chapter 15

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Gu Yingjie carried Qin Yufei out of the place, just put her down on the ground and she was about to rush towards the store again, angry and unforgiving.

Gu Yingjie forcefully hold her waist to stop her, and was bitten by her.
He was in pain, but did not let go.
Seeing a cab passing he hurriedly waved, shoved Qin Yufei into the car and squeezed himself on, reported an address to the driver and asked him to drive quickly.

    Qin Yufei puffed up, but saw the cab driver’s probing eyes, she also held back her temper, pursed her lips not to speak, cursing hard in the heart.

Gu Yingjie took a closer look at her and asked, “Is there any injury somewhere?”

Qin Yufei turned her head away from him.

Gu Yingjie looked at her again, didn’t see any injuries, slightly relieved.
This time his phone rang, it was Xu Yanchang.
He picked up, Xu Yanchang said Qin Yufei’s friend came looking for her, her bag is still in there.
Gu Yingjie looked at Qin Yufei and asked her, Qin Yufei pursed her lips and said, “Let Xiao Ting hold it for me, I’ll ask her for it later.” She paused, ” Don’t want the shoes, stepped on stinky bugs, throw them away.”

    Gu Yingjie said as she said, hung up the phone, the two did not speak again, silence all the way.
The car soon arrived at the address Gu Yingjie said.
It was a luxury neighborhood, a house that Gu Yingjie bought himself and he lived here.

Gu Yingjie paid the fare and led Qin Yufei out of the car.
Qin Yufei was angry and could not walk fast, and her bare feet were painfully rubbed by the ground.

Gu Yingjie looked back at her, “Do you want me to take you on my back?”

“Why didn’t you say hug me and walk?”

“Do you want me to hug you and walk?” Gu Yingjie obediently changed his words.

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“No.” Qin Yufei lifted her head and puffed out her chest and took a big step.
Gu Yingjie helplessly follow, anyway, the pain is not on him.

Going up the building and leading Qin Yufei into the house, Gu Yingjie pushed her to the bathroom, gave her hot water to soak her feet and took a pair of indoor slippers for her to wear.
Then she came out and sat on the sofa, he squatted down and picked up her feet and looked at them, some places were worn out, he found ointment to rub for her.

    Qin Yufei never said a word, nor did she cry out in pain.
After taking care of her feet, Gu Yingjie sat on the carpet and looked at her: “Still angry? Don’t be angry, it’s not worth it for that kind of person.”

“Which kind of people?” Qin Yufei was still very angry, “None of you men are good, either cheating or having a one-night stand, or bragging and slandering and insulting women.”

    Gu Yingjie is speechless.
Why should he be involved? It’s not like he’s always having one-night stands, that was really an accident.

Qin Yufei stared at him, seeing his innocent face made her even more angry.
She jumped up violently and walked around.
“Why did you stop me, I didn’t even beat him up enough.”

    Gu Yingjie didn’t say anything, his gaze following her around.
When she first told him she found her ex-boyfriend in bed with her best friend, she beat them up, fought them off, and smashed up his house.
After today, Gu Yingjie believed she wasn’t bragging, she was really totally capable of doing it.

“You men are all bastard.”

    Gu Yingjie continued to be speechless.

    Qin Yufei walked around twice, sat down, and held her foot to look at it.
“It hurts!”

    “It’s already been rubbed with medicine, bear with it, it’s just a small abrasion.” Gu Yingjie sighed, got up and also sat on the sofa.
The bastard who was knocked to the ground in the club hasn’t had a chance to shout about the pain, not sure how it is now.

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Qin Yufei pouted like a child sitting with her feet crossed, completely disregarding her manners.
She lowered her head and did not know what she was thinking.
Gu Yingjie did not know what to say, only to sit with her.
After a while she suddenly said, “I’m thirsty.”

Gu Yingjie got up and went to pour her a glass of water.
Qin Yufei took it, drank two sips and then stopped drinking, holding the cup and dazed.

    Gu Yingjie looked at her and reached out to take the cup away, “Be careful of spills.”

    “I just went to dinner with him a few times and received a few bouquets of flowers and gifts from him.” Qin Yufei let him take away the cup and suddenly said.
She had never been in love with Zhao Honghui, she had never even held hands with him, let alone slept with him.
Thinking about this made her angry, how could someone be so cheap, she was really very, very angry.

    “En,” Gu Yingjie put the cup away and showed that he understood.

As a result, Qin Yufei glared at him.

Gu Yingjie is baffled, what glare, it is not him bullying her.

    His innocent look made Qin Yufei even more angry, picking up the cushion on the sofa and throwing it at him.

    “Hey.” Gu Yingjie helplessly caught the cushion and put it aside.
How can there be such a strange woman, heartbreaking when she is fierce and infuriating when she is sweet.
He was displeased and gave her a glare back.

