3 days passed since I was put in the jail. They gave me food and water, so at least I wasn that bad .

There was also Water periodically flowing through a small basin in a corner. On the floor, there was a bed of straw. It wasn too bad for being straw.

”…Im bored. ”John

Since I had nothing to do. Free time was the only thing I had.

”You think so too, right? ”John

I had tried communicating with them many times, but hadn gotten a response yet.

This cell had 2 people, including me. The other looked like she was around 18. white skin, a face with deep features, a dirty blonde hair to her hips, and deep blue eyes. A beauty.

And she had big boobs, too. ”Stunning ” was an appropriate word to describe her figure. With her just wearing thin clothes, it was just too sexy.

”could you at least answer me ? ”

John said with some hope.

”Shut up. You
e annoying. ”

Said the girl with an annoyed face

”I see… ”

John muttered.

Wed been here in the same jail cell for so long, but she was so distant. She was actually up against the wall, as far away as she could be from, its not like Iam going to eat her.

”Do you need to use the toilet? Its better not to hold it in, you know. ”

Said John with some anticipation.

”Of…of course not! Stop harassing me, you criminal! ” The girl said in vexation.

e in a jail too, you know. ”

John with a matter of fact face.

”IAM not same as you! ”the girl.

Well, She was still beautiful when pooping.

I don know what the guards were thinking, putting a man and a woman together in the same cell. I was happy, but looking and not being able to do anything was extremely painful. I was getting blue balls from being in the same room with her for so long.

”Can we at least have a nice talk? ”


”Iam not talking. you can talk to yourself. ”the girl in annoyance.

”Talking might make being in this situation a bit more bearable, you know. ”John

”Shut up. And stop looking at me, its disgusting. ”

(Shes looking at me like Im definitely a dangerous criminal.)

Thinking about it, there was no way she would treat someone like me that she met in a jail normally. If I was in her situation I probably would have reacted the same way. so I decided to be quiet.

But I wondered what her status was like.

name: Anna Lepart

gender: female

race: human

level: 36

job: Holy Knight

HP:2 2 0/8 4 0

MP:16 0/7 6 0

STR:2 9 9

VIT: 6 1 0

DEX:3 4 3

AGI:24 4

INT:54 5

LUC:8 9

(Wow, level 36? In a typical fantasy world, that would be around the middle class .)

(Except in the newer novels the levels go much higher. So Maybe shes just getting started.)

(Also, ”Holy Knight ” is so cool. I wish I was something like that.)

”… ”

(I wonder how long am I going to be kept here?)

If things were going to be like this, I should have asked for attack magic instead of recovery magic. Then this situation wouldn have happened

Under these circumstances I could do nothing.

(What good is amazing recovery magic going to do me here? I wish I got more cheat skills than that.)

(…what exactly are cheat skills, anyway?)

While I was sitting in the corner of the room getting annoyed, I suddenly heard someones voice from outside the cell, and it seemed like 2 men were talking.

” The preparations for the execution are already done .Hurry and get them prepared. ”

” understood sir! ”

I have a bad feeling about this conversation.

e not talking about us…right?)

The echoing footsteps of the jailer were making me feel nervous. And then, the sound stopped in front of my cell. The jailer took a key out of a bag, and unlocked the jail door. It opened with a dry rusty sound.

”Time to go, erce. ”

”tch ” erce

(Whew, it wasn me. It was my cellmate.)

Looking at her, she was biting her lower lip in distress. Apparently she understood the situation is dire .

”Hurry up. ”soldier

The soldier entered the cell. It looked like hed take her forcefully if necessary.

”Don touch me, I swear I will make you pay for this! ” erce

”Come on, move. ”the soldier

The soldier grabber her arm and pulled her out.

Apparently this would be the day of her execution. Despite being a cute girl less than 20 years old.

”… ”

As I was starting to worry about doing something stupid, I made up my mind .

(Fu*K it Ive lived with this girl for 3 days and 3 nights, so I should help her if I can . And if I don do something now, I have no idea when Ill be able to get out.)

At that moment, the cell door was conveniently wide open.

”Umm, Mr. Soldier? ”

Said John with a sheepish smile

”You shut your mouth! ”

Yelled the soldier in anger .

”Waaahh! ”

Pretending to be scared.

I retreated towards the shallow pit on the side of the cell. Over there was some poop that was left an hour ago that hadn been washed away yet. I grabbed what seems to be a dirty rug, and used it to scoop some poop with it, before hiding it behind me.

”Come on! ”soldier

”Don touch me! ”erce

”Silence, you traitor! ” Soldier

The soldier was completely focused on her.

”Um, Mr. Soldier… ”

”I told you to shut up! ”

And then, I hit him with the rug full of shit in the face .

”Aughh! My eyes! This smell! ”

some of it got in his eyes ,and His nose was twisted from the small . He bent over in pain. That would probably cause an infection.

cheers for the smell of that girls poop.

While he was not focused, I took out the sword on his hip and stabbed him in the stomach through the leather armor he was wearing.

”Gaaaah! ”

The soldier screamed loudly.

”Good. ” John

(Now we just need to escape. But it won be easy.)

Feeling filled with power, just like had a lot of energy drinks . Apparently I had leveled up from killing the jailer.

name: John

gender: male

race: human

level: 3

job: none

HP:2 1 0/2 1 0

MP:9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 /9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0

STR:3 2

VIT:2 2

DEX:3 3

AGI:3 1

INT:5 6 0 0 0 0 0

LUC:1 3

(Wow, I leveled up 2 times.)

