An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 6: The Fool Who Surpassed the Wall (3)

”That incompetent guy…He broke the Blank Wall Quest? ”

Dan Eun-seol, the mistress of the Black Stone Corps, asked as if she could not believe it.

She was an impressive beauty with black hair like the night sky, smooth ivory skin, and dense facial features.

Dan Eun-seol was surprised for a reason. It was the fourth day after the blank wall system message was opened and the quest was released. And so far, a considerable number of players have tried to challenge the blank wall and died. But did Lee Do-hyeon, who was just an ordinary person, broke the quest?

It was more believable that the sun had risen in the west. One of the attendants around her answered straight away. ”Yeah, he didn use his abilities as a player. The blank wall was an event area, so I believe he was able to get the quest even after failing the awakening operation. ” Dan Eun Seol thought about her question for a moment at the attendants words. Was it true that the awakening surgery failed? Dan Eun-seol was able to clear the question soon. Lee Cheol-jun was eagerly looking for a successor. If Lee Do-hyun was awakened, he would have made it known widely, but he was not the person who would hide it and use it to hit the back of the head later.

”Then it means that Lee Do-hyun himself went for the reward of the blank wall. ”

Dan Eun-seol couldn take her eyes off the TV where the announcers voice was playing. The announcer was telling the story of what happened on the blank wall in a dry voice. Lee Do-hyuns notoriety was great. He was known to the general public as well as the children of the Influential members and Head of families.

Did he even say that he would be sad if he didn have an accident once a month? Besides, he preferred to hang out with the children of the chaebol rather than hang out with the children of the corps and Sega.(TL: Influential families are basically military families from prominent military officials and are sometimes referred to as Legion or corps in the storiy and Heads of power families are referred to as Sega. I may be using these interchangeably from now on)

It was natural. Hanging out with the Legion or Sega children only stimulated his sense of inferiority. Rather, he is hanging out with the children of ordinary chaebols who cannot become players.

He lived a life of alcohol and women all his life. However, one day, he suddenly appeared and solved the blank wall quest, which even the players were struggling with, and disappeared. I couldn help but be surprised. Usually, it was Dan Eun-seol, who had little emotional agitation. But even she looked surprised when she heard the news.

”I can believe it, but it looks like it right now. ” ”Maybe Sega secretly figured out how to hit the quest. ” Dan Eun-seol did not restrain the evil words of the attendants. Thats because it makes sense.

This speculation was also circulated among officials. If you break the blank wall event, you may be given an opportunity to awaken in the case of ordinary people and to strengthen your characteristics in the case of existing players. Did Lee Chul-joon deliver the information to Lee Do-hyun? However, Lee was not such an obedient great man, considering his actions so far, The news showed the blank wall burning.

Dan Eun-seols eyes, watched the screen, which was filled with blue flames. With one hand on her chin, her eyes shined deeply. ”Lee Do-hyun… … . ”


Mu Cheon family was located in the heart of downtown Seoul.

The huge Hanok mansion, which does not match the modern landscape, exuded the arrogance of the Mu Cheon family.

Outside the window, a forest of buildings and a tiled roof of a hanok could be seen

Each of the family heads employees were busy heading somewhere

Do-hyon looked at the scenery through the window and sighed

”Wow, I didn make a mistake, did I? ”

After handling the blank wall event, Do-hyun returned to the Mu Cheon family. He was looking back at his actions on the blank wall.

It was an act that was done by interfering with the contents of the novel. Im glad it passed safely, otherwise, Lee Do-hyuns evil deed would have been accumulated.

”Well, I have a long way to go. I can be scared with just this. ”

Do-hyun turned his stiff neck back and forth. He was so nervous at the word that the probability of death was 99%, his whole body was stiff. Do-hyon was relieved at the thought that he had barely overcome the first hurdle.

”Whats the probability of death? ”

Do-hyun finally opened the status window.

He had plenty of time on the way to meet the family head

But the excitement of completing his first quest didn mean he didn even think to look at the status window.

Level: 1

Traits: Original authors luck, original Transcendence

Class: Grade 5 Extra

[Physical Ability]

Strength: 1

Stamina: 1

Dexterity: 1

Sense: 1

Magical Power: 1

It is noteworthy that Do-Hyun has two traits. . Based on the setting alone, no player in the world of Dungeons can have two traits. As of now, the only player with two traits would be Dohyun. Since he hadn leveled up yet, all his physical abilities were 1. Even though it was a seemingly insignificant number, this was the limit of an ordinary persons body.

”What the hell is this class

This is a setting that did not exist in the original story. It was unheard of to record the death probabilities of the extras, the main actors, and the supporting actors in the novel at every moment. Therefore, it was reasonable to regard this class as something that only happened to Do-hyeon. It is as if the writer of a novel acquired a characteristic that was nothing less than a privilege when he entered this world. Dohyun recalled the message he had seen on the blank wall. In other words, it meant that the probability of death as a trivial extra was higher. Just like in the scene of mass extermination that often appears in novels, movies, and dramas. And there is no meaning in the death of such an extra.

They just die because they story needs to progress.

