Arcane Academy 18

5. The Wicked Witch of the West

She was right, about her prediction after the banquet, rumors flew around the campus about the mystery girl. No sane person knew who this mystery girl is. Her heart thudded and she look down at ber shoes praying that no one will notice her.

Good thing that, no one knows who she is considering that it was only the first week of school. Nevertheless, the fear of being discovered was always creeping inside her heart.

Students piled up in the hallway, and the sound of the bell signals the start of class.

Amelia held the strip of her bag tightly and hurriedly went to her locker. Standing in front of her locker, she heard hushed murmurs about the mystery girl. Her hands stop fumbling the lock and she strained her ear to listen. She knew that eavesdropping is bad but she can not help it. She was intrigued about who was this mystery girl that everyone has been talking about.

”Hey, did you know? ”

”I heard that Elijah was looking for her. ”

”Who? ”

” You know who. I bet that it will just take a day for the bitch to appear who knows? Maybe this was her ploy to catch his attention and boy, it really worked. ”

Amelia gritted her teeth. Of course, it was all part of the plan. She wants to bring destruction to the group and the best way to ruin it is to start with her next target.

Claire Bonavich.

Her name suited her.

She had heard every rumor circling the bitch and had even the videos as proof. She was mentally unstable and has an unhealthy obsession with Elijah.

After her failed attempt with Sebastian, she switched her attention to the two biggest fish. Sebastian will be dealt with accordingly but first, she must plan very thoroughly.

Getting Elijahs attention was a treat and riling up Claire is the cherry on the top. She wants to get back at her for what she did to Rae and she will start with Elijah.

He is the apple of the eye of the self-proclaimed Queen. Her kryptonite, her weakness.

She wonders what is Elijahs game, it was uncalled for, for Elijah De Ville was a sick man. He takes pleasure in seeing others suffer. If she wanted to play his game then she has to be careful.

She waits until the whispers stopped and proceed to get her books in a hurry she was going to be late again and she didn be the center of attention, how ironic that yesterday she didn care how people look at her.

Fixing up her hair, she grabs her book and went to her next class.

Amelia entered the class as the teacher drones his lesson. She quickly took her seat near the window and opened her notes.

”In Arcane Academy, classes based on abilities are separated into four types.





And Dangerous

Predisposition is what you called the traditional arcane. Most students in the academy belonged to this class. Such as teleportation, divination, clairvoyance, and visions. These abilities were for normal class students.

Then, theres Technology. Just like its name experiments can be at an arcane level. Most students worked in solidarity. Such as making dolls and giving them souls, ingredients turned out something unexplainable.

While Active Arcane is the second most common ability. This ability involves pheromones. People who have these abilities can tame even the wildest and most feared animals. While some people can control their emotions and make them fall on their feet.

Special Energy class is for those who have rare abilities. These are the students who don fit in the three categories above. The powers are different and the classes are mixed.

People with these abilities are unpredictable. There is a section for people who has arcane like this. They are united with different levels.

Abilities such as shadow manipulation, nullifying, etc.

Lastly, there is the Dangerous type of arcane.

No matter what type of Arcane the person originally has if his attitude and power are considered dangerous then he will be included in that class. Dangerous arcane people were often separated from the other categories, they can be destructive, and some arcane abilities such as Pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate fire, Cyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate ice, and so on. ”

Amelia closed her notes and wondered what would be her Arcane abilities are, she was enrolled in the special ability class and still figuring out her powers.

The class ended and she was walking down the hallway when she bumped into a hard chest. Her nose stung and she grimaced at the pain, scrunching her nose in pain she looked up at her offender and gasped.

It was the boy from yesterday, the one who warned her about the Big Five. Her heart thumped in her chest. Seeing him up this close did something to her nerves. He was sweating profusely and was out of breath.

”What happened to you— ”

He yanked her by her arm, Amelia was caught off guard and tripped on her feet. She opened her mouth but he immediately covered it up with his hand.

