“It’s not enough.” Qin Yufei’s voice got a little choked up, the way he sneered at her made her heart feel bad.
But she still had to finish her sentence.
“Gu Yingjie, let’s delete each other’s phone numbers from our phones, so that we really won’t be in touch anymore.”

So cruel? Gu Yingjie glared at her.

Qin Yufei was glared by him and her eyes slowly turned red.
“Let’s delete it, okay?”

Her tone was soft, her look was pitiful, and she was different from her arrogant and domineering look just now.
This was the first time she faced him with such a low profile, as if she was begging him.

    Gu Yingjie did not say anything and was still glaring at her.

    “I… I’ll delete mine first.” Qin Yufei took out her own phone, pulled up his number in front of him, stared down at the number for a second, and then, tapped delete.

    His name and number disappeared.

    Qin Yufei’s heart ached for a moment, she thought it would be a simple matter.
It was indeed easy, just pressing a button, a super simple action.
But when it came to pressing it, she found it a little tough.
Fortunately, she accomplished it.

Qin Yufei stared at the phone screen and suddenly thought that there were still two text messages lying inside the draft text message box in her phone that had not been sent.

    “Gu Yingjie you took too much to eat my stomach hurts.” “Gu Yingjie I have a stomachache.”

Qin Yufei don’t know why, tears suddenly fell down.

    Gu Yingjie was dumbfounded, actually cried?!

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    “It’s really bad for you to be like this.” Gu Yingjie drew a tissue to wipe her tears, she looked away and drew a tissue herself.

    Gu Yingjie withdrew his hand, not wanting to grant her this unreasonable request, not at all.
Such a naive and boring request, childish and ridiculous, thought it was a child hosting a family dinner? What is this, a meal to set a number deletion ceremony,  the breakup education?

But she lifted her eyes to look at him, her eyes were red, her nose was red, and her eyes contained tears.

    She actually cried in front of him for this!

    He took out his cell phone and slapped it in front of her with a heavy “pop”: “Delete it yourself!”

Qin Yufei took the phone, wiped away tears, really began to look up the number, really deleted it.
After deleting, silently put the phone gently in front of him.

    “Satisfied?” He asked her.

    She nodded her head and sniffed her nose.

  “Bye!” He got up, took the phone and left.
Just no more texting and calling her, just no more contacting and no more meeting, who’s care? He is so womanizing, he has a bunch and a bunch of girlfriends, will he lack a girlfriend?

Gu Yingjie  self-mocking while striding out.

    Out of the restaurant door, he turned back, through the floor to ceiling glass to meet the eyes of Qin Yufei.
Just now it was in this position, he also looked at her like this, he felt affection for her, and now, still in this position, he can only see her one last time?!

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    All the things related to her all flashed in his mind this second.
They quarreled, he did not like her, she lost her temper, they drank a lot and talked a lot, then accidentally got into bed, she took him to see the starlight, she told him her story, someone asked her to dance, she smiled at him proudly.
She avoided him, gave him an attitude, she dropped her plate and hid behind him, she said Gu Yingjie I want to eat ketchup ……

  “Gu Yingjie, I think I like you a lot.”

    Like him, so it can’t be him, her boyfriend can’t be him, her husband can’t be him, her child’s father can’t be him because she’s afraid to fall in love!


    Gu Yingjie looked at Qin Yufei and saw the look in her eyes, yes, she looked at him with such eyes.
She was right, she did like him, she liked him very, very much.

Gu Yingjie snapped back and walked into the restaurant again, walking up to Qin Yufei.

    Qin Yufei was surprised that he had returned, she was at a loss for words and tilted her neck to stare at him blankly.

He leaned down, nose to nose with her, and said viciously, “Qin Yufei, this time I’ll do as you say.
However, the next time we meet again, if you still love me and still look at me with such eyes, then you must be my girlfriend!!!”

Whatever her reason, screw her fear of falling in love, screw the womanizer.
If you like each other, you have to be together! It’s natural and righteous! It’s the right thing to do! Everything else is shit!

    After he finished, without waiting for her reaction, he turned around and walked away.

    This time, without looking back, he walked out of the restaurant, walked to the parking lot, unlocked the car and left.

    He gave her a chance, just this once.

    Qin Yufei sat frozen in the restaurant, completely dumbfounded.

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