The wolf who breaks the enemy ranks is a minor hero compared to the wolf who overcomes himself.

The land has been replenished with flaws, the insolent act was done by Adolf and Meg, making the silver syndicate land to be infertile, death of the second male child and first daughter of each family.

Jason thinks that the reason for the cloud of darkness was because Lily Amore, who thought of a crime to indulge her into, he find none worthy of banishment, he later came up with a plan that will qualify her to be banished from the tribe or rather stoned to death.

Being a mastermind of conflict, he slithered into Lilys room, a small room, a mattress of small size in a corner of the room, a rectangular reflector hung on the wall, written notes, and pictures posted on the red-painted wall

He looked around, spotted a jar, reached to the jar, and planted a cactus plant on it. A cactus plant is a forbidden planet in the silver syndicate, anyone who grows it in their rooms or compound would be banished from the kingdom.

Immediately Jason implanted the cactus plant he absconded when he heard footstep through the passageway

Jason, Meg, Lily Amore, and Fridolf lived in the same house, a two-story flat surrounded by attractive flowers like a fence.

Jason disliked lily and would make it possible for her to be banished from the tribe by putting a call to the priest communicating to him to come over for prayer over the tribe, this was the only opportunity he could make the priest find out about the cactus plant implanted in the Alphas house.

Not knowing that Lily saw him through the bathroom, she heard footsteps inside her room, so she perceived darkness befalling her honor.

She saw him implant it and left.

When she saw that the priest has arrived, she packed a few of her clothes, sneaked through the backdoor, fleeing to nowhere she knew all she knows is that she need to escape, to avoid the authority banishing her themselves if they do it would never be taken back, even though, she might not be guilty.

She entered the streets, not looking left or right, to avoid an accident, she ran like a defeated warrior, with no direction, no string of energy left in her, she ran to a park.

The priest entered the Alphas resident with a bead on his left hand a red and orange attire, a black scarf was tied on his head as soon as he stepped his foot, he perceived an unusual smell, sensing death in the compound.

”An undesired plant has been implanted in the Alphas territory, a plant that created the war in your pack, Jason. ” A plant that has destroyed the love that existed between the heritage moon and the bone shadow, it was the plant that dispose of the peace that smolder the atmosphere. The moon goddess cursed the plant and ordered a banishment of any werewolf that dares to breed the plant within the compound.

”Priest, are you talking about the rejected plant- cactus? ”Meg asked the priest with folded arms staring at Adolf seductively, Andrew glared at Megs posture and the way Megs glanced at Adolf made him suspicious of her, though he doubted his instinct.

”The cactus plant has been planted in a room of a worthy rejected goddess in this territory, little did I know who she nor he might be. Nevertheless, I suggest the cause of this curse should be banished, this might uplift the curse that has already befallen the pack ”

”The pack is cursed, same as the blood talon, the moon goddess is enraged in anger over the sins committed over the creatures she vomited as a vapor from her mouth, she is angry with Jason and Grigori, there will be wars, death _hunger _hatred _stripping of heart_evil hunting _pack being dragged off. Mmmmmh ”

”Where is Tommy? I would suggest he provide those garlands he made himself, it would suit the offering to the moon goddess. At least she can forgive our trespasses ”Adolf inquired glancing around the building wanting to see the face of Tommy.

”Jason, I saw Tommy earlier this morning moving in the direction of your room, I supposed he went to your room after the meeting to admit guilt for his misconduct. So, I should be asking you his whereabouts_already asking though and I need a positive reply ” Adolf inquired wearing a more thoughtful look

Jason quickly thought of a reasonable excuse to induce Adolf for him to believe whatever he has to utter.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ralph Garnier thought of escaping from the monster wolf, Grigori whom he despised. Ralph knew he was a lone rogue wolf, who would survive without any help from his pack, he hid his structures and qualities from the world he lived in, he knew he is a shapeshifter but could not tell or confide in anyone

Ralph picked up his cloak from the hanger in his darkroom, slinked through the window, and ran into the thick forest that he do not have an idea of where the thick forest would lead him, he ran without glancing backward, he forgot that he lived with a pack, a pack that becomes the most powerful in the tribe of Sazi-thur.

Ralph ran with his talons trampling on the soil of the bone shadow pack, his wounded knee wrapped with a blue scarf that belongs to Ulf .His knee dripped blood because of the pressure accompanied by the sprint of survival, the wound could not clot.

Lily Amore ran with the last unit of energy left in her system, she wished to have rest, yet, she feared of been caught by the Beta family, she leaped the hurdles of fallen dead trees without knowing when she jumped over. Spines struck her feet, but she cared less.

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