”Say one word, and I will not hesitate to kill you. ” He grits. Amelias eyes widened. She couldn believe that it was the same guy who warned her about the Elites. She kept her mouth shut, heart in her throat as she observed her surroundings. There must be something that triggered him.

She was still figuring out how to get away from his hold when she heard light footsteps padding on the floor.

”Alessandro. ” came out a deep and gravely voice. Alessandros hold on her tighten and she whimpered. Somehow, the voice seems familiar.

Just who is he and who is hiding from? were the thoughts circling in her head. They huddled in the corner, her body pressed tightly against him. Amelia could feel every muscle under the thin fabric and her face grew warm. Being in this position made her stomach tingle. His musky scent and his breath on her neck made her knees tremble.

What is wrong with her? Why is her body reacting to him like this?

”Don test my patience. You
e in so much trouble when I get my hands on you. ” He threatens.

Amelia trembled. She didn understand why Alessandro was hiding from this guy but something tells her that he is not to be messed with. As his footsteps faded. He let go of her and Amelia scrambled away from him.

”What the ** is wrong with you? ” She glared.

When he didn reply. Her anger flared. This guy was testing her limits. Gone are the butterflies in her stomach which were replaced with anger.

”Are you always like this? Threatening people like it was normal to you? She burst. Face red. The crackling in her hands didn go unnoticed by him and he raised his brows at her.

She opened her mouth to retort something but he turned on his heels and began to walk.

” Did he just ignore me? ” she thought and gritted her teeth in annoyance. Anger flared in her veins. She couldn believe this guy!

And here I thought he was one of the good guys, she mumbled and glared at the back of his head.

She was seething under her breath when he turned.

”No one has to know that you saw me. Understood? and please, for the love of God. Stop following me. ”

Her jaw dropped. With that, he walks away leaving her frozen to the spot.

The nerve of this guy! She thought. Amelia wants to strangle this guy to death.

”Excuse you. Im not following you dumbass. I have my next class to attend. ” She hissed and shouldered passed him.

On their way into the class, a group of students from another division blocked their path.

”Cutting classes with a woman I see, ”

Alessandro snorts and walks past them, but the other guy was so full of himself and didn take the hint.

Amelia watched intrigued by how he will handle the students surrounding him.

”You little shit, Im talking to you. Stop ignoring me! Murderer. ”

”Wow, this dude was asking for it. ” She waited and observe. She didn want to be entangled in this mess. Knowing that he was in a bad mood.

Something switched inside him and the atmosphere became heavy. Amelia looks at Alessandro, his eyes darkened.

Before the guy could touch him, his hands start to freeze, ice crawling against his shoulder.

Amelias eyes twinkled at the discovery. The other students stepped back in fear.

The poor man cried out wiggling his hands in the air.

”Ahh! Get it off!! Get it off!! ” he wails. His cocky demeanor was gone and replaced by fear.

His friends start to panic as the ice start to crawl to the side of his face. His eyes locked on Amelia and he barked.

”Don stand in there bitch, and tell your **ing boyfriend to stop this! ”

Her left eye twitched. His friends began to call for help.

”Okay, I think thats enough, come one jerk face, I know you can do better. Let the poor boy go. ” she coaxed.

”Why should I? He called me a murderer, didn he? Should I set an example? ”

The guy paled and grovel on his feet.

”Okay, okay I take it back! please spare me! ”

Alessandro smirked and looked down at him.

”Thats what Ive thought. ”

With a snap of his fingers, the ice fades away. The guy heaves a sigh of relief, still shaking from fear. His friends were on his side in an instant.

”This is not over yet. Ill get back to you someday, ” he vowed as his friends helped him stand up.

”Im looking forward to it. ” His lips curled upward.

Amelia shook her head and shoved him.

”Out of the way! ”

He rolled his eyes and followed her.

”Now, Im late. And this is all your fault! ”

He scoffed.

”Whatever floats your boat. Mystery girl. ”

Amelia halted on her steps and turned.

”What did you say? ”

e not deaf. I know who you are, Amelia Montgomery. ”

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