Everything seems to fade away and all the sound she could hear was the loud beating of her heart.

The time has stopped and she was left in the sea of sharks. Into the hands of the person, she didn expect even in her wildest dreams.

Elijah De Ville is, Arcane Academys King. Head of the Elite, the Big Five. And yet, he was standing in front of her.

She was just here for a few minutes and to her luck, she caught the eyes of the Academys most sought student.

The sleepless nights and months she planned for this day has come. As millions of thoughts start to swirl in her mind, words that she memorized by heart yet no words came out.

He was standing in front of her, his eyes so intense, piercing her soul. Her hands start to get clammy as she looks at Raes tormentor.

After all, he was the reason. He was the root of all the problems. If it weren for him, then Rae would have been alive till now, he was the one who killed her.

And she will make him pay.

White hot rage pumped in her veins, and the colorful words she wants to throw at him were at the tips of her tongue, but the glint in his eyes, tells a different story.

”No. ”

She rebuked. Defiance shone in her eyes. Her legs trembled, but she stood her ground.

She held her chin up and look straight into his eyes. The fire in her started to burn brighter, igniting all the nerves in her skin.

It crackled causing the embers to dance on the skin, the anger, the hatred seeping into her pores, she matched his steely gaze only hers was predatory.

His lips quirked, pleased with the reaction he got.

”Shall we dance my lady? ”

He offered his gloved hand in front of her.

It was as if she was brought back into her daze when she noticed that everyone stopped. Goose bumps pebbled on her skin, making the little hairs on the back of her neck stand. She can feel it, the lust, the envy, and the wrath of the women who wished to be in her place.

She knew in the back of her mind that tonight her name will be the talk of the town. Considering all the people who attended this ball were from higher status.

She discarded it without a care, so what if they talk about me? She thought.

The music start again, as she placed her dainty hand on him. His hands were large swallowing whole her hand. The hands that were stained with blood. Hands that destroyed the person she loved.

She gritted her teeth, swallowing the emotions that threatens to spill.

No, she will not give him the satisfaction of seeing her like this.

Instead, she plastered a sweetly sick grin, showing her pearly whites as they glide under the luminous, chandelier. Her wine-red dress flared, as they danced, his hands holding her waist, his steely gaze locked on her warm brown eyes. With perfect and precise steps, they dance until no one was left but them on the floor. The people watching them with awe.

”Pray to tell.. ” He all but breathe in her ears, her eyes widened, startled by his gravelly voice. It sent pleasurable shivers down her spine. Her stomach tingled.

She didn expect that he will break the silence and talk to her. They were both strangers to each other, but she knew him more than himself. She knew that this was his way of luring his prey into his trap. She gritted her teeth, berating herself for being affected by his charms.

The rumors didn tell lies about him. He was indeed exceptionally skilled in the art of seduction. She almost fell on his web.

Instead of answering, she quirked a perfectly shaped brow urging him to continue.

Tonight, he was wearing an ink black suit, that hugged his muscles perfectly, accentuating his wide and broad shoulders, His raven hair was slicked to the back, his gigantic frame towering over her.

He had this immense and dark aura surrounding him.

”Who are you? ” He grunts, venom laced in his voice.

”Straight to the point I see, ” she smirked. She knew that riling him up will only cause her damage, but she loves the thrill. Knowing that you got the upper hand over your enemy, it makes her powerful.

His eyes burned, and she can see that he was holding back. But Amelia knew that he can not hurt her. She knew that Elijah cared for his reputation and knowing that they are out in the public, it will only tarnish his image.

She glanced at the crowd of people, and her eyes locked with Claire. She sneered at her, pure envy was written on her face. Amelia was tempted to roll her eyes, instead, she flashed her with a triumphant smile on her face making Claire burn with jealousy.

Amelia knew that Claire has been vying for Elijahs attention since junior high, and she was more pleased with the reaction she got.

Elijah followed her gaze catching the eyes of Claire who went stiff. Her face burned red. His tense shoulders seem to relax after realizing the girl in front of him was not a threat.

”If I knew that you
e competing for my attention, all you have to do is ask. ” His voice was controlled different from earlier.

She played along, batting her thick black lashes on her olive cheeks. Her doe eyes looked up at him.

”Don be so full of yourself Romeo, Im not here for you. Im here for someone else. ” She quipped with clear irritation in her voice. Looking anywhere but him.

It must have hurt his ego because, in the next seconds, Amelias head whirled and was turned upside down, her heart almost leaped in her throat, they were chest to chest, and his lips were only inches above her.

”Is that a challenge? ” There was an evil glint in his eyes that made her insides tremble, and her breath hitched, this was not what she expected to happen.

He indeed was a menace, Elijah De Ville was ruining her plans and she will not let him succeed.

As the last song ended, he carefully set her on her feet.

”No, and I don think we will ever see each other again. So this is goodbye. ”

With that, she turned in her heels and disappeared into the crowd, with a wicked smile plastered on her lips.

Phase one is complete.

If she can get her hands on Sebastian West, the weakest link in the group, then she will switch to the bigger fish.

Catching his attention was the first part of her plan.

Oh, the things she wants to do, once he was under her palm.

It will be a sight when she breaks them one by one.

She knew that Claire will get back at her later, that demented bitch was head over heels with Elijah, though the man didn even give two **s about her.


Well, for now, she will just enjoy her night, its not like everyone knows her. It was only her 2nd day and half of her face was hidden by a mask. Being brunette was common, so he can track her.

She hummed to herself their favorite tune and went to stand on the rail. The night was still young and she can see the whole city above. She took a small sip on her flute, and enjoy the calmness it brought to her, the cold wind kissing her exposed skin as her thoughts flew by.

After this night, things were about to change.

The game just began.

”I will avenge you Rae, and that is a promise. ”

She uttered while looking down the city.

The sound of footsteps can be heard and she was quick to turn her shoulders were tense, her body on full alert.

”Show me yourself. ” She commands, not breaking her gaze to the person who was hiding in the dark. Her stomach churned, and her palms start to sweat, this was not included in her plan for tonight.

Yes, she was confident in her strength, but even she has her limit. Taking down one Elite will cause her damage. She didn want to underestimate them.

She brazes herself from the incoming threat, it was dark, and with the moons glow, Amelia could only make out the silhouette of the man behind the shadows.

”Who the ** are you? Are you following me? ”

She gulped and narrowed her eyes at the man.

”Such a dirty mouth for a beautiful girl. ”

He clicked his tongue as if showing that he was disappointed. It only fueled the anger in her veins. She didn like this guy.

”Shut up dumbass, come out now, and show yourself, ” she gritted her teeth, her hands burning with her arcane. The flames feel good on her skin, just one wrong move and he will meet his demise.

The man stepped out behind the shadows, now that her was out, Amelia looked at the man and burned every detail in the back of her mind. The man was tall, almost 64 with sun-kissed skin. Half of his face was covered by the mask, and his tux was perfectly fitted around his body, from what she saw, she knew that he was ripped.

He took a threatening step toward her and she narrowed her eyes.

”If you value your life, then stay back. ”

She breathes shakily.

”Relax, kitten. I won do anything to you. ”

”Oh, I find it hard to believe. ” She laughs dryly.

Silence. They both stayed like that for a minute, she was frozen to the spot, analyzing his next move.

Then after agonizing minutes, he broke the silence with his deep velvety voice.

”Did you like my present? ”

Her eyes widened.

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