Not all monsters do monstrous things ~lydia Martin


”Death has no game to play, when it comes to an Alpha duty to protect its pack, he has no choice of getting hurt and sacrificing his life for others to be safe, the silver syndicate pack has rules withstanding, and your brothers are out there at the street fighting against each other because of sovereignty ” fridolf announced to Jason while removing the feathers of a falcon that was stuck to his skin.

”How the bird died would be a mystery to be revealed sooner or later, three birds have been struck dead before the full moon appears ” Jason replied gazing at the staled blood on his skin.

”The bird was killed by you out of your edict of carelessness, your leadership to the pack has been nothing but pain to be remembered ” Fridolf angrily let out.

For the death of the falcon that would have been protected and respected but decides to die, which was now a problem.

”Don talk to me about honorable challenges or noble duels from the ancient sagas. My honor is in the eyes of my friends and family, not on a bird that chooses to die than live in this ruthless world, it would die anyway, I have kept my family and friends alive in my way. All the nobility I have comes from the fact that my pack gets by night after night with none of us being buried. When I face a fight, I zig instead of zag, and I don play nice. ”Jason has no other choice than to put up a dispute with the elder who has been vigilant of the dead falcon, believing that the goddess of the moon would send a message before the full moon appears.

Jason Dominic cradled the dead bird in his cupped hand, feathers rustled in the breeze lingering through the alleyway as he crouched there. The dry blood clotting smeared sticky at the back of his palm.

”I want to walk out alive because my life is on the line. I don care if I am remembered or not, I just want to be alive and be noticed, nothing more ” he wandered his eyes around to seek an ideal spot to bury the falcon and give out the spirit where it belong.

Fridolf gaze at him with an awful stare, he won do anything because he is just a healer, an elderly creature that only gives out advice, he would not say otherwise to the leader of the pack, Alpha, that cannot rule but cause harm and fear to his pack.

Jason turned the bird to and fro, with his clawed fingers which has given the dead bird a mark that could not be wiped off, he sucked in air through his clenched teeth which was a habit of his whenever he thinks, and he was thinking of the sight of the dead bird that he is sick of seeing.

He buried the falcon arm- deep in a dumpster, using his clawed long fingers he scratched down the earth to cover the dead falcon and walked away, Fridolf followed him from behind.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lily Amore, an omega in the silver syndicate pack growl in pain, she was ass

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