The body felt new, but the pain was ever so familiar.

”This is getting on my nerves, ” I muttered, looking at the wound on my chest, reflecting in the mirror.

It was like the left side was charred with flames, and had never been taken care of after that. It was decomposing, dry flesh where I didn feel much of anything. Sighing, I redirected my attention to the face.

The image reflected in the mirror was a handsome male in his late teenage years. Though the exterior held some resemblance to the original me, it was way more attractive, with hair as dark as the night and eyes as deep as the abyss.

I knew it was something to do with the magic of this world, but I looked like no less than an edge lord myself.

It was as if someone took the best part of me and toned it to make me even more elegant. Its not that I hate it, just that . . . oh well, lets ignore that for now.

Other than the ridiculously handsome appearance, I was wearing fine silk clothing too, which was way extravagant for my taste.

There was no helping it, I muttered as a knit held my brows. I really transmigrated into Legends and Heroes. An open-world RPG that I played dozens of times.

And Im an extra character who was supposed to die, yet here I was, alive, though I couldn say well. No, I have no intention of becoming a big player. I would have been far happier if it was a simple extra with loads of money to waste.

However, I am now the heir to the Great house Locksmith, and thats the least of my worries. Elegant maybe this body, but it had too much effect, much provided of it by that decomposed wound on the left side of the chest. It flared with agonising pain the moment I woke up, with the promise of more later.

It might have been better to transmigrate into an ugly, poor sap than this.

I wondered why I felt nothing after waking up in this world. Yes, I had nothing going on in my life before this. I used to work at a prestigious law firm, but got fired a few months back. But I should have missed the old world, right? Yet all I felt was calmness in a way that was not right.

Maybe I died, and this is the afterlife. I shook my head at that thought.

It was only yesterday, and yet my old life already appeared like a distant dream. I did not know why, but since I woke up in this world, I felt like a different person. Not that different, its the same old me.

It was as if I was always from here, always living in this world. There was something else too, but its better if I forgot it all.

Then a familiar transparent notification appeared before my eyes.

[5 minutes remaining for the completion of the synchronisation.]

It had been about half a dozen hours since I woke up in this world, and notifications like this came a few times already. Looks like the system is synchronising with me, as I am not a real resident of the world.

I took care of my grief and sentiment about the past within that much time. Well, as much as I wanted to take care of them, I just delayed it for further notice.

Today was the 12th of January, of the year 1221, only a week before the start of the Academy and also the start of the story. Also, this world is identical to earth, but more like a steampunk version of it with magic and sorcery.

Well, it was more of the Victorian age, however, it developed differently with the magic and threats.

By the way, a big coalition of alliances ran this world. Supernatural powers, fiends, and monsters are the reason for it, as no nation single-handedly can take care of their threats. And there were other races than humans as well, like elves, dwarves, fairies, gods, demons, and other mythic beings.

A gentle knocking sounded outside the door. Clearly, the servant was trained enough to not bother me, even accidentally.

”What is it? ” I asked in some language that I never learned, only knowing it was called Duah. Apparently, I could converse well with anyone here, though the weird text still comes as unnerving. I reckon it will take me a couple of weeks to get used to it.

”Master Ian, the Lady will come to see you in a few minutes, ” the male servant, who was known as Kain, answered. ”Please be prepared. ”

Ian, I said inwardly. Ian Locksmith. The boy who died and was resurrected again with a new soul in the body.

The Lady. I knew who Kain was talking about, but why had she come now? Shouldn she be busy with all the things? Its most likely because I will leave in a couple of days. Well, Ian came back alive from where he was supposed to be dead. That was reason enough.

Like the servant said, after only a couple of minutes, the door of his room opened. The one who opened it was the servant, as he gestured with his hand for the Lady to come in.

”Give us some private space, Kain, ” the lady said as she came forward into the room. She was holding a sword in a sheath on her arm, though I only had eyes for her.

Kein bowed and left the room silently. Even the way he closed the door was with extreme gentleness, making no noise.

The lady gave me a proper look, as if peering to find any change in me. After scrutinising her eyes, she gave a

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