My dormitory was not large, it was even smaller than my apartment. Well, I was expecting something big from the academy as it was probably the second most grandeur place in this world.

But apparently, they treat their students the same as most institutions do in the universe.

There were two rooms—one bedroom and a drawing room—however, no kitchen, but there was a washroom, which was a relief. There was not much stuff here in the room, a dozen books tossed around on the bed and the desk, some papers, and empty glass bottles peeking from under the bed. A fireplace missing wood and everything.

I carried two gigantic bags of stuff that I brought in from home. There was various stuff there, from essential stuff that I would need on a daily basis to books, designs, and maps, but the things that took most of the space were alchemic material with a whole set of alchemic equipment. I would still need to buy a few more things to start.

Well, Im no alchemist or had any relationship with it before transmigrating here. I used to work at a law firm, but got fired a few months back. Well, I was somewhat familiar with chemistry. I understood the stuff pretty well in high school. I just need to start from scratch again.

Well, before Chemistry or Alchemy, I need to figure out what this was about.

[???: Ex]

An ability at the max level, thats something, but unfortunately, the system provides no description of this ability. Really, what kind of shitty system was this?

Worst of all, I have no connotation of this in the game. This is something totally new. I do have some ideas about it, but that would need a bit of testing.

I have some suspicions about that, but no concrete evidence.

Sighing, I opened a notebook and started taking notes on the things I would need and what I can get easily. I put them in the order of three priorities.

The top would be something very important and essential for me, and I definitely need to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Something like legendary items, artifacts, ingredients, or some critical job. For example, I put the whole contention with Aria, the stupid vengeance thing, at the top. Also, my contract with the Great Demon, and the entire business of unsealing myself from the source—were top priorities.

Mid would be the other important things that I could use or make sure some other good guys or heroes, get it and in time. I put my entire business with Maya in mid. There was also the recruitment of a few useful people and stuff. Things in the middle got way bigger than the top and I still think there was a little stuff I left out, forgetting about it.

And lastly, low where the stuff they were not that critical, but still essential. This was more like fixing stuff and making some connection, which would help later. Well, still the top of the low priorities was getting myself another place to stuff more things in, and that needs to be off the record.

After ending the priorities, I start the stuff with stars at the difficulty level. The contract with the demon business was five stars, no question.

So was the whole business with Aria—it may seem like something small, but there were many things hidden there which would put both of our lives and many others in jeopardy. More than half of the stuff in the top priorities were five stars. Well, the top thing was pretty important, so that explained it.

Fortunately, unsealing myself from the source was not a five-star problem, nor a four-star, but more like between three and four. It wouldve been three-star, but a two-hundred-year-old arch magus was watching over the seal, so my concern was valid.

The entire business with Maya and how the headmistress gave me the task—that should put it at four stars, but I made it five, considering the father of the redhead. Still, I would like to get that antigravity suit—the headmistress promised—even though the name was just stupid and wrong.

Now, I have to decide which priority takes priority first. Of course, it was to prepare the way to unseal me from the source. There were a few ways, like collecting a bunch of ingredients and preparing some potion—but I would need the formula for that—which was another task.

Or I could ask for someone on the level of Archmagus to break it for me—which was more difficult than my original plan. The number of Archmagus in the world was no more than the fingers in my arms, and the number of those who would like to help me is more like my sixth finger.


But the great demon, Kils Shaiharan could do it, but that would put me in more of his debt. And I and the great demon were no buddies. That was still an option, not to mention I would very much have to have a talk with him soon.

Still, unsealing would be my first priority. Also, I need to make some money, no, a lot of money. House Locksmith was bankrupt, and even though their main source of income was on hold. I need to fix that. And lastly, I need to take care of this stupid academy.

I sighed, looking at the notebook. Ive actually written more than a dozen pages in this short time. But it seemed there was something important I missed.

Lets add a couple of sacks of snacks, some good quality tea or coffee and . . .

As I was thinking, I heard a loud knocking on the door.

”Hey Ian, are you there? ” A voice said from outside. A mans voice.

”Who is it? ” I called, standing up.

”Open the door, asshole. ”

I came to the door and opened it, but the moment I did, a punch hit me in the right eye out of nowhere. I fell inside the room, finding the smiling face of one young dude.

”This is for the other day. ”

Another priority on the list: Make a list of people Ian had screwed before.


Vote Power Stone to get more of it.

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