chapter 9

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Gu Yingjie tilted his neck and drained his glass, he put down his glass, turned his head to tell Xu Yanchang, who was hand guessing with a hot girl, that he was leaving, but then he heard Ah Lun laugh loudly to Zhao Honghui: “You be careful later Miss Qin gives you a green hat.”

Zhao Hong Hui laughed, tone of voice disdain: “She is the only daughter, still do not know how many shares of Yongkai can she have in hand, we are all adults, as long as the benefits are enough, each playing their own is okay ah.”

Another person next to him laughed: “Ah Hui means he wants to give Missy a green hat.”

Zhao Hong Hui laughed: ” Do we have to keep our bodies clean, don’t joke about it.”

A crowd of people laughed out loud.

Gu Yingjie was extremely angry, with a black face took out his phone and texted Qin Yufei: “Remember to remind your father that no matter who you marry, you must sign a prenuptial agreement.”

Qin Yufei is putting on a mask in the room, her face twitched when she saw the message, what is this guy mad about.

Gu Yingjie on his side heard Zhao Honghui still talking, perhaps their group were a little drunk, perhaps it was originally they have such a bad character, the topic played on Qin Yufei.
“People say she’s hard to chase, what’s hard to chase, Ah Lun, in fact, women, like Qin Yufei, a woman like this, money she has more than enough, what she wants is a face, if you look as handsome as me, she’ll probably go with you.”

    “Get lost.” Ah Lun was annoyed and cursed.

The crowd laughed again.

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Zhao Honghui then said: “She is not difficult to chase, is just the temper is really big, as if nothing in the eyes, put on airs.
She is Qin Yufei, I can put up with it.
After marriage, I see how she can still be arrogant.”

    “Then there must really be the day she married you.” Gu Yingjie couldn’t help but speak up again and sneer.
He put the phone back in his pocket, really do not know what else to say to Qin Yufei.
The woman loves to save face, if she knows that her boyfriend is saying these bullshit words in front of so many people she will definitely lose face.
He has already given the warning, she will understand the meaning of it.
” When you get a girlfriend, you should treat her well, while showing off that she’s your girlfriend and talking badly about her to your buddies, is this still a man?” 

“Gu Yingjie, what do you mean?” Zhao Honghui turned his head to glare at Gu Yingjie.
The ones who made fun of him earlier were all close friends, and it was fine for everyone to play around, but he was not familiar with Gu Yingjie, and it made him uncomfortable for someone who was not familiar to say such things, and he could hear that it was genuine sarcasm.

“You said it yourself, Qin Yufei putting on airs, proving that she did not fall for you.
Also, is your family’s turnover so bad? To earn a fortune by hugging a woman’s thigh?” Gu Yingjie did not mind speaking more nasty.

Zhao Honghui slammed the table and cursed, “You’re  fucking seek death!”

Xu Yanchang heard the bickering over there  and jumped, and a few other buddies came over to separate the two.
“Okay, okay, it’s all buddies, just kidding.”

    Gu Yingjie took out his wallet, dumped his share of the drink money on the table, said sorry to Yin Shi, and then turned to leave.
Before walking a few steps, he heard Zhao Honghui still shouting: “Who am I, to rely on women? It’s Qin Yufei who won’t let go of me, almost kneeling and licking my toes and begging me to use her.”

Gu Yingjie stopped in his tracks, that moment, Qin Yufei’s clear eyes came to his mind, she was sitting in a shabby fast food restaurant staring stupidly at the starlight of the store across the street to say goodbye to the pain in the past, she gnashing her teeth when she said about the betrayal of the cheap man , she was sad for her dead ex-best friend, she said Gu Yingjie I told you the secret that you can not tell others, she was so straightforward that make him choked.. 

Gu Yingjie did not know what he was thinking, he turned around and punched Zhao Honghui hard in the face.

Zhao Honghui let out a scream, and before he could react to what was going on, he was smashed with the chair into the drink stand by the side of the box.
His friend beside him sternly shouted: “Gu Yingjie! What are you mad about!” His fist also swung at Gu Yingjie.

Gu Yingjie received a punch to the face, the pain made his blood surge, without regard to anything, returned a fierce punch.
At this time Xu Yanchang also rushed over, kicked away a person who pounced on Gu Yingjie , the two sides of the friends have been pushing and kicking, a group fight.

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Yin Shi was shocked, quickly led the staff to stop the fight, he can’t afford to offend one of these gentlemen, and can’t have any serious incident in his place.
But how to stop this fight, everyone drank a little too much, before they fight, they bragging and being sarcastic too much, and now they  fighting,  everyone became mania.

