I held an ice bag against my right eye, glaring at Dan with the other. This was exactly why I hate teenagers.

The one that hit me was Daniel Harmon, who was supposedly my friend, but I treated him like shit a couple of weeks back, so he gave back a little payback. God, I was not getting beaten for someone elses fault for the first time, and what can I say? I hate it.

Apparently, on the occasion Ian got killed, he had some serious talk with Dan, which didn go well, of course. Ian wanted Dan to join him on his fools quest to hunt Aria on a supposed mission. In the end, Dan disagreed and even mentioned spilling out his plans, so Ian beat him up and locked him inside a chamber.

”Stop with the act, ” Dan said. ”Its just one punch. You can take more than that. ”

”One punch to the eye, ” I said, showing him the swollen eye.

”Looks good on you, ” Dan chuckled. ”Anyway, stop messing around with that witch. I heard you almost died this time around. Things would go that way if you don stop your pursuit of whatever vendetta you have on her. ”

”Sure. ” I looked around the cafeteria to see any sign of the waitress to get us our food.

Even though not many were present in the cafeteria as it was too late for breakfast or too early for lunch, still the customer service was sloppy. We
e here for a quarter of an hour already.

”I mean, think about it. Even if shes a student, shes as strong as an actual magus. How can you compete with her? ” he looked at me and paused. ”Wait, did you just say, sure? ”

I turned towards Dan. ”Sure. ”

Dan frowned, staring at me. ”Are you for real? ”

”Sure. ”

”Sure, my ass, ” Dan shouted.

”Nah, Im totally unsure about your ass, ” I said, ”but Im sure there are many who have plenty of interest in your ass. ” I finally found the waitress coming with two trays of food. I called, holding up one arm. ”Here. ”

Dan snorted. ”Seriously, what got into you? ” he asked. ”You seem a lot different. ”

”Of course I am, ” I said, not looking at him. ”I almost died. Do you think I would court death again? ”

The food arrived, but I kept my eyes on the waitress, as a frown appear on my brows. A girl in her late teenage years, around the same age as this body. Delivering our food, she was about to leave, but I called her. ”Excuse me? ” I said as the waitress turned. ”Do you have any place to be? ”

”Ah, Im sorry? ” The waitress looked at me, confused.

”Hello, Sorry, ” I said with a smiling face. ”If theres nothing else, why don you sit with us? You know, I have a very particular interest in your job. Can you help me with that? ”

”Im not sorry, I mean, its not my name. ” The waitress blushed, looking away. While Dan showed me his hands as if asking what Im doing.

”Come on, sit, ” I said to the waitress.

”No, I mean, ” she said, fumbling for words. ”Its working hours, I don . . . ”

”Really, Sorry? ” I said and gestured to the almost empty cafeteria. There were only about a dozen students now in the wide hall of the cafeteria. ”Do you see anyone in need of service? And besides, there should be other waitresses who can take care of any need. You just have to satisfy my need. ”

The waitress stood there with a red face, looking at the two empty chairs, but she couldn get there with the two of us blocking her way.

”Dan, please give this lady your seat? ” I requested Dan, which was not really a request. I still had a smiling face.

Dun grunted, but moved to the chair next to the wall. Hes a true gentleman and looked like one as well, with prim golden hair glued to his scalp, and a shaved handsome face with strong jawlines.

”Sit, ” I said, and the waitress rested her butt on the chair instantly, peeking at me and watching the table.

I guess, this face has a good face value, too. Probably more than Dan.

”What are you trying to do? ” Dan asked, getting tired of everything.

I totally ignored him and was about to question the waitress, but my attention moved to the entrance which I was facing as a redhead girl entered, looking around. Our eyes met for a moment, but I returned my gaze to the waitress.

”Do you know us? ” I asked.

The waitress shook her head without hesitating.

”Good, ” I said. ”Are you new? ”

The girl nodded heavily.

I tilted my head, considering. My eyes followed where I saw Maya entering the cafeteria. She was still there, looking at me. She waved her palm, but I got back to my business, ignoring it.

”How long have you been working here? ”

”Two, ” the waitress said, ”two weeks. ”

”I guess that would do, ” I muttered, and felt uncomfortable. I looked to find Maya giving me glares, still standing there uneasily. Should I ignore her, or . . .

”Who is she? ” Dan asked, turning his head to find the redhead.

”No one, ” I said and asked the waitress again. ”I forgot that you didn introduce yourself yet. ”

”Are you joking? ” Dan asked again. ”She was clearly looking at you, and didn seem to be in a good mood. ”

”Well, perhaps she found me handsome, which is, of course, not anything huge. Im just not particularly interested. ” I told Dan. I returned my gaze towards the waitress, who looked unsure about everything. ”Name? ”

”Ah, Adora, ” the waitress said.

”Adora, ” I repeated, satisfied. ”Nice name. ”

Like her name, Adora was adorable. She was of thin shape with long slender legs and arms. She had a heart-shaped face and the waitress dress didn hide her collar bones sticking out. However, rather than being sickly, it gave an allure to her beauty.

She had two small earrings on her ears, and her deep blue eyes fluttered, peeking at me and the table. I didn know which one she was more interested in. All in all, she was pretty and clumsy.

”Are you sure you don know her? ” Dan asked again. ”Shes coming right here. ”

I lifted my head to find Maya storming right at our table, her fingers made into a fist. She didn stop until she got here and when she got here, she only glared at me. ”Seriously, ” she said. ”You
e going to act like you don know me? ”

”Sorry? ” I said, giving her a confused look. ”You are probably misunderstanding me with my evil twin. Im sorry if he misbehaved with you. ”

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