So Qin Yufei feelings of complicated pain he can understand, she revisited the old place and tried to let go of the past and erase the wounds he also felt very normal, at that time she only had him around, so she told him the story.

    It was a very subtle psychological contradiction, she trusted him not to go around saying, but also attempted to push him far away.
Exposing the most unpleasant side of herself to him, not hiding anything at all, as if to say: Hey, Gu Yingjie, this is me, you must not like me.

    “He’s not traveling with Qin Yufei, he’s clearly chasing after his kung fu girl.
But by the way, James, you didn’t catch up with Mi Xi in the end? It looks like the gap period is going to break the record this time.” Gu Yingjie’s best friend Xu Yanchang teased him.

    Gu Yingjie laughed, “Yeah, I didn’t catch up.” Mi Xi is a very cute and beautiful little girl, is the type of Gu Yingjie never met before, so he chased her for a while, but unfortunately there has been no call, and there is even miscommunication feeling.
 In addition, Gu Yingjie noticed that Mi Xi heart belongs to another person, so he also gave up.
There are many cute and beautiful girls, there is no need to be obsessed.
He has always been open-minded about this matter of feelings, never forced.

There was some commotion in the doorway when they talked, Gu Yingjie and several other gentlemen looked over at the sound, and it was really ‘speak of the devil, devil arrived’.
The three girls who just entered the door, one of them is Qin Yufei.
She was wearing a silver and white dress, showing off her white and delicate shoulders and long, beautiful legs, wearing a very thin necklace on her slender neck, and the sparkling diamonds on the pendant were very eye-catching.
Hair pulled up, tied by diamond chain, glittery on the black hair, very beautiful.

Qin Yufei smiled coquettishly, carefree.
Gu Yingjie lowered his eyes, looked at the wine glass, and very deliberately did not look at her.
Someone next to him elbowed him again, “Hey, Qin Yufei will actually come.
James, do you know her well, she actually ……”

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Gu Yingjie subconsciously looked up by this bump, and met Qin Yufei’s gaze looking this way, the two eyes met, Gu Yingjie did not turn his head, he looked straight at her.
The voices around him wanting to discuss Qin Yufei died down, everyone was very guilty and busy about theirselves, who should refill the wine, who should find food, who should find someone to dance with.

    What the hell? Gu Yingjie’s face blackened.
It is afraid that the woman does not know that you are gossiping about her?

Qin Yufei raised her eyebrows and watched the group of gentlemen disperse, then she looked at Gu Yingjie, raising her eyebrows and turning her head to ignore him again.

If don’t care, then don’t care, who cares about it? Gu Yingjie turned around and put the empty cup on a waiter’s plate, taking another glass of wine with his hand.
An uncle and elder came to greet him: “Yingjie, long time no see, how is your father doing?”

 Gu Yingjie’s father is the chairman of the Huade Group Chairman Gu Wenguang, the Huade Group has hotels, restaurants, resorts, property development and many other companies and businesses, Gu Yingjie is the youngest in the family, there is a brother and a sister above, the older brother and sister are much older than him, so Gu Yingjie since childhood is highly favored, the family requirements for him is also much more lenient than the older brother and sister.
After he returned from his overseas studies, he worked in the family business, his position was not too high or too low, his work was not too busy or too idle, no one asked him to take the lead, and no one belittled his role, he thought this was good, he had work to train himself, but also had time to enjoy life, he was satisfied with his current situation.

    Gu Yingjie finished socializing with that uncle and elder, and was invited by a beautiful woman to dance on the floor.
After politely declining another dance, he stood on the side of the floor chatting with his friend, who was called away afterwards, and he was a bit bored.
At this time he saw Qin Yufei again, she was taking something to eat from the table.
The plate contains some French fries, fried squid rings, fried fish sticks and other snacks, and she is holding the plate and looking at the long table.

The corners of Gu Yingjie’s mouth twitched, wanted to laugh a little, he knew what she was looking for, but he did not want to care about her.
A few seconds later, he couldn’t help but turn back, and she was still there looking seriously.
Gu Yingjie sighed in his heart, he really did not want to care about her, really.

    He took a few steps and called a waiter to bring some ketchup to the counter, and the waiter agreed.

Soon, a bowl of ketchup was placed on the counter, and Gu Yingjie saw Qin Yufei’s eyes light up as she scooped two large spoonfuls onto her plate.
Gu Yingjie found himself smiling, then found himself heading over to the dining table, then again, he was already standing next to Qin Yufei.

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