Do-hyeon shuddered. If so, what should he do to avoid such a dog death? He said, ”I have to get out of the extra class. ”

Seeing that there I am currently 5th grade (TL: or level 5), it seems that there are levels. If you go one step further, I will probably become a level 4 extra.

Then the probability of death would be slightly lowered.

”I thought that this life was worth living, but am I still at the bottom? ”

Do-hyon cursed and leaned back in the chair. Since little information was given, further reasoning was impossible. Fortunately, there was even a Beverly Hills here. Even here, if you were a normal person, you could become an Extra grade 1 getting swept away by quests and events.

It was then that a knock was heard. Do-hyun, startled by the sound, quickly turned off the status window. It may not have been seen by other people, but it was a reflex action. ”no way? ” Do-hyon, who broke the blank wall quest by travelling, was already emerging as a major interest to the family heads. Even after the awakening surgery failed, a lion, who was watching everything in the world in boredom, could not stay still. Perhaps it is a call from the family. I was worried about having to take care of the aftermath due to my bizarre behavior.

But Do-hyun didn care. There was no other way than that anyway. Besides, he had a strong backing in the Mu Cheon family head. He was infinitely cruel to those who did not have the ability. However, he also became an excellent backbone for those with abilities. It would have been a problem if he just got the job and didn get it done, but he successfully completed the event quest. nothing else to worry about After finishing his thoughts, Do-hyun asked his maid to come into his room.

”Young master Do ”

The maids face showed fear, as she was still afraid of Do-hyon. It seems that Lee Do-hyun did a lot of harm to his maid. It wasn his fault, but Dohyun felt sorry for no reason. His maid soon opened her mouth. ”The Lord is looking for you. ”


In the world of the game.

since the game ”Dungeon & Monster ” began ours has been one of the leading households in which the family has never collapsed.

And at the center of it all was Lee Cheol-jun. When the monster first appeared, the modern society became disastrous. In that turbulent time,Lee Cheol-Jun enjoyed hunting monsters and cultivating his own force. He showed off his might by repeated battles between life and death and again.

Over time, humans have become completely familiar with the world of dungeons and monsters. And when the time came to be engrossed in the struggle for power. Lee Cheol-jun was in a higher position than anyone else. He has reached a point where he can look down on people to his hearts content. Always the best, he established his own Sega in Korea, where competition is fierce as narrow as it is. And he put that Sega on the top of the list

Even in Korea, there were only a handful of corps or Sega that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Mu cheon family. To that extent, the status of the Mu cheon family was great. Your nose is high. Im going to hit the sky. When Lee Cheol-jun said that he was looking for him, Do-hyun left the room. A stinging gaze fell on Do-hyon, who came out of the hall where he was staying. It was the eyes of the players and employees working in the Mu cheon family.

All the employees here were elites to match the status of the Mu Cheon family.

Even simple office workers were those who graduated from the top-ranked universities in Korea. Scientists researching the by-products that players have been hunting were also top talents from engineering colleges. Above all, it goes without saying that the players, are said to be the center and hands and feet of the Mu cheon family.

”How much did he spend on the awakening surgery? ” ”But he failed, so how hopeless is it? ” ”I think he woke up after breaking the blank wall. ” You heard it, too. Rumor has it that the reward for the public at the event is likely to be awakening. ” ”Its probably all done because the family head pushed him. Theres no decent successor here. ” Murmurings of the people could be heard openly.

e saying Ive benefited from the family? I don think so. The attitude of the maid who came to Do-hyuns room earlier was the same.

Even if you talk about Do-hyuns success on TV for a long time, the existing perception will not change easily.

Do-hyun tried to ignore them and quickened his steps. As he followed the hallway adorned with antique ornaments, he came to Lee Cheol-Juns office. ”here we are. I will wait here. ” The maid who guided her Do-hyon swerved to the side of her door and put her hands neatly together. Do-hyun knocked on the door of his office with a nervous expression

knock, knock.

”Come on in. ” Do-hyun opened the heavy office door and went inside. Even though it was only an office, there was an atmosphere that overwhelmed people from the interior.

Lee Cheol-Jun was sitting in front of a mahogany desk, looking through his documents. bum bum. Do-hyun stepped in front of Lee Cheol-jun walking through the heavy air. There was a subtle tension between the two. The two didn talk to each other for a while, just staring at each other. Eventually, after breaking the long silence, Lee Cheol-jun let out an empty laugh. ”You did something funny. ” He pushed the papers he was examining to one side and leaned his back on the chair. The eyes that looked at Do-hyeon were not his fathers looking at his son. It was the eyes of a person who discovered something new that had never been seen before.

It was very interesting. The way you broke the event, but you managed to achieve it after failing the awakening surgery. ”

The smile on Lee Cheol-juns lips was meaningful. He looked like he was trying to peek inside the mind of his youngest son. It was well deserved. Lee Cheol-jun was not just crazy about martial arts. Do-hyun knew that fact better than anyone. Lee Cheol-jun did not stop at pursuing his physical strength. He was also born with intangible strength and power.

Do-hyun stood straight and opened his mouth.

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