I found myself by a river bed, after a few moments of daze. I came back to reality .

And As I recovered, I remembered the promise that old man made. At that time, I saw my face reflected in the flowing water.

”Ehhh… ”

I was rather younger than before!.

”Wow, that old man isn really black hearted . ”

I had the face of an especially unfashionable middle-aged man before.

Getting a girlfriend was almost impossible. But now that I look younger like a 20 to 25 years old. Although not handsome , at least IAM not ugly. So its good so far.

Now I wonder what my status is like.

name: John

gender: male

race: human

level: 1

job: none


MP:86 000000/8 6 0 0 0 0 0 0





INT:53 0 0 0 0 0


Wow my MP and INT is high. I wondere if that was related to my CHEAT.

”What are my skills like? ”


magic recovery: Lv.Max

magic efficiency: Lv.Max


recovery magic: Lv.Max

Exactly as I had wished. If only I had a better idea about this world Id have no complaints.

”Haaaa… ”

With a long sigh , I started walking.

I was in what seems to be woods. But where? I tried following the river, and found something like road.

It was actually 10 meter wide dirt road, with forest on both sides. Id never seen something like this , so this seemed like a fantasy setting to me.

Hearing something behind me. I turned my head and saw something coming.

There was a Middle Ages style carriage, pulled by 2 horses.

”Its actually a carriage, I wonder if it could give a ride. ”

”Hey, excuse me! ”

I tried waving at it. And It went past, giving a sh*t about me.

”… ”


It slowly receded while making a ”clunk, clunk ” noise. I stood there speechless for a while. It didn seem like it was going to stop.

Indeed, it slowly got smaller as it continued on.

Taking a ride: failure.

”…I guess Ill go on foot, then? ”

I walked after the carriage.


After about an hour of walking, I can see a town.

It was a fairly large town, surrounded by walls. It really gave the feeling of a big fortress city. At least from this distance, it seemed really large.

I was stopped at a checkpoint at the gate with soldier-looking people.

”Show your pass or identification. ”soldier A

”I don have neither. ”John

”Then its 10 copper coins for 10 days. Or 1 silver coin for 100 days. Thats the rules. ”Soldier A

”….. ”John

Apparently an entrance fee was necessary, and I didn have any money.

”What is it? ” Soldier A

”Well. I don have money … ”

John with hesitation.

(What do I do here?)

”No money? Huh? ” Soldier A

”Sorry, nevermind. ”

John said in haste and made a U-turn.

”…eh? ”

Soldier A while suspecting John.

At that point, a soldier went after me.

”Hey, wait there! Wait, you suspicious guy! ”

”Noo! ”

Shit. He was going to catch me. I ran furiously, but he was catching up. The soldier who was wearing a clattering armor was catching this guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

”Haa…haaa… ”


And I was caught.

”Got you! ” Soldier B

”Ugh… I am going to throw up… ”John

And then I threw up.

The soldier dragged me back towards the checkpoint . I was wrapped with a rope, and then jailed.

And so, I ended up entering the town in a way no one hoped for.

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