Scrolling upwards shocked him, it revealed the first place player with a score of forty-seven!

-Holy shit!-

Qiu Hengyang felt like dying. How did they do that? What kind of psychopath got a score of forty-seven? Did they cheat?

The top players hadnt changed their names, likely because they hadnt discovered the feature.

Qiu Hengyang wasnt happy with his measly fourteen. He was in sixth place for now, but he could be knocked down at any time.

“Ill play for another five minutes. Then Ill try the other games.”

After closing the leaderboard, Qiu Hengyang was ready to play hard.


Ten minutes passed quickly and the effects of the Super Focuser ended.

“What an unexpected game… How did I spend so much time on that? Damn it.”

A middle-aged man with glasses closed FlappyBird. A popup had appeared: Would you recommend this game to others?

The man hesitated for a bit and pressed Recommend.

It was hard to explain objectively but it was probably anI cant be the only one going through this torture” mentality.

Up till now, FlappyBird had five hundred and eighty-nine people on its leaderboard and had no signs of slowing down.

This was because of the inherent crowd mentality of humans. Some of them saw their friends or family playing it, competing to get a high score. Furthermore, upon seeing that many others in the audience were playing the game, others felt compelled to try the game out, even without the effects of the Super Focuser acting on them.

After the effects of the Super Focuser expired, the majority of players quit the game. However, a small portion of those chose to not recommend the game;The remaining others recommended it.

As for the players still playing, they were still trying to grind out their high score.

Lin Hai noticed the Shi Huazhe didnt look too well, asking out of concern, “Whats wrong, feeling unwell?”

“Oh, its nothing,” he replied, shaking his head.

Lin Hai noticed that Shi Huazhes eyes were glistening, and he was trying to hide it. Lin Hai couldnt help but be curious.

In the end, he glanced at Shi Huazhes screen. On it was the results screen of FlappyBird: Score: 4, High Score: 4.

Lin Hai quickly looked away, barely holding in his laughter. It seemed that Shi Huazhe was angry because of that. Fair enough, he had been playing for ten minutes to achieve a high score of 4. That score wasnt even in the top two hundred, anyone would be mad!

Sensibly, Lin Hai chose to not pry into it…


The game experience round continued. The whole round was an hour long, and only ten minutes or so had passed.

Of the seven hundred people in the audience, almost six hundred of them had played FlappyBird. However, only a small portion of those were still pushing on; others chose to play other games.

Chen Mo wasnt worried. When the emcee was introducing the other games, he learned the abilities of his competitors, and most of them were barely competitive.

Other than a handful of works that were passable, the others werent even comparable to his FlappyBird.

Put it this way: the games had better graphics, resources, and content compared to FlappyBird. But in terms of gameplay and speed of spreading?

-Im not targeting anyone specifically, but what Im saying is that everyone here is garbage!-

Indeed, when trying other games, most of the audience quickly closed them, and reopened FlappyBird.

Not saying that the game was fun, the most important part was grinding the high score!

Why not say that the game was infectious. It did get stale after playing for a while. It was also quite boring, and most importantly, torturous! But after just closing it for five minutes, the desire to reopen the game came back.

Chen Mo knew this from the reactions of the audience. Now, he only worried about the judges.

If the judges all rejected the game and disqualified him, it would still be over!

However, as long as one of the judges acknowledged his game, first place would definitely be his!

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