An empty white space.

Just me, and a old man with a long white beard in front of my eyes. With Nothing else around. No ground . No sky above . No horizon. Its like the space I was in is entirely white.

”Hi ! You kind of died from my mistake! ”

The old man said with an expressionless face.

”Well Thats direct enough! . ”

I said with a bewildered face.

”Well, As an apology, Ill send you to a fantasy world with swords and magic and stuff! You can have gold and power and women and everything! Im pretty nice, huh? ”

The old man said with proud face waiting to be praised.

”For real? ”

I asked him in excitement.

”Well of course!! ”

Said the old man

”Thank you very much. ” John

”OK, time to choose your cheat power! ” Old man

”Can you make me a handsome lady-killer. ”john

”Make you A handsome lady-killer? ”

Asked the old man with a strange face.

”Yes. ”John

e sure? ” Old man


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