An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 2: Extra\'s Probability of Death (2)

Knock, knock.

A knock was heard, and the nurse came into the hospital room.

”Hello, Im here to check your condition. ”

The nurse smiled awkwardly and held out the blood pressure gauge.

It was a familiar face that Ive seen for four days already.

Do-hyun rose from his seat and raised his arms.

The nurse trembled with surprise at the simple move.

There was a clear look of Do-hyuns countenance.

Its as if you
e being stabbed if you do something wrong.

After completing the vital check, the nurse quickly filled out the chart and went out.

He was hospitalized in a special room, but he was almost treated like nuclear waste.

Do-hyun sighed and held his head.

”Is this a dream or reality? ”

It was only four days ago that Do-hyun woke up in this unidentified hospital room.


Of course, I didn really know where this place was.

Do-hyun looked out the window.

The hospital room where he was hospitalized was located quite high, so he could enjoy an open view.

Do-hyuns eyes landed on a white structure located in the middle of Seoul.

It did not exist at all in the reality where Do-hyun was.

a blank wall

Even though it was my first time seeing it, Do-hyun could immediately recognize what it was.

A white wall of 100 meters high, soaring into the sky without any ornament.

It was exactly what he described in the novel.

Only then did Do-hyun realize.

This place is in the novel a ”a world where both dungeons and society are full of monsters ” (TN: It seems the novel starts referring this novel as The Dawn of the Dead from now on)

At first, I wondered whether I was crazy after all.

But now evidence has emerged one after another that this is a reality.

The same was true of his face and body, which had been completely changed, and the special room of the hospital, which he could not be hospitalized in with his ability.

And this was likely a place in the novel called Dunsa Temple not anywhere else.

”Why did I come in here? ”

Do-hyun felt hopeless, clutching his head.

What kind of novel is ”The Dawn of the Dead ”?

It is a novel written by Do-hyun to kill time.

However, the contents of the novel were extremely realistic.

This is because whenever I felt the limitations of the painting, I vomited all kinds of anger in the writing.

Therefore, ”The Dawn of the Dead ” was filled with Do-hyuns inferiority complex about talent.

Killing monsters was not a problem in this novel.

It was a society where countless players with monstrous talents competed for blood.

Just as there is a theory of spoon and chopsticks class in reality, ”Dunsa Temple ” was also a place where the classes run the world. (TN: There is a theory in Korean culture that people can be divided into different socioeconomic classes and its saying its the same way in the novel).

Even if you enter the novel, there is no problem if you enter the body of a talented main character.

Its a path thats been promised to end well.

However, Do-hyun did not come in as the main character of the novel.

It was as an extra, the worst trash in the novel ”The Dawn of the Dead ” and he came into the body of Lee Do-hyun, the fool of the Mu Cheon family, who did not have a single talent.

Of all things, Lee Do-hyun is caught up in a large-scale battle fought by the main character Cho Ja-hyun and dies.

It was the worst of the worst.

When he was in the midst of reflecting on his self-esteem, his name ”Lee Do-hyun ” was given to an extra, similar to his situation as if he was helping himself.

Why did I give him my name?

Now I have come to regret it.

If I knew this would happen, I would have named the main character by my own name!

Lee Do-hyun, the son of a million people.

Mu Cheon was the top family of ”Dunsa Temple. ”

It was a great disgrace that the son of the Mu Cheon family could not wake up.

For this reason, not only the people of the Mu Cheon family but also the general public ignored Lee Do-hyun.

In the end, the head of the household, Lee Chul-Joon , performed an awakening operation as a last resort.

It wasn for his son, Lee Do-hyun.

It was a choice to get rid of ones impropriety.

However, the awakening operation was unsuccessful.

What was left of the Mu Cheon familys rascal was a disabled body in the aftermath of the failed operation.

Do-hyun grimly smiled.

Although he escaped from the desperate situation of reality, it was Lee Do-hyuns body that came in.

Here or there, he ended up dying as a moron.

Nothing had changed in his life.

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