se of his gentleness.
He reprimanded her while tolerating her, he saw through her unhappiness, he was considerate of her need to save face, he was so angry with her that he jumped to his feet but still offered to take her home when she was ill.
He holds her tenderly, his big palm over her eyes, making her feel safe – if she cries secretly, no one will see.

He was really a gentleman, but Qin Yufei also knew that the two of them were not suitable.
Gentleman means that he is like this with anyone, gentle and considerate to every girl, passionate Prince Charming, surrounded by a group of princesses and Cinderellas.
She doesn’t want that, she’s been hurt, she doesn’t trust men.
And he is simply the spokesperson for flirtatious and passionate.
Look at his attitude towards sex, that’s really casual.
And she was too problematic in her own way, she didn’t appeal to him, he had clearly said that.
So they’re impossible.
She sees the situation clearly and quickly backs off to build a fortress.

Qin Yufei threw the last piece of fried fish fillet into her mouth, now she has her life, and he has a girlfriend, we go our own way, do not bother each other, so it’s good.

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    Everyone is fine.

The following days, Qin Yufei and Gu Yingjie really did not cross paths again.
They did not send each other text messages, nor did they call each other, let alone seeing each other.

A month soon passed, Christmas was over, soon to be New Year’s Day.

Qin Wenyi has to go on a business trip for the New Year’s Day holiday, and Qin Yufei decided to accompany her mother abroad.
Married to a man who works too hard is really no fun, Qin Yufei’s heart goes out to her mother, her father is not at home, then she will take on the responsibility of accompanying her mother.

There’s another man who desperately loves to work at the end of this busy time and he’s very crazy, pressing the subordinates until they are out of breath.
Everyone worked overtime, now it is not easy to get off work, the result of taking the same elevator down, Qiu Zhengqing talk about work all the way, when walking to the door of the building, he also grabbed two colleagues to continue to discuss official business.
Qin Yufei was afraid of being caught by him, hurried to hide aside, while walking while sympathetically looking back at Qiu Zhengqing, the pleasure of life is like that, really miserable.

    “Qin Yufei.”

    Her gaze was resting on Qiu Zhengqing when she suddenly heard a familiar voice calling her.
Qin Yufei was startled and her whole body cells were alerted.
Turning her head to look, it was really Gu Yingjie who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Looking furious, Gu Yingjie took a few big steps to her, “Why don’t you behave?”

    What? Qin Yufei was confused and baffled.
What was the meaning of these groundless words?

    “I told you what kind of person he is, you should not go out with him again, what if something happens? You’re an adult, not a child, can’t you take some responsibility for yourself?” He was practically yelling.

“What person, Zhao Honghui?” Qin Yufei was angry with him, this person does not differentiate between red and white up, come up just to scold is really annoying.
“Gu Yingjie you understand clearly, you have no control over who I am dating!” Her voice was also loud.

Gu Yingjie glared at her, and she glared back.

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    “You ……” Gu Yingjie was angry enough with her to reach out and grab her.
Qin Yufei’s heart jumped, did not react, her hand was grabbed by him.

” Young Master Gu? Do you need something from us Yongkai?” 

A male voice interjected, it was Qiu Zhengqing, he came over.
He swept a glance at Gu Yingjie and Qin Yufei’s hands, did not move, calmly asked.

Gu Yingjie recognized Qiu Zhengqing, but he really didn’t bother to be polite with him now.
“Private matter.” He said.

    Qiu Zhengqing smiled, looked at Qin Yufei, and politely said, “Then we have to ask Miss Qin if it’s okay.”

Qin Yufei pursed her lips, knowing that the way she argued with Gu Yingjie just now had lured Qiu Zhengqing over, and he was making sure she was safe.
At this time her hand was squeezed hard by Gu Yingjie, she sucked in a breath of pain and glared at him, “Don’t squeeze me.”

    “Let’s go eat.” Gu Yingjie also noticed that it was really not wise to talk on the roadside, especially with this woman who could make people burn with a single word.

    “Want to invite Mr.
Qiu to go with us?” Qin Yufei winked intentionally.

    “Another time.” Gu Yingjie also spoke in an intimate tone intentionally, then he turned his head to look at Qiu Zhengqing: “Excuse me, Mr.
Qiu, I have some matters to discuss with Miss Qin alone, so I will invite Mr.
Qiu to dinner next time.
Goodbye, Mr.

Qiu Zhengqing didn’t respond, only looked at Qin Yufei, if she didn’t want to, he wouldn’t let Gu Yingjie take the person away.
Gu Yingjie squeezed Qin Yufei’s hand again, “Say goodbye to Mr.
Qiu.” Under his glare, Qin Yufei reluctantly said to Qiu Zhengqing, “Don’t worry, I’m fine, he won’t hurt me.

    Qiu Zhengqing nodded and watched Gu Yingjie pull Qin Yufei away.
Qin Yufei walked while hitting his arm complaining, “What’s with your tone, I’m not a child.
Don’t pull me, I can walk by myself.”

The two walked to the car on the side of the road, Gu Yingjie pulled open the door, the palm of his hand protected the top of Qin Yufei’s head , see her legs tucked properly, closed the door, and walked to the driver’s seat.
He pulled open the door and looked up to see Qiu Zhengqing still looking at them, he waved a greeting and got in.

    Soon the car started up, Qiu Zhengqing withdrew his gaze and walked away slowly.

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