etermine how you are rated…they are there to assess what level an angel is on. Normally, wings are not present on the lowest level of angels because they say that you have a high level bloodline in you. However, since Shay did not have a consistent bloodline, the system also wondered why Shay had wings to begin with. A lowest level angel, with proper angel wings, is also often focused on because they are then used as a triumph when they get defeated.

He opened a new page and started drawing the outlines for the wing. They were wings, which had a span of 2 meters in total, so he could at least glide. The wings didn have feathers, but the material used could be called scales, so Shay wouldn lose his wings again later.

The color was mixed, it was supposed to have a dark touch, so the wings on his body started dark red and gradually transitioned to the color black.

”A good design I drew, but whether the souls will be enough…I don know. Through the fight from earlier, it should be enough to at least renew the wings. If not, I must go tomorrow once again on the hunt, however, I must not be so cocky, otherwise something like before happens again and that would not be good for me. ”

Shay gave the wings skills:

Glide: With enough strength and height, it is possible for you to glide in the air.

Stab and Protect: The spikes of your wings are extra strong and sturdy, allowing you to inflict damage on your opponent. The wings are so sturdy due to their material that normal attacks do not cause much damage.

He saved this template and tried to materialize it. Unfortunately, his souls were just enough for a fifth of the required souls. Conversely, this meant that he would spend the next few days collecting souls. Shay decided to go to sleep to regain his strength.

When Shay woke up the next day, he smelled an unfamiliar scent in his nose. He immediately went outside to see if anyone was around, but he didn see anyone in around the cave. Since the smell bothered him, he set out anyway to find the origin of this smell. He walked through the forest, where he saw many animals on the trees but especially moths were common here. Shay thought that there might be a nest of an insect here and continued to look around.

The further Shay went in one direction, the more moths and butterflies he saw, which lured other insects and then killed them. These were not normal insects, but these critters also had ways of killing their opponents. Here, just like with the angels, ”the strong defeat the weak ”. To make the strong insects feel how weak they actually are, Shay killed one of them and got a soul from it. Shay heard a screaming in the distance, which became louder and louder. Shay thought of an animal being hunted and did not show much interest to the sound.

Shay continued to follow the moths that were in the forest and was sure that he would then arrive at the owner of these bugs. Shay watched their hunting style and saw that they placed their killed hunt on everywhere and as soon as other insects feasted on the corpse, they ambushed and killed their prey and again from the start. While watching this process, Shay noticed something dripping on his head. He looked up and saw a moth bigger than Shay, about 2.50 meters, drooling on his head.

[Oh, I had never consumed an angel this early in the morning. Its time for you to take out my soul fragment and die! But before you die, Ill let you run away so you can feel despair. And your pathetic little wing will I attach to my back so everyone can see how powerful I am. HAHA]

Shay, who was shocked by the size of this creature, felt a strong and scary aura coming from the moth and also decided to run away, as he was sure that this moth lives in this forest for quite a long time. What Shay had to laugh about, however, was the fact that she couldn fly well, since her wings weren real angel wings. She was a moth without angel wings, but with elytra wings.

This was the first time Shay felt such an aura. No one before gave such a feeling of what to be afraid of. Shay wondered if everyone had such an aura. He would say yes, but why does he feel this aura so intensely now? Is it some kind of warning so you don die and know which one is stronger? But that would confuse Shay, because then he would have noticed something like that in the fight yesterday.

Now is not the time to worry about that, though, but to get to safety. So Shay sprinted away from the moth, just as she hoped she would, and sent her little helpers after her to ”annoy ” Shay a little bit. These little insects were not to be underestimated. Just because they are small doesn mean they couldn keep up with Shay, even worse, they were catching up to him, which worried Shay.

At first Shay was looking for an exit out of this forest, since this is their terrain and therefore has advantages that Shay does not have. He can use cursed time in the worst case to get back some advantage, but this way he will never survive this day. And then he remembered that in his memory you can do absolute damage to your opponent with a part of their soul. You can even weaken your opponent to have better possibilities. In the best case, one defeats the opponent so. That was also the reason why the moth screamed earlier. She didn want anyone to get her soul, but Shay didn know how to put the soul into other insects. There must be a technique for that.

This moth loved to play with her prey and make them desperate to get a desperate soul and Shay knew why. Desperate souls were worth much more than normal souls and since she apparently only hunts when big angels are around, she only ever gets very small souls from her insects. However, she has no system…why else would she get such a soul…to devour? Then surely a normal soul would do as well.

Shay finally saw the exit and was about to escape when the moth stood in front of him to block the way. It showed a stinger on its tail, which looked poisonous. Shay definitely was not to be hit by it, but too late, the moth lunged for the sting, but he luckily reacted and put cursed time so he could dodge and escape from the forest. Thus was finally out in the open, but was still pursued by flying beetles, which kept trying to bite him to slow him down. The bugs, in fact, had a curse that ”bound ” their opponents so that they would be easier prey.

Shay was also unable to hit this critter and so the only thing he could do was…run!

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