”You can tame whats meant to be wild, doc. It just ain natural ”

Grigori jabbed the curved knife into the left chest of the dead girl, which he held on his lap. He thrust out a love-shaped object from the chest. The packmates hovered around the Alpha as he dropped the expired body, raised the heart for the moon goddess to accept as a tribal ritual.

”The spirits that shield us, have redeemed our tribe from doom. We are the monster that can never be challenged ” Grigoris voice reached the climax of the cloud.

”Hunting the dead, we remain monsters ” the hunters replied in unison.

Jason and Fridolf lurked themselves in umbrella plants, frightened, it appears that they both came for a spontaneous adventure.

”They are the supernatural demons that kill the dead and offer their hearts to the wolf demon, they are creatures like us but still, they are different ” Jason uttered ghastly, without staring at Fridolf who delude to know all.

”I am sorry, I was ignorant of their tribes, I have not discovered to know about them ” Fridolf acknowledged in a remorseful state.

The bone shadow attacked the blood Talon and claimed a locus in Sagrimur. The hunters of blood, the most powerful tribe in Sazi-thur consists of five tribes which include the blood talon, Bone shadow, heritage moon, and the silver syndicate.

”My grandmother, a silver syndicate like me, told me stories of the bone shadow and blood talon, she differentiate both tribes and describe how powerful they can be, they fear no death. They all have an unexplainable mark that undergoes a transition. The bone shadow tribes are obsessive lore keepers, they do not involve in the matters of humanity. ” Fridolf astonished by the foretold history of the different tribes of Sazi-thur felt ashamed of his position as an elder he was presumed to give an account of any hidden information, not the risen Alpha, with his widened stare, he listened more.

Jason continued with his low tone gruesome teaching, eyes focused on Grigori who was communicating with his packmates.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lily left Maxs family room to have a shower, in her lonely world. Angst, she turn on the shower and relaxed in the bathtub, pouring out her pain into the flowing water.

She growled, her energy exploding, her fur disappearing, blood rapidly bathing her entire body.

Yowling, she angrily slam her wounded arm on a shower faucet, this inflicted more pain, this tormented her as she transited to a human form.

The blood was draining down the sink, as clean water sinks up, she was seeing the deep scar vividly without a fur obstructing.

”Lily, remaining in the room would not grant you a death wish or issue you an escape of slavery. You need to feed your emperor with your left arm ” Andrew one of the sons of the betas family let out in a boisterous tone.

Lily lost a lot of energy in the shower, head-spinning like the sun around its orbit, she struggled to wear a shirt and panties, opened her chamber to attend to Tommy, whom she considered as the beast that never want to see her alive, her vision was made twice as much, weak and hungry, Lily collapsed.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

”Having done with the ritual, I suggest we return home? ” Fridolf mumbled, weak and hungry, he thinks of hunting a meal.

”They have marched down to their tribe, happily performed a perfect ritual for the moon goddess ” Jason added, coming out of their hiding place with a sigh.

”The police officer called and requested your attention at the station, including the doctor ” Meg announced as she opened the door.

”Whats the urgency about, I hope is not about the young girl without a mate, Meg? ” Jason asked and went to take a shower.

”Which is? ” Meg inquired

The silver syndicate do not exhaust questions, always inquisitive to know what the other heart knows

”Lily Amore, the female lone wolf, the rejected one that was born out of a bite from an unknown tribe ” he yowled as he transformed.

” ooooh, the rejected wolf, she is in a kettle of fish within our tribe ”Lily laughed loudly but the laughter was pushed with effort.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

” If she would die of this anguish, so be it, ”Tommy said in disgust as he watched Lily growled in pain.

” She was bitten by a powerful monster, and this has resulted in a permanent mark, she would not die but would cause more crisis in this tribe until her identity is revealed ”the supernatural doctor announced as he splashed a herb on the wounded part, mumbling incantations.

”I think she would be banished from the silver syndicate once she recovers since she would cause the crisis to the tribe ” Jason announced from the door as he strides forward to the patient laying in a rejected state.

”She is wild and ready to serve my family, I will suggest she continues her task ” Thames, one of the sons of the maxs family suggested.

”You would always be second in rank and not a leader, you lack intellectual ability, you are selfish that you care about your desire, you choose to knock her around ” Jason let out in anger, standing up to the Thames.

”If the leader would fight his second in the seat, what is the fate of his followers? ” Meg stood in the center of the two men.

Tommy felt the smoothness of the wall as he rotated at a pole, centered at the room, he does not care if she survive or not, all he knows is that he needs to be served like a king, and Lily have served him to his satisfaction, so he swirled around to enable him to think clearly.

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