An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 5: The Fool Who Surpassed the Wall (2)

There were many changes from the original content of the novel.

However, there were two changes to note in regards to breaking the quest.

One is that Cho Ja-hyuns first challenge has not yet been achieved.

And the other is that the bodies of those who failed to challenge the blank wall are burning.

Since Cho Ja-hyun has not yet challenged the Blank Wall, Do-hyun could not obtain the fragments of the wall.

However, in other words, it meant that the opportunity that would have gone to Cho Ja-hyun was given to Do-hyun.

Likewise, there must have been a reason why the bodies around the blank wall were burning.

This will not happen simply to incite fear.

Do-hyun was deep in thought.

The name of the quest was a change to the Blank Wall

And the players were inflicting physical blows to cause changes to the wall.

However, if the wall was hit directly, the damage was reflected back to the player.

In the process, some players died of internal injuries.

Cho Ja-hyun might not know, but if he did the same, he would die.

Even Cho Ja-hyun failed his first attempt and changed his method, so there is no chance of winning.

Then he doesn have to attack directly?!

Do-hyon suddenly looked at the corpses engulfed in blue flames.

Do-hyuns eyes widened.

Do you mean to use that flame?

Come to think of it, it was plausible.

There were many other acts of changing the wall besides attacking with a weapon.

Like Cho Ja-hyun , he could freeze the wall altogether.

In other words, he meant setting the walls on fire.

Its not that theres no chance of winning at all.

Do-hyun turned around.

Military officials, wearing protective suits and firefighting gloves, were recovering intact corpses.

It looked like the body was going to be taken out before it burned.

Do-hyun approached them with a big stride.

Military officials who were trying to recover the body were bewildered when they saw Do-hyun.

”What is it? ”

Lee Do-hyuns notoriety was widely known to the general public as well.

The saying that there are no people above and no people below didn work for Lee Do-hyeon.

Lee Do-hyun was reckless wherever he went.

Behind him, there was an invincible force.

Military officials were nervous and pulled back from the body.

It was then.

Do-hyun suddenly took off fire gloves from the hands of military officials.

What is this madman doing?

”No, wait! Hey there! ”

The eyes of the military officials widened greatly.

The murmur of reporters and onlookers outside the area grew louder.

”What is that bastard doing? ”

”Are you crazy? ”

Regardless of the finger pointing, Do-hyun entered the next stage.

With fire-gloves on his hands, he approached the burning corpse.

”Now, wait! Well fix that later! ”

A more bizarre thing happened next.

Do-hyun dragged the burning body and threw it into the blank wall.

”Gasp! ”

”Isn he a real nutcase? ”

”I think hes losing his mind because he failed the awakening surgery. ”

Everyone held their breath.

And camera flashes started to go off everywhere.

Nevertheless, Do-hyon did not stop his journey.

All the burning corpses were being moved toward the blank wall.

Do-hyon looked around and looked for other corpses.

”Is nothing burning anymore? ”

There were degrees of blasphemy against the dead.

This incident was such a travesty that even the foolish Lee Do-hyuns action would be remembered.

Military officials, who had been hardened by the unexpected incident, hurriedly approached Do-hyeon.

”Oh, no! What are you doing?…! ”

It was then.

The walls of the Blank Wall, which had never changed so far, began to burn.

It was as if the bodies that Do-hyon had moved had turned into firewood.

The blue flame that was burning the bodies grew in size and climbed up the blank wall.

Its like putting oil on a blank wall.

”What? ”

”Crazy. The view count is going to hit jackpot ”

”Hey, take a picture! ”

This unidentified structure has been in place since the beginning of the time that dungeons & monsters existed.

Even when it rained, it did not get wet and there was no dust.

That Blank Wall, is now burning.

There is definitely something going on!

People had a gut feeling that something great was about to happen.

Several reporters thanked this scoop and continued to press the shutter.

The military officials who tried to stop Do-hyeon stopped in surprise at the completely unexpected thing.

In the midst of everyones astonishment, only Do-hyon was relieved.

Contrary to its name, the blank wall was soon charred to black.

It was enough to change the name to sandpaper instead of Blank Wall.

The blue flame that climbed up to the top of the blank wall blazed like the Olympic torch.

”Its working! ”

Do-hyuns eyes soon filled with joy.


You have completed the quest Blank Wall Change.>

A message of quest completion appeared in front of Do-hyuns eyes.

However, this completion message was not the only thing Do-hyun was waiting for.

It was then.

As a reward for completing the quest, the player is given a reward appropriate to the player.> However, something strange was caught in the middle of the reward system message.

A trait?

I thought my awakening surgery failed?

Do-hyun narrowed his eyes at the unexpected event.


Does this mean that I was already a player?

If Dohyun had been rewarded in a normal state, the system message would have been like this.

However, even after rubbing my eyes, the system window says that it will give the player a suitable reward.

