It was nearly seven o’clock when the yacht arrived at the downtown pier.
Gu Yingjie drove Qin Yufei around the street, and saw a twenty-four-hour pharmacy, Qin Yufei asked him to buy medicine.
He went and returned with a bottle of mineral water.

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Qin Yufei sat in the car to take the medicine.
Gu Yingjie watched and feeling very bad.
He did not take good care of her.
Her originally period is not good, and eating these drugs was bad for the body.

    He went over and kissed her: “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it next time.”

    “Who’s with you next time.” Her face was hot and fierce, and she poured herself a few mouthfuls of water.

Gu Yingjie smiled and touched her face, she was so cute when she blushed.
” Next where do you want to go?”

 “Go home.”

” There are two more days off.”

” So?”

    “We just started dating, how can I possibly let you go home.”

    “Bandits, huh?” She squinted at him, “Then knock me out and drag me back to your house.”

    “Sure.” He started the car and drove up.

    Qin Yufei looked out the car window and was very uneasy.
“Gu Yingjie.”

    “Hmm?” His voice was warm and nice, dragging out the end of his voice gently.
Qin Yufei turned her head to look at him, her mouth moved, wanting to say something but holding back.

    “What’s wrong?” Gu Yingjie glanced at her.

Qin Yufei shifted in her seat and stared out the window.
Wondered what there was to see outside the window.
“I tell you oh, if I fall in love, I will be very clingy, a very annoying kind of clingy.
Want to know what my boyfriend is doing, who he’s seeing, see him every day.”

    “Hmm.” Gu Yingjie nodded, “So I should report my whereabouts to you every two hours and then send myself to you every night, right?”

    Qin Yufei didn’t say anything, and after a while suddenly said, “I want to take a nap.”

” Okay.” Gu Yingjie is not in a hurry, anyway, the relationship is established.
They can slowly adapt to each other.
He is not afraid of the clinging but is worried that she is hiding and cannot let go of her heart.
He pulled over and reached out to adjust her seat lower so that she could lie more comfortably.

” Can’t be too low, not safe.
I drive a little slower, go to sleep, I’ll call you when we arrive.”

   To where? Qin Yufei didn’t want to ask.
She closed her eyes.
Feeling the car driving again, the car has a faint fragrance, she was dazed, half asleep, half awake, and heard Gu Yingjie answer three phone calls.
It seems that they were all from friends who were playing on the island.
One of the calls was perhaps a girl, although the tone of Gu Yingjie’s speech did not change, and the conversation was the same, saying that he had to leave beforehand and let everyone have a good time.
But Qin Yufei is sensitive to detect that call is a girl.

    So annoying ah.
She frowned and moved.

    “What’s wrong? Sleeping on the chair is not comfortable, are you very sleepy?” Gu Yingjie saw her movement and asked her.

    Qin Yufei turned to look at him: “What if I’m very sleepy and want to sleep comfortably?”

    “Find a hotel and get a room for you to sleep.
What else can be done?” Gu Yingjie looked at the road ahead and asked her, “Do you want to sleep?, If you want to sleep I will find a hotel.”

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    “No.” Qin Yufei inexplicably blushed, as if the two of them together always sleep sleep sleep.
“What a vulgar relationship ah.” She said.

“What?” Gu Yingjie did not understand.

Qin Yufei pursed her lips, don’t want to answer this question, and pretended to turn her head and go back to sleep.

    After a while, Gu Yingjie himself reacted and blew up.
“Who is vulgar with you ah!” Damn, this young master is so seriously in love! He reached out to pinch her earlobe, this woman, makes people angry!

Qin Yufei was pained by his pinch, shrink.
He tickle the skin of her neck behind her ear, she laughed and slapped his hand away, “Drive well!” She sat up and stroked her hair, “I’m young and beautiful, rich and wealthy (有财), and I don’t want to die yet.”

“Is the wealth (财) you’re talking about money as in property (财产)?” He didn’t think she would use the word “talented (有才)” to describe herself.

T/N = same pronounciation, different meaning. 有财 = Yǒu cái, 有才 =Yǒu cái

 “Yeah, it means double rich.” Qin Yufei doesn’t feel embarrassed at all.

