An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 4: The Fool Who Surpassed the Wall (1)

”Sigh, I feel less nervous after drinking. ”

Do-hyun sighed quietly.

If I didn do this, I couldn be sure to jump into this reality soberly.

In fact, I still felt like it was a dream.

But if this was the real reality, he had no choice but to move.


Before I knew it, reporters who recognized Do-hyeon and rushed to the scene pointed the camera at him.

The camera flashes rained everywhere.

Do-hyun frowned unknowingly.

”Aren you Lee Do-hyun from the Mu Cheon family? ” What business did you come to the blank wall for? ”

”Are you here to challenge the quest like the other legions, family heads children? ”

”Its known that you failed to wake up as a player, but did you come here for something else? ”

The reporters questions were buzzing around Do-hyuns ears.

However, Do-hyun ignored all the reporters questions and walked forward firmly.

And in the direction he walks…….

”Is that the Blank Wall? ”

There was a huge wall.

It was about the same height as the skyscraper of modern civilization made of concrete, glass, and steel.

Since he was the author of the novel, he also described the wall.

However, when I saw it with my own eyes, it was a spectacular sight that had me overwhelmed.

Walking closer and closer to the blank wall, there was an unpleasant odor.

And below that, a burning corpse was seen.

It was a bizarre sight.

Perhaps because of that, the reporters who were chasing Do-hyon also stopped and stepped back.

As Do-hyun approached the Blank Wall, a system message appeared with a notification sound.


You have entered the Event Zone Blank Wall>

It was the event area notification.

Normally, ordinary people are not qualified to perform quests.

Because Im not a player.

But not this event.

Anyone can participate in the event, and anyone can be swept away by the event.

Therefore, the system message that usually only a player can see seemed to have appeared in front of Do-hyuns eyes

If an ordinary person, not a player, participates in an event and does a high-contribution job, they can be greatly rewarded financially.

Until now, it was the same setting that Do-hyun made.

However, at the system messages that appeared one after another, Do-hyun raised one eyebrow.

What is this?

If what was in front of him was a computer monitor, Do-hyun would have put his face on the monitor.

I couldn understand the content of the message that appeared in front of me.

Throughout the entire writing of the novel, Do-hyon had never written such a system message.

Level 5?


probability of death?

Does this mean that there is a 99% chance that I will die in this event?

Do-hyuns face turned blue.

It was like he met a tiger while trying to avoid a fox.

What the hell is going on……!

Grade: A

Classification: Exclusive

Restrictions: None

Details: The Blank Wall is hard and is hiding secrets that no one knows. If you make a difference to this solid wall, you can get the secret that the blank wall is hiding.

But the cost of the failure is by no means light. It is a fatal challenge because it can lead to death and burn in eternal flames without leaving even a dead body.

Contrary to Do-hyuns feelings, a new system message appeared without notice.

In the first place, he sought the blank wall to avoid future death.

To unlock this hidden quest.

One needs to fail the awakening surgery, and become just an ordinary person.

So by breaking the event that the general public could also participate in, you can become a player through rewards.

But things have changed.

Do-hyons mind was confused by the system message, which he had never expected.

Something must have changed as he entered the world.

Otherwise, there was no way that such a message would appear, such as the probability of death, which he had never set.

Maybe this hidden quest was not applied properly.

Do-hyun closed his eyes tightly.

But you still have to.

It was better than doing nothing and dying like a dog later.

To say that there is a 99% chance of death means, in other words, that there is a 1% chance of survival.

Given that I will die with a 100% chance of certainty in the future, i am right to bet on a 1% chance of survival for now.

After living in a gutter-like reality, I can manage to live like a human being here.

It was too unfair to die like this.

It was then.

e not a player. Why are you here? ”

”Aren you embarrassed when you failed your awakening surgery? ”

Private videographers on the other side of the area started booing.

It was to turn off the agro to increase the number of video views.

Do-hyun ignored them and walked silently toward the blank wall.

”Will it work? ”

No matter how much I was aiming for a hidden quest, I couldn even know myself as the author of the novel.

Even if you challenge this quest, there is a possibility that the reward will be completely different.

