Qin does not have to say anything, I will go and have a chat with CEO Qin and talk to him about Manager Qin’s situation, so that CEO Qin can come and communicate with Manager Qin.”

Qin Yufei froze for a moment, and almost jump up: “This kind of drama that I have something to tell your father, is something that only a kindergarten students do, right?”

    “Is that so?” Qiu Zhengqing did not think so.
“I think this trick is applicable to any age group as long as the means are effective.” He looked at Qin Yufei, and added: ” Actually, the use of this trick is not limited to age, but the one who tricked usually is not a child.”

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Qin Yufei deep in thought, she is not afraid of Qiu Zhengqing complain to her father, but to coax her father is more troublesome, she is really not in the mood for coaxing recently.
She thought about it, this week Gu Yingjie is quite peaceful, there is no sign of bothering her, perhaps she is overly concerned.
He said that to tease her, and she was the only one foolish enough to take it to heart.
She really shouldn’t have messed up her life for this.
It’s very tiring to always be aware of the time when you’re “mysteriously” like this.

” Mr.
Qiu, we are all adults, let’s solve it in an adult way.”

“Adults are on time to work, work seriously, and set a good example.” Qiu Zhengqing replied fluently, without pretending.

Qin Yufei crumpled her face to him.

    “Has Manager Qin thought about what to do with it?” Qiu Zhengqing asked.
In fact, he is really quite concerned about her condition, of course he would prefer her to have no trouble at all and return to normal.

Qin Yufei gritted her teeth, “Mr.
Qiu, actually I don’t have any problem, I just don’t have a normal work and rest routine these days, so I can’t get adjusted to the time.
I have just checked, next week I will work at normal hours.”

    “Nine o’clock?” Qiu Zhengqing did not ease up at all.
Missy’s normal time wasn’t quite the same as their average person, he had to make sure in advance.

    “Yes, nine o’clock.” Qin Yufei subconsciously backed off, her mood was really bad, there was completely no spirit of resistance to struggle.

  Qiu Zhengqing stared at her for a long time and finally let her go back.

    Qin Yufei returned to the office, the more she thought about it, the more she held her breath, blaming Gu Yingjie.
It’s all his fault, it’s all his fault!

    If she was afraid of him, she wouldn’t be Qin Yufei!

    As a result, the next day Gu Yingjie really came.

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    Qin Yufei was discussing work with Robert in the office when she received the news.
The secretary knocked on the door and said that Qiu Zhengqing asked her to go over and have a meeting with the partner company.

 Qin Yufei didn’t think much about it and said to Robert, “That’s it for now, I’ll go to the meeting first and we’ll talk when I get back.” As she snapped on her laptop and prepared to go over, she asked her secretary, “Who are they?” She wanted to know what was going to be discussed so she could prepare in advance.

    The secretary replied, “Mr.
Xu is also here, and the manufacturer that came seems to be Mingde.”

    Qin Yufei suddenly stiffened, Mingde = Huade = Gu Yingjie.
After Yongkai and Huade joint stock of Mingde, Gu Yingjie that guy was promoted as vice president in Huade, in charge of Mingde business.
At that time she heard the news also happy for him.
But later, when she was angry with him, she thought, what are you happy about, he is the third son of Huade, promoted or not, it makes no difference at all.

Now not long after he said the harsh words, Mingde came to talk to their Yongkai’s marketing department about what business? It’s too suspicious, obviously their counterpart is the product department.

    Qin Yufei put the computer down, her mind whirling.
She couldn’t go.
What if Gu Yingjie is there? Wouldn’t she be a sheep in a tiger’s mouth if she went over there? No, that’s not the right way to describe it.
It wasn’t that she was afraid of him, it was just that she wasn’t ready yet and it wasn’t a good time to meet with him.
And the last time he left he was very angry and made harsh remarks, in case he said something he shouldn’t say in front of her colleagues, that was definitely not something she would like to see.

No, it was better not to go.
She was not confident that she could control her facial expressions perfectly now, and she didn’t want to lose face in front of him, let alone in front of her colleagues.

  Qin Yufei thought about it and said to Robert, “It’s better for you to go over there! Just say that I am not here, so you attend for me and see what work is needed for our department.”

    Robert and the secretary both looked at Qin Yufei warily.
Not here? How dare you tell such a lie to Mr.
Qiu, what if Mr.
Qiu comes over and uncovers the truth?

Qin Yufei waved her hand: “Close the office door, say you didn’t know I was out! When you knock on the door, you find out I’m not here.”

The secretary’s face collapsed, that would look how stupid and negligent she is as a secretary ah.
But Qin Yufei has already made a decision, they are subordinates can’ t do anything about it.
So Robert took his laptop and went to the conference room, before leaving Qin Yufei also told him to be on the line in the conference room, to inform the situation at the meeting.
“Let’s see if that vendor is trying to nitpick us.” Qin Yufei said so.

Robert goes.
There is the feeling of being kicked into battle and sent to death by the boss.

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