Shay didn know why, but his magic power started to drop when he used his abilities, from 10 magic points to 2. He thought about it and came to the conclusion that in order to use abilities, you have to spend magic power. That means you have to continuously absorb magic power in battle to make up for that loss. This was a very big drawback, to his ability, because Shay didn even know how to recover magic power.

And at that moment, he thought of souls. All Angels who got hold of a soul ate it immediately. They wanted to increase their magic power. They would not eat the souls, because they liked it.

The only problem was that Shay had never devoured a soul before.

Thus, it was again something new that Shay had to try to survive in this world.

After much thought, he decided to take a small soul from his inventory and eat it.

”I can believe Angels would kill each other over something so small, and besides, Ive only ever used the souls to make modifications and things…does a soul really taste that good? ”

Shay took a good look at it and immediately his saliva began to run out of Shays mouth. This desire to eat this soul is driving one crazy. He couldn stop himself and shoved the soul into his mouth.

He filled as the soul disintegrated on his tongue and immediately overflowed into a feeling that was indescribably beautiful. It felt like he was floating on clouds and just having the time of his life. He fell straight to the floor and rolled back and forth with lightheartedness.

This feeling unfortunately wore off after several minutes and Shay wanted to reach directly for the next soul to make him feel that good again. However, Shay had to suppress this urge. He just had to pull himself together, because otherwise there would have been no more souls at all, which he might need later.

Shay erased that feeling from his mind and immediately looked at his stats to see if anything had changed. After using his abilities, his magic power was at 2 and now it was at 2.5. Plus 0.5?

”Does the magic power have automatic recovery? No, that can be true, because if it did, my magic power would have risen long ago. I don even know if there is a limit to magic power. But then why didn ”cursed time ” use up magic power? Its actually a skill just like blood manipulation and blood bless. ”

Shay waited a moment and no, there was no automatic regeneration of magical power. So Shay was now even more dependent on souls than before. Otherwise he hunted souls because he had nothing else to do. Every day the same, hunting, hunting and hunting. Until now it didn bother him, but now he finally has a reason why he should collect souls and that made him very happy again.

”I definitely need to find out what the magic power is all about, otherwise Ill never get seriously stronger. In the future, it will probably take more time to understand things in this world. It definitely can get any easier. ”

Since Shay had nothing special in mind, apart from the souls, he went on expedition again. He spread his wings and set off in any direction. For Shay it was a completely different feeling to see the world from above. There were also angels with wings, but these were insect angels, whose kind of wings could not match Shays. He could easily defeat them. He could easily defeat them since he gained strength from B-virus. He could probably defeat these angels with his hands as well, if they are not long-lived angels, with bloodlust there might be exceptions here as well.

And since he was talking about angels and souls, he noticed something else. No matter what the strength of the angel he defeated, they were all inferior souls. They only varied in size. This meant that Shay didn always have to fight only the strong-looking angels, because strength didn change the soul. The souls that were larger only had the advantage of being worth more in use to the system. It would probably be easier if he defeated many light opponents than few strong opponents that he might even fail at. Still, it was best to have a mixture of all of these, because otherwise he would have no challenges in his life.

Shay finds his new life simply indescribable. He lives for 2 weeks and he does not even recognize himself from the first day. His body and musculature, which have grown. His claws, which are sharper than some knives and his body features: His wings, which were small and could not be used, have been replaced with proper angel wings and can even attack. He gained weapons, increased attributes and gained abilities. Shay is also probably one of the only angels who do not walk naked through the world. All of this seemed so unreal to Shay. He had never believed that there were lives that could be so beautiful. Shay knew it. He had to survive in this world so that he would not lose his existence forever! It should not be so ”simple ”…am I doing something wrong. Am I still acting too human in some situations? Is it the humanity in me that helps me so much?

As Shay flew through the air, Shay had such thoughts, which only made him think more.

Shay returned to the now and watched the area from above and he saw many different events. There were fights to see, in which hundreds killed each other. He also learned how the ”flying ” angels hunted. They were definitely different from Maghda. These angels flew at their prey in a swoop and slashed them as they flew by. Thats how they got souls. For Shay, however, that wasn an option for soul collecting, as he considers that kind of thing cowardly. He would rather have you be in direct combat with your opponent and not come out of an ambush without the angel noticing.

For this reason, angels often decided that if they saw a flying angel, they would disappear from open space and then usually ignore it. Angels with real angel wings have the advantage of flying away in dicey situations, which normal angels can keep up with.

Shay was special among the angels and was almost sure that if he went back to Maghda now, he could even defeat her. However, Shay also knew that he must not get too cocky because if he met angels who were mid-level or just met very strong lower level angels that he would die. Shay himself would not call himself strong, but simply a good newborn angel, which has great potential.

Shay also didn want to hide anymore, but show his ”strength ” and not hide in caves. He also had no desire to return to Maghda, as it was not worth the effort. He would have to find her, and after her death, Shay would only get another low-ranking soul, which at best, would be bigger than the ones he usually gets.

Shay kind of regretted not joining the little fight earlier, because now he couldn find one. He finally wanted to demonstrate his new power and could only find single angels and eliminate them. Most of the new souls Shay received he devoured to have at least a little bit more magical power, in total he came to 14 magical power after a week, which was still not enough for him.

Shay came up with an idea during the time of hunting. Shay wanted to hunt souls, but it was too much work to eat the souls one by one. He wanted to use the souls he collected to make a potion in which he liquefied the souls, which he could then drink, thus devouring several souls at once and at the same time increasing his magical power.

Shay came up with an idea during the time of hunting. Shay wanted to hunt souls, but it was too much work to eat the souls one by one. He wanted to use the souls he collected to make a potion in which he liquefied the souls, which he could then drink, thus devouring several souls at once and increasing magical power at the same time.

One day, however, as he was flying through the air, he noticed a pungent smell in his nose. He followed this smell and eventually found a large number of angels gathered in one spot. Shay watched from a distance and more and more angels were coming here and it looked like these angels were excited about something.

Shay saw a big round circle in which there were strong big angels fighting each other. All around the circle were angels fighting each other and the strong ones were moving more and more towards the circle. After a while, one angel with real angel wings and a big two-handed sword was the winner. The angels who lost could only submit to this angel and remained standing there until this formation began to glow.

The angel who was standing in the middle noticed his body begin to distort and all the other angels saw this angel finally disappear. Thus, this process was over and the angels began to go in all different ways and began their normal lives again.

Shay was very interested in what this circle was all about and decided that he would observe this circle for the next few days.

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