    Gu Yingjie laughed out loud, such a stinky Qin Yufei, so cute.
“How vulgar.” He deliberately spat on her, “That’s what’s vulgar.”

    “I’m happy.” Qin Yufei raised her chin, then began to complain, “It’s all your fault, I could have had a good time for a few days, but I ended up coming back with nothing, and I don’t know what I can do in the next two days, annoying.”

” Then what do you want to do now?”

    “I’m in a bad mood and I want to shop.” She said casually.

    “Then take you to the mall.” It won’t be long before they arrive in A City.

  “Tsk, I’m tired of shopping, it’s no fun.” She intentionally picked at it.

    Gu Yingjie raised his eyebrows and stopped talking.
The car kept driving, and after driving for a good half-day, Qin Yufei found that he had driven the car to the airport.

    “Let’s go.” Gu Yingjie parked in the parking lot, hail Qin Yufei, ” No preparation, and the time is too short, you can’t go abroad, let’ s go see the flight schedule, pick a place at random, pick the one you have not been to, and you will not get bored.”

Qin Yufei’s eyes lit up, fly to go shopping? It seems like a lot of fun.
She was excited to get out of the car, waved her hand, and let Gu Yingjie carry her bag, then she led the way in.

After looking at the airline ticket office for a while, pulling Gu Yingjie’s sleeves: “Gu Yingjie, this flight time is just right, let’s go shopping here first, then watch a movie here in the evening, and then fly here tomorrow to have a meal, what do you think?”

    Gu Yingjie’s face blackened, he only proposed to go out of town to have a good time, okay? Does she treat the plane as a cab? “Honey, this is a little perverted.”

The pervert gave him a glance, ignored him, took out her credit card and ID card to buy tickets, and told him, “You buy your own.”

Gu Yingjie is unhappy, threw her card aside, and bought two tickets with his card.

“Buy the flight back tickets together, save yourself the trouble.” Qin Yufei commented.

“I don’t mind the trouble.” Gu Yingjie took the tickets, picked up the luggage and her, and walked away.

After getting the boarding pass and going through the security check it was almost time to board the plane, the time was just right.
Getting on the plane, Qin Yufei was a little excited: “Gu Yingjie, what’s so interesting there?”

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    “I don’t know.” The place was chosen by her.

“I’ve never just bought a ticket with my eyes closed and leave, it’s so interesting.” She looked out the window, in a mood like she was on her first plane ride.
Turning back, she smiled at Gu Yingjie.

    Her smile was so bright and sweet that he wanted to grab her over for a kiss.

    “It’s quite strange, I don’t know why I’m happy, I just feel happy.” She smiled and laughed, making Gu Yingjie happy too.

 There was nothing special about the flight, and soon after takeoff, both people fell asleep.
Yesterday, the two of them didn’t rest much all day, and now they are head to head and shoulder to shoulder, and soon they feel sleepy.
When he woke up, the airplane radio said it was ready to arrive at the destination, Qin Yufei took out the makeup and small mirror, tidied herself up, and also gave Gu Yingjie a comb.

Gu Yingjie is simply delighted, it’s really bad, just a small action, Qin Yufei casually helps him comb two times and then puts the comb away, seems not even bothered, but he has a kind of own very favored feeling.
He could not help but move his head over and peck her lips.
As a result, she glared at him.

    In public, what do you want?

    She stared at him and made him laugh.

So happy, don’t know what makes you happy, just feel very happy.

After leaving the airport and calling a cab, Qin Yufei opened her mouth and told the driver to go to the best and biggest mall here, only to be glared at by Gu Yingjie: “Go to the hotel first, put your luggage down, wash your face and take a break to eat something, are you a child?”

    Qin Yufei pouted, he dared to glare at her, ate a leopard’s guts! “Go to the best hotel.” She lifted her chin to change her tone.

“Go to Huade.” Gu Yingjie gave instructions.
Qin Yufei squints at him, it is amazing to own a hotel oh.

    “Huade is good!” The brother driver is unfamiliar but very generous.
“Among our five-star hotels here, Huade is the best, there was a new one opened last month, the decoration, it’s incredible.
I just look at it from the outside and think it’s too luxurious.”

