igned the duty to take care of the three sons of the max family in the pack, with a wounded arm that was cursed by the BLOOD TALON, she strive to perform her duty with loyalty, a personal slave to the beta family.

”I do not know if you were issued a death certificate and rejected it because of some reason best known to your high spirit ” Tommy addressed Lily as he scanned with his red eyes all over her until he noticed a mark that looks like a clotted blood that has long been smeared on the hairy skin.

”Sir, the office suite is ready ” Lily replied in a soft tone, guarding the wounded scar on her left arm, scared that it might be an Alpha that bite off her skin which turns to be a very deep wound if the table turns to favor her fate, she will die of an incurable wound and her blood will be for a hunt.

”Is this a dent that was offered to you when you were bitten by one of the blood talons tribe or __ ” Tommy stepped forward to her, maintaining a still glare, he held her tight to himself and pushed her away abruptly the moment he heard a marching troop. Looked through the open window with bone smeared blood on each werewolf, shivering and afraid, he started hitting buttons.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jason was the first person to see them coming over the line, they kept low to the ground and keep coming in pairs, each one covering his partners as smart wolves should do. Fridolf saw the bone ritual knife held by the leader of the troop, which he assumes as the Alpha.

They passed Jason and Fridolf by and headed to their orrery.

”They are the bone shadows tribe and are ready to sacrifice blood to the moon, ” Fridolf said, taking hold of himself with his clawed fingers, he supported himself with a standing tree.

” why are they heading towards my territory, if it is blood they want? ”Jason was ready to sacrifice one of his pack mates to save himself, they were trying very hard to keep silent and unseen, but they were not good enough.

Grigori the Alpha of the bone shadow tribe knew he heard screeches, crackling of trees but can tell the direction it came from, though he knew it was near. He blew a whistle to his hunters to disband.

They move in silence, with their ritual knife. Grigori swinging his knife, he approached a heap of dried dead leaves, he scattered the leaves with his clawed long nails, only to get hold of a dead female body with scratches of vertical lines of clotted blood, her spirit was alive and this is what he came for, to kill the dead.

”What would he be doing with this dead body, You said he seeks blood, not the spirit, but why is he piercing the knife into her heart? ” Jason asked in a timid and quiet tone.

”You do not know about this tribe, and you told me they were blood hunters! ” Fridolf gazed at Jason with no word to utter and his thoughts were blank, what he sees in Jasons expression reads anger, punishment.

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