    In the end, things got so bad that some of the guests outside called the police, and Yin Shi hurriedly organized a safe retreat for everyone.
Fortunately, the gentlemen are not completely giddy, no one wants to get into trouble with the authorities.
Although they can play a little bit, but can not afford to be ashamed.
Although it was Gu Yingjie who started it, but to be honest Zhao Honghui really did not dare to do anything to him openly, and this also involves Qin Yufei, can’t make it too big.
So no one dares to do anything, it is important to disperse first.

Yin Shi clean up the aftermath, back home when it was already 5:00 am.
Yin Ting came out to go to the toilet and was shocked to see her brother with a face full of injuries and rushed to ask what had happened.
Yin Shi knows his sister’s relationship with Qin Yufei, and also thanked Qin Yufei has been a lot of care for his sister, even his family’s printing business, there are also a lot of Qin Yufei referrals.
That Zhao Honghui said is really too much, so he told Yin Ting about the matter, at the end said: “I can not stop what people say in my store, but you talk to Qin Yufei, that man is really not a good thing, it is better not to go out with him again.”

Yin Ting originally had a good feeling about Gu Yingjie, although she already gave up, but heard it was Gu Yingjie who fought and got quite concerned, and asked more questions.

The next day, Yin Ting called Qin Yufei and told her about the fight between Gu Yingjie and Zhao Honghui.
Qin Yufei did not comment on how lowly Zhao Honghui was, but asked more questions about Gu Yingjie’s injury.

    This topic Yin Ting likes very much, Gu Yingjie is simply the Prince Charming in her heart.
She said all the things she asked from Yin Shi.
” Gu Yingjie scolded him, said girlfriend should be properly loved ah, say bad things to friends about their girlfriends , is still a man or something, the surname Zhao angry enough.
Aiya, Gu Yingjie is really too awesome.”

Qin Yufei could imagine many pink heart-shaped bubbles poofing up around Yin Ting while listening to her tone on the phone.
” Xiao Ting ah, you still like Gu Yingjie a lot.”

“Of course, handsome, elegant and gentle man who does not like, but I just admire a little, I know it is impossible with him.
Yu Fei you must not make arrangements for me, I really understand.
Previously caused you to fight with him, I am really embarrassed it.He do not like me like this, can not be forced.
People do not like me like this, can not be forced.
I have a new target now, and I’ll bring it to you when I get him.”

“Bring him to me after you get him, are you afraid that I will scold him away ?”

Yin Ting laughed out loud, “You are really understanding, Yufei.”

” Ugh.
When you bring him here, remember to ask him to bring gifts, or I will scold him off when I am not satisfied.”

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Yin Ting laughed again, ” Okay, sure.
If he bullies me, I will rely on you to help me.”

    The two girls chatted for a few more minutes before hanging up the phone.

Qin Yufei was very distracted at work this day, and she struggled with whether to contact Gu Yingjie.
He helped her, stood up for her, fought for her, she should say thank you to him anyway.
But she made up her mind not to cross paths with him again.
She felt like she had been holding out for a long time, but in fact, when you do the math, it had only been less than four months since she returned from the United States.

    She wanted to give him a call, badly.

    With such a struggle, the productivity of the day is simply zero.
Qin Yufei stared at the document that was open all day but did not have several lines written, knowing that she had to work overtime at home tonight, she was puffed up, blaming Gu Yingjie.

Back home in the night, that document still did not have a few more lines in it.
Qin Yufei hesitated for a long time, finally could not hold back, she sent a text message to Gu Yingjie: “I heard that you were bravely injured.” This sentence is repeatedly reviewed, revised over and over again and sent.

    After clicking send, Qin Yufei was a little nervous, she threw her phone aside, somewhat hope Gu Yingjie ignore her, do not reply her.
But not long after, the phone rang, not a text message, but an incoming call.
Qin Yufei stared at the phone for a long time and finally picked it up.

“Gu Yingjie.”

    “Qin Yufei, who did you hear that from?”

“Someone said it anyway.”

 “So what?”

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“What do you mean so what?”

“I’m wounded, what do you have to say?”

“Thank you.”

“Didn’t you have to rush over to serve the wounded?” He joked.

” You think too much, I am a rich white girl who is pampered and ignorant, why would I serve someone.”

“I’m also a well-bred and very sophisticated handsome man, I’m very picky about serving, I can’t use you.”

“That’s great, I’m glad we are on the same page again.”

Gu Yingjie was again infuriated by her: “White rich girl  ah, you remember not to date scum again.”


    “Not kidding with you, really don’t go out with him again.
This kind of person is capable of doing anything, in case he give you a drug and want to rape you and blackmail, to whom will you cry then?”

“I’m not kidding, I’m not going to cry, I’m going to kick him in the balls make him useless to cry to anyone.”

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