An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 1: An Extra\'s Probability of Death (1)

The Mu Cheon family mansion in the center of Seoul was literally like an apartment complex.

the most remote part of the vast Mu cheon family estate

There was a particularly distant pavilion.

It was the place where Lee Do-hyun, the youngest son of Mu cheon family, lived.

He acted like a madman, and when out in public, he would undermine the prestige of Sega, and to the rest of the family, he was an eyesore.

The location of this pavilion clearly revealed the feelings of Lee Cheol-jun, the owner of the house.

And it was also one of the areas that the ladies avoided the most.

No wonder they doesn even want to go near the pavilion.

However, as long as they were employed, there were times when the ladies were forced to go there.

”Isn it great? ”

”Hey, do you want to say something? I just have to clean up quickly and leave. ”

The maid, who scolded her colleague, played with her hands so hard that she couldn see her arms.

I was impatient to get out of this place as soon as possible.

”Oh, but did you hear that? ”

However, she did not seem to be able to overcome the boredom of repetitive work. A maid spoke to her colleague in a low voice. There were no people around, but players were the ones that were all around Sega. As long as there was a player with good hearing, even simple back-talking couldn slow the tension.

”I heard the bully made a mistake again ”

”What? What else? ”

”He broke an event this time, so he asked for the sinners of the Sega blood ”

”Oh, is that it? I thought he was going to ask for someone. ”

”Fool, asking for someone is creepy in itself! Im more scared because I don know what Im going to do with them. ”

Come to think of it, it was a plausible guess.

Her colleagues face turned white. ”Ugh! ” The maid rubbed the sprouted chicken meat on her arms. Before long, the eyes of the two women turned to a hall that was far away like an island. It was the building where Do-hyun was staying.


A total of ten drawing papers were placed in front of Do-hyon.

Strangely, the people drawn in red on the drawing paper were moving slowly.

For convenience, Do-hyon decided to call the drawing paper on which the simulation runs as papyrus and the person moving on it as a doll.

It looked pretty bizarre to see the dolls moving on the papyrus. It was in a state of simulating a part of the soul by using human blood. The dolls seemed to recognize that they were trapped somewhere.

As the skill name of Originals Papyrus, the world of those dolls was now in this narrow drawing paper. The simulation has started. The dolls roamed all over the papyrus. Then, at the end of the papyrus, he slammed his fists into the air as if blocked by an invisible wall. The amazing sight did not stop there. Do-hyon picked up a brush and added a picture on it. This time I didn draw people, so no blood was needed.

A belly that protrudes from its short legs. And in the hands of this creature with a vicious face, various old weapons were held. It was a goblin. It was the moment when Do-hyon removed his brush from the last papyrus. The goblin figure painted in black also began to move slowly. And the two figures imprisoned in the narrow papyrus soon met. The doll and the goblin were very wary of each other and started fighting.

Although it was just a picture simulation, it was a fierce battle. Despite the struggle, the doll was eventually defeated by the goblin. Do-hyuns eyes flashed while watching the simulation.

”Is this the first time? The rest of the dolls seem to be at the same level. ”

Do-hyon muttered, looking at the simulation taking place on another papyrus. A fierce battle was taking place on the papyrus. The strange thing is that the dead dolls are resurrected. And he fought back against the goblin in front of him. After that, dozens or hundreds of battles followed. Then, small cracks began to form in the repeated battle.

At first, the doll was only helpless by the goblins. But as time passed, they counterattacked. And later, he succeeded in killing the goblin. Was it because of the success of the first papyrus battle simulation? It seems that the knowledge and experience of the first doll that killed the goblin was shared with the rest of the dolls. The rest of the papyrus dolls also began to win the battle. Then it became easier for the dolls to hunt the goblins. Change didn just happen with dolls.

This also affected Do-hyun.

”No. From that side, I think it would be better to focus on attacking the wounded part in the first place, right? ”

Do-hyons eyes lit up as she looked at the battle simulation that took place on the papyrus. He was just an ordinary person who experienced the bizarre phenomenon that had come into the novel. Even when he was in real life, he lived a life so far from fighting that he had never seen anything like a UFC broadcast. Even after he came into the novel, he had never properly witnessed a battle. However, his ability to read the flow of battle was excellent. Why? It wasn just because they were watching the battle simulation. It was thanks to the skill Originals Papyrus. All the experience and knowledge of the dolls who are repeating battle simulations were not shared only between the dolls. All the experience and knowledge of the doll was ultimately to be passed on to Do-hyon. I sat still and watched the battle in the papyrus, but it didn matter if I did anything else. In the end, Do-hyun could acquire that experience and knowledge just by breathing. It meant that dozens or hundreds of battles with dolls risking their lives were becoming Do-hyons.