In addition, there was not just one trait that he had.

Painters Path, a reward for breaking the Blank Wall event.

And the luck of the original author was activated unknowingly.

Typically, a player has only one trait.

However, it does not make sense that Do-hyeon, who had failed in awakening surgery, had two characteristics.

Do-hyeon remembered the face of the doctor who informed him the result of the operation.

He had a very wretched look on his face, as if he had committed a great sin.

It seemed like he was afraid of the Mu Cheon family who stood behind him

The awakening operation obviously failed.

There is no way a doctor could lie that a successful operation failed.

Still, Do-hyon already had characteristics and was a player.

What this meant was clear.

The fact that the original author, Do-hyon, came into this world acted as a variable and awakened as a player.

This meant that the player was not the owner of this body, Lee Do-hyun, but the current Do-hyun who was in possession of the body.

”Don tell me… ”

Do-hyun hurriedly examined the traits.

– Intervenes in the reward with a low probability to strengthen the reward to be paid to the original player.

Do-hyuns eyes widened as he looked at the characteristics.

He had never set up this cheat trait.

After reading the traits name again, Dohyun understood.

It wasn Lee Do-hyun from this side

It must have been a benefit given to himself, the creator of this world.

There seemed to be no way to just die.

When I read the description of the traits, iit was unusual in that no matter what compensation you receive, it will be strengthened.

Although the odds are not good, it said that he could benefit a little more than others in terms of strengthening of a reward.

Next, Do-hyon looked at the characteristics obtained by breaking the blank wall event.

– The existing characteristic Path of the Painter has been strengthened by Luck of the Original.

– A special element was given only for the original author because it was strengthened due to the characteristic Originals Luck.

-Player can modify objects or phenomena that exist in the world by drawing pictures.

– The correction success rate is proportional to the drawing skill.

-Obtained the skill .

-Acquired the skill .

-Acquired the skill .

No way.

Do-hyun was shocked.

At first, I didn remember what kind of characteristic ”transcendence ” was.

But when he looked at the explanation, he was able to recognize its identity.

The setting that Do-hyun had planned for fun and abandoned, saying that it would break the balance came out with just a name change.

It was a novel that I wrote to kill time, so this kind of thing was commonplace.

It couldn even be called an Easter egg.

It exists only as a setting, and it does not appear in the novel.

But the blank wall gave it as a reward.

The is a characteristic Ive never seen before, but was definitely something I made.

Do-hyuns eyes lit up.

To be honest, even when he came to the blank wall, Do-hyun did not have high expectations.

Because he wasn sure whether his settings were applied or not.

Even if a bad characteristic was given as a reward, I would have accepted it while bowing.

He had entered the deadly world of the novel where it was difficult to survive, so he was prepared for that.

It wasn important for him to become a well-known player.

Do-hyon was just going to focus on surviving.

But, unexpectedly, the writers luck characteristic, which is no different than the original authors privilege, has strengthened the painters path, a characteristic given as a reward.

Do-hyun was just stunned.

It was a bigger reward than I thought.

This characteristic alone was enough to change his future plans.

He may be able to make his name known to the world beyond just surviving.

You can think of it as a grand expression just by painting.

But it wasn just a picture.

Thats why the word ”painter ” disappeared as the characteristics were strengthened.

It was important to correct the objects and phenomena of the world through drawings.

It was the name of the characteristic.

It was a qualifying characteristic of the arrogant word that transcended the original.

In Do-hyons mind, there were countless ways to apply this characteristic right away.

Then, Do-hyun made eye contact with a reporter who was filming the Blank Wall

Do-hyun quickly regained his composure.

No, it hasn been long since Ive gotten the trait. The first thing you can do is probably limited. We need to wait and see.

He had lived a life of only disappointment the whole time.

It was easy for Do-hyon to calm his high expectations.

It was no different than fantasizing about winning the first prize by buying a lottery once.

If he did something wrong, he could only be disappointed.


The sound of the camera shutter was heard.

Not only the reporters, but also individual video producers and the general public were focusing on the unusual incident of the Blank Wall

He had to leave this place quickly.

Now, peoples eyes were focused on the blackened blank wall.

But soon, the target would be moved to Do-hyon.

Do-hyun turned to where the vehicle he was riding in was.

It was then.

The ground began to vibrate loudly.

A strange thing happened to the Blank Wall that had only been scorched.

The blue flame burning from the top disappeared, and the entire wall turned black as if it had been dyed with black ink.

Then, the blank wall was divided into pieces and reassembled like a block toy.

”Whats that? ”

”Crazy. Awesome. ”

The spectators began to buzz at the sight.

A system message also appeared in front of Do-hyuns eyes.

It was what I was expecting.

It was fortunate that people were focusing on it.

Do-hyun glanced at the tower of trials that had completed the change.

From the bottom to the top, the appearance of the black tower even looked ugly.

Do-hyun looked away and silently left the event area.

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