ptop in this world, starting at twenty thousand RMB.

Being a poor fresh graduate and not coming from a rich family, why did he choose to starve himself for the better half of a year to buy such an expensive laptop?

It was because Chen Mo wanted to use this laptop to design games!

Thats right. That was another difference in this world. Here, a programmer wasnt required when a video game designer designed a game!

Then… who did the coding?

Answer: There wasnt a need for coding! This world had the best video game engines. All a videogame designer had to do was to storyboard the game and assemble it using the engines according to the documentation. Viola, the idea can now become a reality!

From minigames, that were just a couple megabytes, to VR games that required tens of terabytes, everything could be done using a game engine. Of course, the time and effort required were definitely different!

Unlike his previous world, where video game designers were just workers in the production line, the video game designers here were extremely rich with great personal charisma, having status similar to successful artists.

Another difference was that in Chen Mos previous world, video game designers would be assigned different parts of the game: coding, storyboarding, levels, etc. However, in this world, one had to know everything. A game designer that only understood the system, but not the plot would be disdained by others within their circles.

It was to the point where some video game designers were also top-notch writers and artists, masters of all trades, just like how Michaelangelo was a sculptor, artist, architect, and poet!

Of course, for large scale VR games, the main designers would also hire assistants. However, the words of the main designers were absolute, controlling every detail of the game. The assistants were less like co-workers than interns.

As mentioned previously, Chen Mo was a young man who wanted to devote his life to the gaming industry.

However, the way to devote oneself wasnt to apply for jobs at video game companies, but through other means.

All video game engines in this world were open to the public though rights and accessibility may differ, depending on the designer . Entering the video game industry required one to design a complete game. It also had to pass through a board of professionals for review.

The Chen Mo of this world was already qualified to be an entry-level video game designer. He just needed to design a simple mini-game to become a D-grade video game designer.

As for the reason Chen Mo was staying in a hotel, he had registered himself for a video game design contest in the Imperial Capital. He needed a quiet environment for two days to finalize his designs.

Unfortunately, perhaps because of stress or too many late nights, he suddenly died!

“Pulling two late nights and suddenly dying? Man, my body is weak despite being so young,” muttered Chen Mo.

Perhaps it was normal to have so much stress. Even in this world, the road of a video game designer wasnt easy.

It had been almost a year since the Chen Mo of this world graduated, and yet he hadnt gotten off on the right foot. None of the games he made got past the review. Despite being entry-level in every aspect, he was unable to break through to being a D-grade video game designer.

If this continued, Chen Mo would be out of money. Hed be left with three choices: starve, go back and depend on his parents, or change career paths.

Hence, Chen Mo had done his best, hoping he could get a good ranking in this video game designing competition. However, before he could finish his product, it seems that he had beenfinished first!

After sulking for a couple more seconds, Chen Mo calmed down.

Isnt it just designing video games? Thats right up my alley! If I dont make waves in the current video game industry, I would really be a waste of resources.

Chen Mo turned on the laptop. However, before he did anything, he decided to order some food.

Chen Mos stomach was growling. Not wanting to be the first transmigrator who died of starvation after the originals sudden death, Chen Mo picked up his phone.

Indeed, the lifestyle apps were largely similar. Chen Mo noticed that other than the higher specs, mobile phones were largely similar to those of his previous world.

After ordering a rice bowl and milk tea on an app called “Hungry?”, Chen Mo fully calmed down, and opened the game engine on his laptop.

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