”Well, its better than dying. ”

But since Ive come this far, Ill be the judge

After making up his mind, Do-hyun approached the blank wall.


The quest from the blank wall was definitely the responsibility of Cho Ja-hyun, the protagonist of this novel.

Cho Ja-hyun made a change in the Blank Wall in a clever way.

As in the novel, he broke the hidden quest and took the reward with his unique instinctive sense and excellent talent.

It was a huge performance that other players other than Cho Ja-hyun could not even hope for.

Therefore, the Blank Wall was one of the red carpets that the main character Cho Ja-hyun would step on.

But Do-hyun intends to intercept it. A blank wall that is only allowed for the main character.

”Im sure Cho Ja-hyun attacked this wall in a different way.

Dohyons eyes shined

The average player tried to break the wall with a very simple mindset.

However, the solid wall did change even after being hit by weapons

Rather, the blows the wall sustained when hit were reflected back at the player

As a result, many players suffered serious internal injuries and died instantly.

In fact, there were numerous corpses strewn under the blank wall, but the wall had not been properly scratched.

Cho Ja-hyun overcame it with an ingenious idea.

It was to break the blank wall by freezing it.

In the process, Cho Ja-hyun used a skill called Perennial Snow.

Do-hyun intended to refer to it.

Of course, he was now just an ordinary person.

He didn even have any grandiose skills like Perennial Snow.

However, he was able to imitate Cho Ja-hyun ideas similarly.

If it is , it could have a similar effect.

Do-hyun was thinking of making a special item.

In the beginning, Cho Ja-hyun was the main character.

He broke the quest by freezing and smashing a blank wall at once with the skill, leaving a powerful impression.

There was no way Dohyun could copy it.

Therefore, a special item called White Freeze was needed.

Of course, the production conditions were difficult as it was a special item.

Part of the object to be frozen should be collected in powder or pieces and used as a material for item production.

Its completely useless elsewhere, but its a pretty useful item in that it only freezes in response to certain objects.

Dohyun was planning to use it to break the blank wall quest.

Surely there must be a sculpture around here?

Do-hyun looked around the Blank Wall

Its a blank wall that doesn allow any scratches.

But there was an exception to this.

It was Cho Ja-hyun.

Cho Ja-hyun also did not pass the blank wall just by his first attempt.

At first, he also believed in his natural physical conditions and talents and raised his sword.

I was trying to break the quest by attacking the wall.

Although the result remained a failure, it left a phenomenal track record as the main character.

He succeeded in scratching the blank wall.

He didn make dramatic changes to the blank wall enough to break the quest.

But until then, no one had been able to damage the blank wall.

That alone was a great and shocking event.

And in the process, it must have been that fragments of the blank wall had been splashed on the floor.

Do-hyun was looking for it.

He had to get the shards as soon as possible.

Before Cho Ja-hyeon appeared confidently after acquiring the skill called ”Perennial Snow ” like the main character.

But Do-hyun soon discovered something strange.

”What? Theres no scratch? ” ”

Do-hyun scoured the walls of the Blank Wall.

The walls of the blank paper were still clean, and none of them were broken.

Do-hyun frowned.

He was faced with a different problem than he expected.

The first time Cho Ja-hyun challenged the blank wall was before Lee Do-hyun failed in awakening surgery.

Something is wrong.

Do-hyun instinctively realized that something was wrong.

Do-hyun turned around and examined the bodies around him.

He did that just when a body burned

To challenge the Blank Wall, you have to be prepared for death.

However, it was not set that your body will burn

The story has changed.

Do-hyun narrowed his eyes

It didn seem like a major change

But details seemed to have changed.

I don think there was a problem with the characters.

While in the hospital, Do-hyon researched this world.

He was able to get some information about the Influential and family heads on the Internet.

Then only the contents of the quest have changed?

Dohyun guessed so.

he had to be cautious from here on.

If he made a mistake, he could loose his life

You have to think carefully.

If he couldn produce a special item, there was no way he could break this quest.

I have to think it over

It was then.

The contents of the quest flashed through Dohyuns mind

Eternal Flame?

Do-hyeon unknowingly raised his head…

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