He spilled the dark fluid out of his, grabbed Ashina who was sitting down on the grass, was held by the hip to his room.

If a man, could suck off the venom of the scorpion from my feet, a foot that he does not care, if it is kept sterile or not, he has a perfect charm of winning a ladys heart.

Oh my! love or the Queen position? not so hard to choose. Oh my Goodness, he is so cute, with his broad shoulder that I could lean on, the superb body for a massage, who cares about being the Queen. He saved my life, if he did not come to my rescue in no time, I would be six feet deep in the earth.

Ashina lost in thoughts, kept her stance in staring at Fridolf who kept his glance in his direction.

On reaching his room, he laid Ashina on the bed, went to the bathroom to wash off his mouth. He offered her alcohol to keep her strong and less sensitive as he slide the stunning spot with a new blade, sinking her feet in a hot water mixed with sodium chloride substance, he squatted to wash off her feet.

”Are you in pain dear? ” He asked, his eyes focused on her feet, no response from his patient.

”Oh, I am sorry, seems, your mouth was also stung by the same scorpion, he must be a genius, or _it _appears _that appears_that he _is _in _love _with_you ” Fridolf sarcastically said.

”The scorpion was that sent by you to torment my life, maybe you controlled the brain of the insect, what a world ” Ashina finally responded.

”You finally voiced out, wanted to understand, if you are mistakenly swallowed the deadly creature. I wish you did, it would show you no mercy ”

”Please, I need more alcohol, I want to be useless tonight, I want to have a deep slumber, waking up to forget that I was bitten by a scorpion and the pain that follows.

Fridolf raised his head, stared at her tiny eyebrow, blue-glittering eyes, and long face, a beautiful princess grounded for a perfect man.

” you do not need alcohol to get relieved, you need to voice out your worries to the world, talk to the moon, and request a star to guide you, it worked for me, I doubt it would if it would be negative on your part ”

”Should my wound also be shown to the moon, would she cure it? ”

”She would do so in any way that you can imagine, your hearts, intentions would cure your physical wounds, been always happy, cheerful, good sense of humor, and humble down to earth. ”

”Wow, what an insight to behold, are you the son of a priest, or do you sneak to read the teachings of the moon? ”

”No, I don , life taught me the hardest way, so, I had to take it lightly, the world is an adventure, a fun place to discipline the mind, would you like to know about life? ”

”No, I want to know about a man, who is caring, smile to sorrows, I want to dream of _him ” she narrowed her eyes against him.

”I adore the way you appreciate nature, what were you doing at the garden that you get attracted to it? ”

”Well I _was? ”

”What _go _on_waiting for the almighty king to come to you? ” He raised his head towards her, his one eyebrow straining sideways.

”Anyways, you have to rest, I will go and get some fruits ” he winked at her, this act made her blush, but she hid the smile.

The King of a falcon, Godolf Adolf wanted a part of the Camelot kingdom, so he set up an attack to pretend to save the king and win his heart, to get a special office in the Camelot kingdom.

Godolf wanted to get the largest part of the kingdom that consists of the tourist center, natural structures, museum, and a lake.

”The visitation letter I sent to the Camelot kingdom has been returned with a special invitation as the special guest of honor, what a nice plan to start with, such of fools in a wolf for ”.

Godolf affirmed with no one in the office, as he laid a map on the table, he drew a line, to indicate where his interest is pointed.

He hit buttons on the phone and put a dial on a number.

” I would need two jewels made of gold, and a silver watch, thank you ” he hung up and focus back on the map.

”We have to give, to take back what we give, weird right? ” he folded his hand to a first.

”Anytime, he sees me, he will chastise and yell like an insane creature, I marvel if he is mentally disordered, of course he is, tssshi. I hate him, his personality, movement, shape __oh that (she laughs )do shapeless, I cannot describe his shape of the head? would I say, a rat head with a spiny skull (laughs hard)No, thats not fair, I will describe his head with fruit, strawberry, so handsome, to have such beautiful feature, he must have a nice character, Nevertheless, he is a monster, its obvious ” she murmured as she prepared the princesses meal.

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