tition, putting emphasis on the confrontation between Shi Huazhe and Chen Mo. Obviously the journalists were trying to clickbait the article in an attempt to make it a hot topic.

There was also a video of when it happened. Shi Huazhes review and Chen Mos final remarks were being played again and again, becoming quite the hot topic.

Chen Mo didnt mind; to him, any publicity was good publicity. More gamers will now recognize him, cutting down the cost per user of his future games, and saving on advertising, too!

In this day and age, the attention economy was hugely prevalent, which was also applicable to the video game industry.

As information increased, the attention of the user base became more valuable. If there were two similar games, one with no attention and one with plenty before the game was released, even if the latter wasnt as good as the former, the profits of the latter would be much higher than the former.

If you had a fanbase of five thousand people and everyone of them listened to everything you say, you could reliably depend on your livelihood on the fans, be it through an online store, promoting games, or any other form of monetization.

At this point, Chen Mo noticed a video game media company released an interview with Shi Huazhe.

On the video Shi Huazhe was visibly upset, looking into the cameras and said, “What I said to contestant Chen Mo was advice based on my past. But he took it as an insult, its really quite saddening.

“I still maintain my stance, the video game industry is a profession that requires sincerity and richness. Contestant Chen Mo isnt going to make it far. I think his next game isnt going to make it pass a hundred thousand sales in the first month.”

Chen Mo laughed. Shi Huazhe was as stubborn as a mule, unwilling to surrender after so many attacks.

Chen Mo quietly opened Weibo.

His Weibo was now verified, updating his information after becoming a D-grade video game designer and the champion of the video game design competition.

Chen Mo reposted the interview, adding, “Arent you gonna eat something?” after tagging the pages of several video game media.

-You wanna mess with me? Sure, Ill be here till the end!-

After a short while, Chen Mos Weibo exploded!

The video game medias reposted after noticing that Chen Mo replied and sensed the opportunity of some breaking news.

Video Game Info Network, Tianji.com, Wechat gaming channel… even a higher-up of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment reposted!

After creating such a scene, a large number of gamers now had their attention on Chen Mos Weibo!

“Chen Mo? Is this the video game design champion?”

“Is this account real?”

“Must be, its verified.”

“Wow, really? Did you have to create such a scene? Why didnt you just give in?”

“This kid has personality, I like this guy!”

“What did you mean by your last reply? What do you want Shi Huazhe to eat?”

“Previous comment, did your village just receive internet access?”

The gamers were having a heated discussion right on Chen Mos Weibo.

Chen Mos “Arent you hungry?” was meant to be a joke. There are many who try to make predictions on the internet, and they always end it with,” If Im wrong, Ill eat my own sock” or “If Im wrong, Ill eat my mouse”, eating all sorts of weird things. Therefore next time someone encounters a prediction, many would reply with, “Arent you gonna eat something?”

The meaning behind Chen Mos reply was clear: Shi Huazhe, you said Im not going to sell more than a hundred thousand copies in the first month for my next game. What if I do? Arent you gonna eat something?

Soon, the replies and reposts under this post started to explode, a hundred, three hundred, five hundred!

Moreover, the friendly internet users were helping by tagging Shi Huazhe, probably just joining in the crowds, not considering the consequences.

Chen Mo was much calmer than Shi Huazhe, matters like this werent a concern for him. Moreover, Chen Mo didnt feel bad about this publicity stunt. If it brought more attention to his next game, why not?

Soon thereafter, Shi Huazhe replied, “Get a life!”

Chen Mo was happy, seeing Shi Huazhe didnt dare take the bet.

The discussions under the post were full of disappointment. There were still people trying to start something, encouraging Shi Huazhe to take the bet and eat a keyboard or mouse.

Shi Huazhe decided to not reply, as if pretending he died.

After laughing, Chen Mo put his phone away. This was no more than a small interlude, no need to take it to heart.

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