in game?”

Zhao Zihao continued, “Moreover, the currency in this game is useless. Cant even buy it using real money, I need to work for it! They were also super punishing on players who make deals outside of the game. Once they find out about it, youre banned immediately. That makes me wanna quit!”

Chen Mo laughed, “Calm down, Ill make a game that allows you to pay money to get stronger. Youll be able to enjoy yourself however you want.”

Zhao Zihao was quite happy, “Really, Chen Mo? Then Ill be waiting for your pay to win game! When the time comes Ill top-up a thousand RMB immediately!”

Chen Mo laughed, “A thousand? With a thousand RMB I can guarantee you will die in-game with slightly more dignity.”

“Huh?” Zhao Zihao was stunned. “Isnt a thousand RMB enough? The Earth Online closed beta costs at least five hundred RMB!”

Chen Mo just took a sip of tea. “Alright, youll know when the time comes.”

Lin Mao said, “Youre getting ahead of yourself. Zhao Zihao, what services does your studio provide? How many players are there?”

Zhao Zihao gave it a thought. “Players? Our company provides the office space, we dont have a say in the guild. Its the chairmen in the guild that have control over the players. Theres a clear line in the sand between us and them.”

Lin Mao asked, “Then how often do you interact with the chairmen? When my game comes out, could you help me out and pull some players over?”

Zhao Zihao replied, “It depends on how many you want. I know about ten chairmen. Including the players, it should add up to several thousand. I think it might be difficult for you if you want to solely depend on your income from these guys, but it should be fine to just show you some support.”

Lin Mao sighed, “The indie games I make are difficult to promote in the first place, in addition to the small target audience. The channels of promotion arent looking too good, either, and the resources I get are also super limited.”

Zhao Zihao asked, “Cant you just release it right to the market?”

Lin Mao shook his head. “Releasing it right into the market gathers no attention, none of the users are going to notice it.”

Zhao Zihao gave it some thought and replied, “Alright, Ill ask about it when the time comes. Ill try and think of something to hype up your game. Not doing anything just isnt right, the least I can do is to make your numbers look good. Also, whats your opinion on this, Chen Mo?”

Chen Mo said, “I havent even seen your game!”

Lin Mao handed over his phone to Chen Mo, “Take a look at this, its about eighty percent complete.”

Chen Mo grabbed the phone and launched the indie game currently in production by Lin Mao.

He made up his mind after playing for five minutes.

It was a side scroller using a Middle Ages theme. It was about a knight saving a princess, including a boss fight against a dragon. All things considered, it was alright for a D-grade video game designer. However, there were still some pitfalls.

Although it was fine in all aspects, there wasnt much that prompted a player to pull out their money. Even if the game was sold at ten RMB, the players would have to consider why they would make the purchase.

Story? Playstyle? Art? They were all alright, but there wasnt anything eye-catching.

After thinking for a bit, Chen Mo said, “I think that you are logically misunderstanding this.”

Lin Mao asked, “What misunderstanding?”

Chen Mo said, “I think theres a problem with your positioning. Youre making an indie game. Sure the audience is smaller, but I dont think you need to position yourself to focus on a small audience.”

Zhao Zihao scratched his head. “What are you talking about? Thats too convoluted. Could you simplify it a bit?”

Chen Mo said, “I can tell that you have given it your all in all aspects of the game. However, you made it according to the tastes of a small audience, meaning youre only targeting a small audience who likes themes like this. The number of players isnt able to support the sales of your game.”

Lin Mao didnt quite understand. “Arent you supposed to target the players desires when making a game?”

Chen Mo explained, “What I mean is that you should widen your target audience. Basically, you need more players to play your game.”

Lin Mao was doubtful. “I know that. It sounds simple, but how can you attract more players to your game?”

Chen Mo said, “Its simple, just find a focal point.”

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