

”Dn it, its better to pray to God: Don attack this hacker again, otherwise we can only drink the northwest wind. ” McRae sighed heavily.

Other people nod with the same feeling.

Chen Ling didn hear his prayers, but really did not invade the Ministry of Defense again. In yesterdays invasion, the core of the Ministry of National Defense has been nakedly exposed to him. He was looked at by him, and Chen Ling was not interested in watching it again.

This time, Chen Lings goal is to invade the fifth-generation computer Turing!

Sitting on the toilet, Chen Ling looked at the beating three-dimensional screen again.

Not long ago, he was launching a DOS attack on 15 important scientific research institutions in the United States, which looked like a pure hacker, but Chen Lings intention was not drunk.

The data flow of the network of 15 scientific research institutions keeps flashing on the screen.

Network experts began to counterattack, repair and perfect counterattack.

Chen Ling was indifferent and continued to order, increasing the degree of self-confrosion of data, and carrying out a series of reorganization and destruction with various machine data encoding.

A few minutes later, a different information process language appeared in all the data.

It appeared! AI has indeed started to initiate repair commands.

”Emmediately enter the network of smart computers! ” Chen Ling ordered.

In the blink of an eye, the data river became an extremely complex geometric three-dimensional figure.

Computer Tip: Successfully connect to the AI Intranet!

”Humph, smart computer, Im coming to see you. ” Chen Ling hummed and laughed.

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