    Qin Yufei reached out and took another cushion, Gu Yingjie thought he was going to throw him again, but she ended up holding it in her arms, her chin resting on it, looking vulnerable and pitiful.
Gu Yingjie’s heart softened and cleared his throat: ” It’ s okay, don’t take it to heart.” Not knowing how to comfort, so anxious that his mouth become stupid.
Usually not so stupid ah.

Qin Yufei suddenly ” huffed ” sucked in a breath.
“What’s wrong?” Gu Yingjie asked her.

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    Qin Yufei looked down and handed her finger to Gu Yingjie, “The nail is broken.” She frowned with a heartbroken face.

    Beating people until their nails are broken? Do not care about the man who was beaten half-dead, nor care that she had no bag, no money, no phone and no shoes to wear, but was distressed that her nails were broken?

    Gu Yingjie tried to hold back, but couldn’t.
He first grinned, then laughed, and then burst into laughter.

Qin Yufei got angry and swung the cushion to smack him.
The cushion is soft and it doesn’t hurt at all.
Gu Yingjie saw her furious look laughing even more, and do not know whether he is falling down because of laughing or being knocked down, Qin Yufei riding on his body smacking  the cushions.

“All right, all right, don’t be so violent.” He pulled away the cushion and threw it aside to stop her from continuing her murderous act.
She pouted and questioned him, “What’s funny?”

He wanted to laugh again.
“I don’t know.”

    She glared at him hard, “Obviously I’m so miserable.”

    “Yeah, you’re miserable.” He echoed.

She was even angrier, there was not even half of sincerity here. 

“Hey!” She poked him in the chest and he laughed and grabbed her fingers.
Her nail was really broken, a tiny bruise on her pink tender finger.
He lowered his eyes and looked at it, naturally rubbing her fingertip gently.
Raising his eyes again, he saw that she was looking at him.

 He stopped smiling, couldn’t laugh anymore.
Her cheeks were pink, her eyes bright, her long hair hanging down and falling on his body.
She sat on him while his mind was filled with images of her, the sneaky way she peeked at him but ran away, the brazen way she waved her palm and slapped Zhao Honghui hard, the way she raised her skirt and smiled sweetly while dancing.

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    Gu Yingjie raised his hand up, gripped the back of her neck, and pressed her head down.
He lifted his upper body to kissed her.

    Qin Yufei froze and subconsciously hugged his neck, parting her lips.
He pushed in and deepened the kiss.

  He sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist as he sucked in her tongue and tangled with her.
She responded to him passionately, she licked her way to his upper jaw, he let out a low moan from his throat and squeezed the skin on the back of her neck, returning her deeper intimacy.

    It was an overly passionate and lingering kiss that left both of them panting and their cheeks burning.
The kiss was over, and the two lips parted, their eyes locked, and they stared at each other.
Qin Yufei was like a demon sinking into his deep eyes, she was breathing heavily, her mind was blank.
Something hard under her hip pressed against her, awakening some memory deep inside her.

    Qin Yufei jumped up and pushed Gu Yingjie away.

Gu Yingjie’s head hit the arm of the sofa, while crying out in pain, he watched Qin Yufei jumped off the ground and ran, ran two steps and back to put on his slippers and continued to run, like running for her life.
Then the sound of the door being opened, followed by a huge “ping” sound, the sound of the door being slammed shut.

Gu Yingjie fell on the sofa, regret and remorse, he actually possessed by what kind of evil.

Then he remembered, jumped up, without change his shoes, wearing slippers to run out of the house, the elevator is already going down, didn’t catch up.
He slipped on the slippers and ran wildly down the stairwell, almost falling several times.
He was in a hurry, but he still couldn’t catch up.
When the elevator was empty on the first floor, Gu Yingjie ran out of the building and chased through the community garden to the entrance of the community, but after looking around, there was no Qin Yufei’s figure.

This woman, this woman, angry at whom.
Know to turn back to wear slippers, but don’t know that she have no money and no phone? Back to wear slippers and then grab his wallet is okay, he will certainly give it.

Really pissed off, really pissed off.

    Now what?  Wonder if she can get home safely.
Gu Yingjie turn around twice at the entrance of the neighborhood, to confirm that the woman really ran away, then resentfully go home.
When he entered the house, he saw the mess on the living room, the cushions were thrown everywhere, he remembered Qin Yufei’s appearance when she ran away but remembered to turn around and wear slippers, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

She wore a pretty fashionable mini dress, but was wearing men’s home slippers running around the street.
The more he thinks about it, the funnier it is, while laughing and scolding her in his heart, she better know to give him a safe report, or else he will not let her go.

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