Arcane Academy 18

3. Dance with the Devil

Eight months ago

”Call me next time. ” The man announced, whilst he lay on the bed with only the crimson sheets covering his nakedness.

”Sure will do, ” she muttered with glee in her voice while counting the cash in her hands.

On her way out she bumps into a boy with a drunken girl draped on his arm. The girl was muttering incoherent words but she catch a glimpse of the word ”no and please. ” She raised a brow at the boy who bumped into her as he drags the girl. The boy was in the same age range as hers. With tall and sharp features, he could be a model in any playboy magazine.

Her eyes locked into the girls pleading ones, and before she could open her mouth, the door was shut right in her face.


The lights illuminated the lavish room, and clothes were strewn everywhere. Books were scattered throughout the white Persian rug, and the scent of perfume permeated the air.

She leaned on the mirror, looking at her reflection, her small dainty hands holding the lipstick as she coated her plump lips.


The color of revenge.

She smirked in the mirror, liking what she saw. The girl in front of the mirror was not the nerdy and weak girl back then.

Gone with the glasses replaced with the contacts, gone the baggy bag shirts and replaced with tight-fit clothes, this girl she saw was the new and upgraded version of herself.

”Alright, its show time. ”

Giant black doors opened as she made her way to the crowd. The scent of sweat, sex, and perfume assaulted her nose. She crinkled her nose in disgust and made her way through the gyrating bodies.

The party was in full swing, the moment she arrived.

Her eyes scanned the clusters of bodies looking for something or someone until they landed on the person she was looking for.

Surrounded by his peers and followers, Sebastian West wasn hard to notice. With a charming smile, perfectly sculptured muscles, and sun-kissed skin, he was every girls wet dream. She purses her lips and gathered some flute from the waiter, drinking the liquid watching them with an evil glint in her eyes.

Sebastian was seated on the sofa with his arms encircled around two barely clothed girls.

She carried on watching them and felt envy clawing out her chest.

How can they go and act like it was nothing?

Do they feel any remorse when they ruined her life?

She thought.

But the answer was clear as day.

They didn . Because they are a bunch of selfish pricks that didn care for anyone but themselves.

How lucky is it to feel without any burden on your shoulders, to let yourself be free from the guilt and memories that are eating you alive.

As if sensing eyes on him, his eyes locked on mine, and as recognition settled in, he immediately let his arms fall and stood up on his feet. The two girls pouted at his lack of attention, they followed his gaze until it landed on her. Eyes like a snake, they both sneered at her.


She wanted to roll her eyes.

She was not here for a meaningless hookup.

Sebastian strode with purpose, his tall frame dwarfing the people around him, the crowd parted on his way– his piercing eyes locked on her. Like a predator eyeing its prey.

He barely noticed the lusty gaze that the girls sent on him, Amelia smirked in response and twirled the glass on her fingers. She leaned on the wall crossing her arms, the action makes her ample breast prominent on her wine-colored dress.

”Hey, beautiful I haven seen you around, are you new here? ”

He implore, she toyed with the stem of the glass ignoring his lusty gaze on her. She shrugs her shoulders not answering his question.

She knew that people like him didn like to be ignored. With his familys wealth and status, he was one of the girls most sought after in the country.

”What if I tell you yes, what will you do? ”

She purred, biting her cherry-red lips. Her hands toying the lapels of his shirt.

”Oh, I wouldve loved to show you. If you would give me a chance. ”

He murmured, his hand skimming the curve of her hips, lips on her neck.

She let out a breathy moan when he found her sweet spot. He nibbled her ear making her back arched. The action sent delicious shivers down her spine. Amelia could feel the smile on his lips on her neck.

”So responsive, ” He rasped, his hands inching the inside of her thighs.

”Not here, there are so many eyes. ” She murmured and bit his ear lightly. Her knees are shaking with anticipation, the poison pumping in her veins, encouraging her to be bold.

”Lets dance, ” His eyes were bright under the lights, his lips and body promising a night full of passion.

He offered his hand like a true gentleman and Amelia placed her dainty hands never breaking off her gaze at him. The girls eyed her with envy, wishing and thinking that it was them in her place.

The music changed, and the crowd parted as they both make their way to the center.

Its like time passes slowly, as they move in sync, ignoring a hundred eyes trained on them, feeling a piercing gaze burning in the side of her head, she turned and locked eyes with the most beautiful and intense green eyes she had seen.

The Devil.

The predatory glint in his eyes did something in her body.

She was brought into her thoughts when she heard the voice of Sebastian.

Focus. No time for distractions.

”You look ravishing tonight, ” he remarked His hand was on her hips, and the other was holding her hands.

He skillfully maneuvers her as if he had done this before. She twirled, the slit of her dress sliding on her legs, giving everyone a view of her long tanned legs.

”I almost didn recognize you. ”

She laughed, her eyes crinkled with mirth under her mask.

”Not bad West, and here I thought that I have to introduce myself again to you. ” She teased, a smile dancing on her lips.

Movement from the left caught her attention, as the dance progressed so were the people. This time they were switching partners. Sebastian let go of her hands and then wink and whirl, facing his new partner. She gritted her teeth in annoyance missing the target. Too lost in her thoughts, she didn notice the dark figure standing behind her.

”Missing him already? I feel left out. ” He whispered against the shell of her ear making her eyes widen in surprise.

She didn see this coming, her mind went blank.

She couldn believe what she hear, it was so sudden. She almost believe that it was just her mind playing games with her, but as she turned, all the color drained on her face.

Because standing in front of her was the man who was the incarnation of Satan himself.

Elijah DeVille.

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