When the rich wage war, its the poor who die.

Ralph felt a connection when the hands smoothened his own hands, closing his eyes, hypnotized by the touch, he stood still, immovable as a rock.

Lily stopped feeling the entity she thought was something else, terrified, she came out of her hiding place, swallowing her saliva so hard, she swiftly peeped to the other side of the tree, in awe, she struck still at whom she saw

It was the same man that attacked her, the same wolf that bit her to death, she thought of running, yet, to where. Would she be able to run away from the fine-built man that stood, resting on the tree, with closed eyes.?

Lily screamed, closing her ears, her scream slowly changing into a howl. Her nails turned into claws, her body becoming hairily. Her mouth wide opened, her teeth shifting into fangs Her hairs are strangled, and the color of her eyes alters to a blue color.

She shifted to scare the man who stood in front of her but little did she expect him to change immediately as he wished.

Ralphs eyes opened, he laughed, his claws smoothly came out, his feet turned into sharp claws, his face become hairy, he smiled and walked away.

Lily astonished that the young man was a shapeshifter, amazingly chased after him, indecipherable of what could give her the courage of chasing after him, she dismissed that thought that was about to surface.

Ralph changed to a human immediately he noticed that she coming after him Lily did not hesitate to transmigrate herself to a human as well.

”Hey, your face appears to be seen before ” Lily said from behind ,approaching his pace .

”Everyday, we tend to meet people with a face that looks alike ”Ralph answered back .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The members of the pack went inside their various room in an anxious state,awaiting the arrival of Adolf and Lily.

Jason went to his inner chamber , locked up himself, cooked in thoughts , he unknowingly held the silver syndicate vase of power , his hand resting on the ceramic vase that is engraved with a glass like box. The weight of his body was supported by the vase , he never knew what he was holding, until a creak sound was heard, he looked at the table where he kept his hand, involuntarily he removed his hand , too late to withdraw, the vase kept on cracking with no effort,it break into three places and left the box unprotected.

This was a horrible sign for the day, it meant a lot , it concerns more of the pack and the locus itself.

Andrew impression over Adolf going to the thick forest alone without a company, kept him nervous, he walked around the house ,standing at the entrance of the roadway to glance a sight of Adolf arriving alone or with Lily , but find none .

He stepped out of the cottage , heading towards the old house, he heard a voice and a sound, like a door creaking, he went close to the old house, to clear his doubts, to know if it was an image created in his head or reality.

Approaching the door, that was left open, the sound and voices were real, he went inside the cottage.

It was not the sound of the door, by it was a sound of an old mattress, what he saw rose his anger, he was bittered, tears dropped down his cheeks. Meg and Adolf were having fun, with a naked covering, Andrew howled, screamed, he took a bottle of water splashed it on himself, his fang appeared first, then his claws, he knelt, howling.

Adolf never thought so fast of escaping , but he needed to, he wore his cruiser and grabbed his shirts, forgetting about the pleasure and Meg, he tries to escape but unluckily for him , Andrew leaped over Adolf , using his fangs to get a grip of him, he scratched out Adolf skin , swinging him to all direction , he clasped his claws on Adolf neck , he uses his fang and tear off Adolf left finger.

Meg noticing Andrew might end up killing Adolf , searched for a cold water , in the bathroom, splashing it over Andrew.

Andrew growled, he howled in pain, his growling started fading out when he slowly alters into a human.

He and slept off, Adolf and Meg evade the room.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Grigori, the Alpha of the Bone shadow invaded the silver syndicate locus, killing the inhabitants of the pack, the army of the Bone shadow attacked the pack in wolf form, ripping off their heads with their fangs.

When the news reached Jasons quarters, afraid and weak, he could not stop the war, it has already begun.

”Jason, the people are dying off, Tommy is nowhere to be found, and Adolf came back wounded, Meg is attending to his wound…. ”Fridolf, the elder of the pack announced to Jason.

”Meg! ”Jason answered back in astonishment.

”Tommy need to be searched, he is important and.. ”Fridolf stooped his head so low

”and the inhabitants would not be happy with the Alpha if he keeps his silence over the war, which affects them and not us ”

”They should be unhappy, I do not care, all I care for is my life and nothing else ”Jason let out

If the Alpha would behave selfishly in such a manner, what would be the fate of the Beta and omega family, we are doomed.

Fridolf muttered to himself in silence as he stepped out of the room.

”Find Tommy and bring him to me, if you can, ”Jason asserted to Fridolf, who was already on his way out.

Tommy needs to be found , he is far better than this monster, if it needed to assemble able men, it should be done and brought to the province alive.

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