, try it out…

“Wasnt this that extremely simple game… doesnt look like itll be any fun.

“… Whatever, Ill just try it out.”

The student tapped the screen in the end and started the game.

Another couple was playing a two-player online dogfight game, but the woman felt a sudden disinterest.

“Its so boring, lets try another one,” said the woman;

The man nodded, “Alright, I also found it boring, but whats next?”

The couple looked through the twenty games and somehow landed on the fat and ugly bird icon of FlappyBird.

The woman said, “I think this game has online capabilities and a leaderboard. Why not try this out?”

The man hesitated, “Alright, but is this game fun?”

“Well know when we play. Wasnt there an online leaderboard? Lets see who gets the higher score,” replied the woman.

“Alright!” the man replied with a nod.

The couple both tapped on the bird icon of FlappyBird.

The effect of the Super Focuser was seen immediately, as five hundred people opened FlappyBird for some unexplained reason and started playing. This included the three judges!

Shi Huazhe was still furious. Upon seeing the introduction for FlappyBird, hed almost stood up and requested they cancel designer number Sevens entry.

After all, Shi Huazhe was the oldest of the three judges. People tend to become a stick in the mud when they get older. According to him, this wasnt considered a game, a joke maybe, and most definitely brought shame to video game designers.

-How can someone like this get past the preliminaries? Did the organizers not review their abilities properly?

-Or perhaps… family connections?

-Even competitions like this have a shady side. What a shame!-

Shi HuaZhe was still angry, but he found that he couldnt control himself. Out of the twenty icons on the screen, he felt that the stupid fat bird the most compelling, as if it took up the entire screen.

“… I do want to find out how crappy it can be.”

Shi Huazhe tapped the stupid bird icon and started the game.

He still didnt feel too good about playing it, as if it was degrading him. When he finally glanced at his fellow judges, they also had FlappyBird on their screens!

“…” It looked like he wasnt the only one.

The other two judges, Lin Hai and Qiu Hengyang were also playing FlappyBird!

Qiu Hengyang wasnt playing because of the influence of the Super Focuser. He had noticed a problem when the emcee was introducing the game.

Why would anyone spend the time and effort to add online and leaderboard functions to such a simple game?

It felt completely unnecessary. Why not design a few new levels, or a new character with the extra effort?

With this question in mind, Qiu Hengyang tapped the stupid fat bird icon.

The initial image was very simple, telling the players to tap on the screen to make the bird fly upwards. Other than that there werent any other hints.

On the top of the screen was a zero, probably referring to the score.

The graphics of the game were exactly the same as the one shown on the main screen, so simple it was offensive. The bird looked like a ball, along with two emotionless eyes and hotdog lips, and two small wings. No matter how you look at it, it just looked stupid.

Furthermore, there was another point of interest.

Qiu Hengyang tapped the screen while trying the game.

The stupid bird flew like a drowning salted fish, flying slightly upwards just a tiny bit. Then it immediately took a nosedive, dying once it hit the pipes.

Qiu HengYang, “…”

-What is this even?!-

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