, not sure whether to be happy or troubled.

Qin Yufei deliberately hid herself in a corner, not wanting to attract attention, especially from Gu Yingjie.
She also tried very hard not to look at Gu Yingjie, although he was even more handsome than she remembered.

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    But somehow, she saw him everywhere she went and turned around to see him again.
He was helping Huade’s female executive to get wine, that person Qin Yufei had seen but did not knew, she only noticed that it was this lady again.
She resented Gu Yingjie hard in her heart, what a model of a gentle and affectionate man who can’t be relied on.

    “Miss Qin.”

    Qin Yufei was staring at Gu Yingjie in disbelief when she suddenly heard someone call her from her side.
Qin Yufei was startled and turned her head to see that it was Gu Yinghui.

Gu Yinghui followed Qin Yufei’s line of sight and saw his brother, he turned his head to look at Qin Yufei again and smiled.

Qin Yufei instantly had the feeling of being caught red-handed and her face turned red.
“Uh, Mr.
Gu, hello.”

    “Hello.” Gu Yinghui was graceful and elegant, a bit like Gu Yingjie.
“Miss Qin has worked hard, the event was well organized.”

    “Many thanks, as it should be.” Qin Yufei was a little nervous, her brain was in a knot, unable to take her usual ability to cope with the situation, she was looking for an opportunity to retreat.

    “Miss Qin is in charge of corporate PR and marketing planning at Yongkai?”

 “Yes.” Qin Yufei tried to keep a smile on her face.

“Has Miss Qin visited our Huade as a guest?”

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    “Uh, haven’t had the chance.”

    “Then Miss Qin must come and sit down sometime, we have a new art gallery in Huade, I heard that Miss Qin is very interested in art, then you will definitely like it.”

Heard, where to hear so many heard.
She also heard that the Gu family boss is afraid of his wife.
Qin Yufei laughed: ” Sure, I like art galleries, be sure to tell me if there are any good exhibitions, I have to go to support the show.
Ah, there are reporters over there are leaving, I will go to see them off, Mr.
Gu please make yourself at home, if you have something, just order our staff.
Goodbye, Mr.

Qin Yufei ran fast, she just left when Gu Yingjie stood next to Gu Yinghui.

The two brothers watched together as Qin Yufei ran to the door to send the reporter, send and never came back and disappeared.

” Big brother, what did you and Qin Yufei talk about just now?”


“Then why is she blushing at you?”

    “You can still see her blush from so far away?” The brother’s face was innocent, “I didn’t even notice.”

Not paying attention? Gu Yingjie glared at his brother, Qin Yufei like that, how could he not have noticed? But Gu Yinghui ignored him and turned to leave.

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After the event the two company executives and Mingde’s main staff had a dinner banquet, Qin Yufei did not attend, she ran away early.
She was never the right person for her father’s business anyway, and she thought she had no influence whether she was there or not, because she had done the work she needed to do.
She greeted Qin Wenyi, who was a little unhappy but let her go.

Qin Yufei subconsciously turned back to look again when she left the venue, and this glance saw Gu Yingjie who was talking with Xu Wenzheng.

  Gu Yingjie seemed to be aware of her gaze and happened to look over.
When the two eyes met, Qin Yufei hurriedly turned her head away.
In fact, she found that he also saw her several times during the event, but he did not come over to talk to her, she thought he probably also think that the time they almost kissed is really awkward.

    That’s good, at least they have a tacit agreement on the matter.

    Keep your distance and be safe.

Gu Yingjie watched Qin Yufei run away, his heart really some irritation.
He actually wanted to find some opportunity to talk to her, but every time she was out of the blue.
Just now, he was thinking that there is no way to have a lot of socializing at the event, so he should have a chance to talk when he goes to dinner later.
But she sneaked away, it is clear that she does want to ignore him.
Ignore, then ignore, what he care about? He was almost rude to her last time when he lost his temper, but that was a long time ago.
Is she going to hold a grudge for that long?

Okay, it was actually his fault, she was afraid he would pester him and he tried to kiss her while stating it was impossible, that did make it completely untrustworthy.
He couldn’t explain it either, he did lose his temper, maybe he had a too long gap period.

When Gu Yingjie thought about it, he suddenly realized that he had no girlfriend for most of the year, counting the time when he tried to chase Mi Xi and the time before the gap, oops, actually no girlfriend for a year.
So he must be empty and feeling lonely.

    Well, in her eyes he was so frivolous and unreliable, he really should stay away from her.
She has been hurt and sensitive, she deserves better treatment.

Can not see, then just don’t see, if this can make her feel at ease.

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