I am happy my HP had increased. As expected, only having 9 HP would have been bad.

”…hey, you bastard! What have you done? ” erce

She yelled at me.

(Hey, its especially important to stay calm at times like this, miss.)

”Will you at least cooperate when we
e escaping? ” John

After a moment , she nodded a small nod.

”I understand. ” Erce

”OK then. ” John

”But you have to give me that sword. ” Erce

(for what? Working together? I see how it is.)

”Fine. ” John

I gave her the sword.

”From here on Ill handle things . just follow me. ” Erce

”Yeah, yeah. ” John

”There, theres the smell of shit here ?! ”

Erce with a frown

”Thats yours. ” John

”Shut up! Just shut up and go! ” Erce with a flustered face.

As she said, our battle formation would be the hot girl in front and the guy in back.

Soldiers whod heard the cry had come. She charged forward enthusiastically, cut through the soldiers blocking us .

And so, we escaped from the jail.

The jail was to the side of a castle. The two of us ran away from the castle, towards the town. Our path went back and forth, and our pursuers lost sight of us.

Then, we ran into a back alley for a little while. She stopped running and looked back, catching me by surprise. My breathing was ragged at that point, and I was relieved to stop.

(Have we finally reached a point where its safe to stop?)

No, that didn seem to be why she stopped.

”just do as I say or its gonna hert, now. ”

She said as she put the point of the sword to my neck.

”…eh? ”

John said in surprise

e a criminal. Did you think I would overlook your jailbreak? ”

”No, uh, I didn do anything that bad or anything. ”

”now, you will be in my custody personally. ”

”Um, but you did worse there . ”

”I am not the same as criminal trash like you! ”

”…are you for real? ”

Even if I have recovery magic on me , there was no way I could revive myself after I died.

She took some rope out of a bag shed carried off, and I ended up being tied up on the cold stone road.

(When did she get that rope?)

She tied my wrists behind my back, and tied that rope to a window. I felt like a dog tied up in a yard.

”Now then, you can wait to get caught again and go back to the jail. ”

”…seriously? Come on… ”

”No need to thank me, this is a free service for trash criminals like you. ”

And so, she ran off, leaving me there.


I was left with an crying face in the back of the alley. Eventually, I managed to stand up somehow.

(I should see if I can escape.)

I couldn get the rope to loosen. Shed tied me very firmly, and shed used a stick with the rope somehow.

(Apparently that girl is an expert at tying people up.)

”…its over. ”

I wondered if Id be starved to death here, tied up like that. Id been stuck for long enough that my feet and hands are numb.

(Who would come save this guy?)

”Ow…this seriously hurts… ”

(I don want to die, not here , and not now.)

As I was thinking that, I heard someones voice. I turned towards that sound, and saw a few delinquent-looking young men.

”Hey, I found someone unusual. ”guy A

”Ah? ”

John with a bad feeling

Id been found. They quickly formed a semicircle around me.

”Umm, excuse me, but could you please untie me, I would really appreciate your help? ”

I made an extremely awkward plea. Instead of replying, they punched me in the face.

”Gaaah. ”

John in pain

”What is with this guy? Hes funny. ”guy A

”Lets beat him. ”guy B

”Yeah. ” Guy C

”Hes just a weirdo, so theres no problem if he dies. ” Guy D

”No shit. ”

”I could use some stress relief. ”

”Do it, do it. ”

(These guys are dangerous!)

Then they beat me up. But they only beat me up for a short while; how nice of them.

It seems they got tired of beating me up and left.

I was in a lot of pain . Somehow they had broken the stick in the ropes and loosened them while beating me up. On the other hand, I was almost dead.

name: John

gender: male

race: human

level: 3

job: none

HP:1/2 1 0

MP:9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 /9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0

STR:3 2

VIT:2 2

DEX:3 3

AGI:3 1

INT:5 6 0 0 0 0 0

LUC:1 3

My HP was dangerously low.

”Recovery magic, recovery… ”

As I was thinking about how to use my recovery magic, my body started glowing. The pain had disappeared, and I checked my status.

name: John

gender: male

race: human

level: 3

job: none

HP:2 1 0/2 1 0

MP:9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 /9 0 6 0 0 0 0 0

STR:3 2

VIT:2 2

DEX:3 3

AGI:3 1

INT:5 6 0 0 0 0 0

LUC:1 3

”It worked! Amazing! ”

Any MP I had used had already been recovered, probably because of my ”MP recovery ” passive skill. I almost certainly would have died if not for my recovery magic.

(This world is too dangerous!)


Id escaped from my predicament. I was safely in the town, and the pursuers had given up. My injuries had been healed, and I was in perfect health. Things were great! Except for my ragged and bloodstained clothes.

”…I look like the ultimate slum dweller right now. ”

I walked to the main street, and everyone nearby avoided me, Not wanting to get involved with me. It was fairly obvious what the people nearby thought of me.

(I need some clothes.)

I looked around for some way to get better clothes.

”Clothes, clothes… ”

(Ah, shit. I have no money either. I wish I had some money.)

(I must earn some money somehow. This is a fantasy style world, so there must be an adventurers guild.)

And so, I decided to find the adventurers guild.

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