The description written for the skill Papyrus of the Author pointed to this. Its a little awkward, but I can help it. The figure of the doll was identical to that of the owner of the blood. In addition, he was reluctant in that a part of the soul was used. It was comforting to note that the blood donor was not affected. The doll was not a living creature because only a small part of the soul was used to simulate it. It was closer to the concept of programmed artificial intelligence. Who would have known that the settings I wrote for fun would apply to me.

Do-hyun scratched the bridge of his nose as he watched the dolls battle simulation.

”I can help it. ” Dohyun sighed.

He soon had to go to the Tower of Trials. And there must have been a battle for life and a fierce competition in the tower. I was not in a position to choose between cold and hot rice. This was the only way he, who was close to a normal person, could quickly become stronger. If the influence on this world only stayed at the level 5 extra, the probability of death naturally had to be 99%.

To die of dog death in the world he created! Nothing could be more miserable than this. Since it was a novel written at a time when Do-hyon was at the height of his inferiority complex, there were many people with monster-like talents in this novel. In order to get into the midst of such bastards and exert influence in this world, of course, you had to be strong. For now, the priority is to get out of the 99% chance of death. Dohyun swallowed dry saliva. However, he had one drawback in the Originals Papyrus skill that seemed to solve everything. It was just a power issue.


To use the skill Papyrus of the Original continuously, it consumes a lot of magical power. Every time you use a skill, you can use a magic stone like water. For a well-known player, four C-class magic stones were nothing.

However, it was a huge burden for novice players. Now, with the magic stone that Lee Cheol-jun gave me, I made a makeshift, but I couldn open my hands again. If you ask him where he used that much magical power, he has nothing to say. It was almost impossible to ask about Do-hyons characteristics or skills.

Do-hyun sighed. Is there no way to replenish the magic stone? Then there is only one way. To reduce the amount of magic consumed. Just as spending must be reduced in order to make a living with a high salary, the answer was to reduce the consumption of magic to use skills with high level of magic. And when it comes to mana management, there are people who come to mind.

Dohyun muttered unknowingly. ”Skill Pillager Park Yu-myeong. ” Park Yu-myeong, who appeared in the beginning, was famous as a skill looter. His nickname is this because he has the characteristic of stealing other peoples skills. But having a lot of skills didn make him versatile. Unfortunately, Park Yoo-myeong did not have an in-depth understanding or application of each skill. Nevertheless, it was thanks to the title that Park Yoo-myung became famous enough to have a nickname. A tenacious marathoner. This is the title Park Yoo-myeong obtained from the Tower of Trials. This title had the effect of dramatically reducing the skills magic consumption.

Therefore, Park Yu-myeong was somewhat free from the skills magic consumption. In fact, there was a clear limit to the magical power each player had. Thats why he can waste his skills. He needed to know how to use it in the right place and manage his horsepower. If a situation in which the mana runs out in the middle of the dungeon occurs, it is directly related to a crisis. Therefore, it was not important to use many skills unconditionally. It was more advantageous to have a structured frame and apply a few skills.

Of course, Park Yu-myeong did not become a talented enough with just the title alone. It was the result of collecting various titles and items related to saving energy and firmly setting the direction for development.

Therefore, even if Do-hyun gets the title right away, the effect could not be expected. But that was the only title he could get in the near future. In addition, the expectation that if you win the title in the Tower of Trials, you will be able to get out of at least 5th grade extras also played a part. In his head, Dohyun calculated how long the skill Originals Papyrus would last.

”Ten days at most. I need to prepare asap. ”The time to enter the Tower of Trials drew nearer. If he procrastinated, it was clear that other talented people would steal the towers reward. ”Lets focus on this first. ” Do-hyon decided to focus on raising the sense of battle. Dohyon picked up a brush and added one more goblin on top of the papyrus. And a new ordeal was given to the dolls who had barely gotten used to the battle with one goblin.

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