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Chapter 9 Romantic Dinner for Little Two

Chen Ling looked at the four-dimensional geometric graphics like a maze on the screen, all of which were composed of 1 and 0 and began to change. It looks like the coat of AI.

”Firewall? ” Chen Ling thought strangely. In fact, he guessed that it was right. This matrix firewall specially designed by the United States for AI has a amount of information of 100 million megabytes, and the recognition is so fine that it is outrageous.

Hackers want to break through such a firewall, and it is impossible to complete without using a supercomputer. Fortunately, Chen Ling is not a hacker. He successfully made the firewall empty after making a simple password.

”Crerere the highest management authority! ” Chen Ling issued an order to the computer again.

Half a second later, an unexpected refusal sounded.

”The order was rejected and the creation failed! ”


Chen Ling was also stunned.

Can the data be created? How can such a thing be?

He was wondering. Suddenly, he saw a row of obvious passwords on the screen. The translation was: AI found that the data was abnormal, and the abnormal data began to be cleared!

In an instant, hundreds of thousands of small squares appeared on Chen Lings screen. These small squares floated like waves and slowly became larger. Finally, they completely turned into a complete large screen. Dudu, the computer returned to normal and was blank.

Chen Ling was stunned, and he was actually expelled by AI.

Its simply unimaginable. With manipulating data, he will be kicked out by a piece of data.


”I don believe I can handle you. ” Chen Lingqi raised his sleeves.

In fact, the latest fifth generation of computing AI developed in the United States is very strong, and the computer itself has artificial consciousness. That is to say, the data in the computer has a degree of self-discrimination. Now Chen Lings data that wants to manipulate AI cannot be controlled.

AI has also set up many password verification obstacles to compete with it, and Chen Ling has nowhere to do it at all.

As a result, Chen Ling was expelled repeatedly, which was really a little wolf.

This fifth-generation computer is simply the hacking terminator.

”The 1,350th power of 6325 multiplied by the 536th power of 4632 plus the 3,300th power of 515, and then subtracted by 4355,652 times and finally divided by… ” Chen Ling sat on the toilet and calculated the row of numbers in his mind, and grabbed his head in annoyance.

The cost of data manipulation is really crazy enough, but it is actually the result of a set of dazzling numbers.

After more than 30 minutes, Chen Ling finally finished the final result 993677. At this time, he was also tired and sweating almost empty.

After washing his face, Chen Ling continued to come back and sat on the toilet thinking about what to do next.

Todays power can still be used twice. Invasion must be done. Anyway, it can be defeated by AI like this.

Its just that if its so reckless, its likely to be identified as a blacklist by AI. At that time, it will shock the United States. If you want to know those technical data, it will be troublesome.

Chen Ling thought for a moment that the invasion should not be too hasty.

This is no longer a simple kind of supercomputer. Chen Ling finally decided to understand the design concept of AI first. Maybe he can find loopholes that can be exploited.

Any computer process has loopholes, such as artificial intelligence.

Make up your mind, and Chen Ling began to search.

Using data manipulation, Chen Ling can easily find any data he wants.

Naturally, the Internet will not be related to Turings design concept construction, but Chen Ling lets all the scientists, staff and some experts, doctors and folk papers related to the design of Turing all focus on them, and then issues to let the computer filter some spam information based on keywords. Even if not all of the rest, there is at least one. A blurred outline.

It has always been Chen Lings favorite trick to combine a perfect information chain by relying on fragments that only say a word.

After the end of the second mental punishment cost, the nearly complete fifth-generation computer AI system was presented in front of Chen Ling. Maybe its a little far from the complete design, but at least its about the prototype.

Looking at the size of the nearly 1G document, Chen Ling thought about it for a moment and printed it first.

Fortunately, the printing function of this watch is also very advanced. Chen Ling took a book and put it on it. The watch directly scanned the content into the book and said that the original text was completely replaced. According to the number of pages on the paper, the size of the hyphen will also be adjusted appropriately, and the cover can also be made at will. From Muto Orchids Autobiography, it was updated to AI. The whole process does not exceed ten minutes.

Chen Ling was thinking that even if the watch has no power, it is enough for him to be happy.

After finishing all this, Chen Ling found that he was so hungry.

Its really unlucky to feel hungry in the toilet. Chen Ling arrived in the corridor and found that it was dark, and it had passed 20 oclock. Chen Ling fainted and stayed in the toilet for more than four hours. He hurried to the canteen.

The rules of Huahai University are still very strict. It is forbidden to eat outside a few months before the start of school, and it is even more impossible to leave the school at this time.

This is about the fate of all mankind. You can let me fight with AI hungry. Chen Ling howled into the canteen. At this time, of course, the huge canteen is already empty.

At the moment of Chen Lings despair, an unclosed dining window with a goose yellow light made him not so excited.

”Master, leave meals for your men… ”

Chen Ling rushed over.

The chef who was stunned and laughed. Looking at Chen Lingtes honest appearance, he nodded: ”Why did you come to dinner so late? ” Did you go to play with your girlfriend? ”

Dizzy, do I look like I have a girlfriend?

Chen Ling was hungry, and the hungry wolf shining up, ”Do you still have any food? ”

e lucky. Theres still the last bowl. ” The master took a look.

Brother Xinchun, I have dinner. Chen Ling secretly celebrated.

”Reserve people under the meal!!! ”

With a scream, he was killed halfway, and Chen Ling and the master of the canteen looked side by one after another.

I saw a beautiful shadow flying over. She was a girl.

The girls face is extremely beautiful, but her eyes are as hungry as Chen Ling.

”I want to eat!! ” She said these three words in the slutant.

Chen Ling leaned secretly.

Do you practice internal strength?

The meal master was beating beside Chen Ling and the girl, probably thinking that the two were a couple. There is only the last bowl.

”Then give it to me! ” The girl said without hesitation.

”This classmate came first. ” The rice cook smiled and said that he was not fascinated by beauty, and Chen Ling couldn help worshipping it secretly.

”You? ” The girl glanced at Chen Ling, saw her feet from the head, and smiled like flowers: ”Can this classmate give it to others? ” They are so hungry. ”

Chen Ling snorted, has an expression that you are hungry and my fart: ”Do you think Im full and support to eat here! ”

The girl was stunned and said, ”Damn it. Today, she met the legendary guy who was immune to Miss Bens beauty, so she stared, ”Don you know that you have pity and cherishes jade? ” Fortunately, you are still a man! Will you die when you are hungry all night? ”

”Since you know that you can starve to death, why don you go by yourself? ” Chen Ling said.

The girl gritted her teeth and couldn wait to eat Chen Ling with some soy sauce.

”Don you know who Miss Ben is? How many people have offered me a lot of money? Well, Ill give you a chance to perform today. The girl has a very good chest.

Chen Ling was stunned, stared at the girls raised chest, raised his eyes, and looked suddenly.

”Well, do you know who Miss Ben is? ”

Chen Ling nodded seriously and said the following classic words very seriously.

”Beauty, are you a faece ball adopted by Xiao Shami, an incompetent dog, Wangcai, a carri, who was adopted by a mentally retarded master of Shaolin Temple, who was called a pear blossom crushed by begonia? ”

The beautiful woman was about to break her breath when she heard it, and the last sentence almost made her angry. She drank delicately, and a answer that never passed through the brain was more classic.

”Miss Ben sucked you to death tonight!!!! ”

[Data manipulation]

Number: 10

Level: Advanced

Ability: For the idea manipulation of any computer and other data, the commands issued will be automatically executed by the process.

Cost: the result of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing a set of numbers

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