”If I knew this would happen, I wouldve just used it my way! ”

I had a lot of regrets.

But no one would have expected this to happen.

I can believe I came into the book I wrote as a hobby.

Maybe youll be lucky if you don get treated like a madman when you tell someone.

I glared at the system message in front of me.

Still, the letters on the system window didn change a word.

The class in your work is a fifth-grade extra.>


”Lets break up. If we keep seeing each other, won both you and I live a pathetic life? Lets never run into each other again. Take care. ”

It was a clear and concise text, as if she was cleaning out the dirty things.

It was a crappy feeling like I had hit rock bottom. It wasn wrong. But I didn expect to receive a break-up notice by text.

Do-hyuns hand holding the cell phone trembled.

Why did you meet such a crappy guy? I wanted to call right away and ask that.

But all the harsh and cold words were certainly true.

I didn get a decent job after graduating from a good university like others, nor did I get a stable salary by taking a civil service exam like others.

Because I was just a moron.

Due to family circumstances, I even narrowly graduated from high school.

On such a topic, he struggled to achieve his dream through writings or paintings that were not worth much money.

Whats left at the end?

Do-hyuns hands trembled greatly.

His cell phone slipped from his trembling hand and fell to the floor.

Whats this!

Do-hyun raised his left hand and managed to hold onto his trembling right hand.

After all, this is what it looks like when a talentless man had a presumptuous dream.

Accumulated fatigue is prone to accidents.

Dohyon fit this perfectly.

An accident occurred at the construction site, and they said they would cover living expenses.

His right arm was badly injured in the accident.

The crushed right arm couldn go back to before.

I was so nervous when I was stressed or tried to move too much.

With this trembling arm, I couldn even hold on to my lover who was going to leave.

It was perhaps natural to be told to break up.

”Damn it. ”

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