“It must be too few hotels here.” Qin Yufei whispered to Gu Yingjie, no matter what she need to drag Huade.
That disgusted and prickly expression, make Gu Yingjie laugh.

When booking the room at the hotel, Gu Yingjie just wanted a superior executive suite, Qin Yufei did not object, even if she was pretentious, she didn’t intend to pretend in this matter with him.
After entering the room, she brushed her teeth and washed her face while Gu Yingjie went in to take a shower.
While waiting for him, she sat on the sofa watching TV.

She did not pay attention to what was playing on the TV, but only heard the sound of Gu Yingjie’s water clattering in the bathroom shower, he whistled and sang loudly from time to time.

    What a big fool.
Gu Yingjie is a big fool.
Qin Yufei thought so.

The man who was singing loudly came out and gave her a hard smooch on the face.
” Is the TV so good?”

    “Not bad.”

Gu Yingjie looked twice at the TV, not knowing what the point of the show was, but he didn’t mind at all, as long as Qin Yufei liked to watch.
He went to find a hair dryer to blow dry his hair, while blowing it, he asked her, “Do you want to take a nap first or just go out.”

    “Go out.” She didn’t even think about it.

    “Good.” Gu Yingjie agreed.
The look of frankness and no evil thoughts made Qin Yufei’s heart weak, alas, it is true that she thought too much and was not yet in a state of love.

    “Gu Yingjie, I tell you oh, I’m very good at shopping, can you keep up? How about you catch up on your sleep here, I’ll go by myself.” She went shopping by herself, without turning her head to see him should be more relaxed, right?

    Gu Yingjie turned off the hair dryer and thought he heard wrong, “What did you say?”

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There is some fierce in his face.
Qin Yufei weakened, “Nothing, as long as you are not tired.”

Gu Yingjie was unhappy: “How good can you be at shopping, I am a grown man, can’t beat you? Miss Qin Yufei, please recognize the situation at hand.” The status has been decided, no returns.

“Recognize, recognize, there should be a bag carrier, I did not think about it.” Qin Yufei nodded her head very sincerely.

    “……” This woman, this woman, really angry.
“I am also very good at shopping, you do not have to worry about me at all.” Anyway, men can’t show weakness.

“Don’t tell me that was practiced by accompanying your N girlfriend, my heart sore.” Qin Yufei pretended to have a sad face.

A large towel flew over to cover her head, Gu Yingjie don’t even want to answer the words, this conscienceless woman was the one who was angry with him, he was the sore one.

Gu Yingjie and Qin Yufei had dinner and went shopping.
After eating a big meal, legs, and feet strong, Gu Yingjie is full of confidence.
But he underestimated the woman’s shopping skills.

Qin Yufei from this mall to that mall, from street to street, the battle is exhausting.
Hands-on the large and small shopping bags were almost unable to carry, the one carry is of course Gu Yingjie.
Miss Qin empty-handed walks like flying, Young Master Gu is the standard bag carrier in the back.
Young Master Gu is a little unhappy, but this unhappiness is not all for the bag carrier this thing, but Miss Qin refused to let him pay, she swiped her card.

At first, Gu Yingjie took the initiative to pay for Qin Yufei, but Qin Yufei said: “Why do you have more money than? Then go back and let your accountant fight with my accountant ah!”

    Listen, what are these words.
Gu Yingjie was choked to the point of having nothing to say.
In his opinion, she did not allow him to pay is to draw a line and keep a distance.
The food and lodging are already badly divided, but shopping and buying things she likes is a very personal matter.
A private matter, she refused his entry into the boundary.
Of course, he will be unhappy about this.

Qin Yufei shopping while secretly observing Gu Yingjie all the way, in fact, these things she didn’t have to buy, but Gu Yingjie is very calm, not complaining a little bit and not stopped, making her can’t stop buying, not buying is to admit defeat!

    “Are you tired?” After shopping for a while, Gu Yingjie finally asked her.

    “No, I’m not tired.” Qin Yufei pretended to be excited, now he knows to find her as a girlfriend was all kinds of trouble, right.
She also did not intentionally want to behave badly, but she always felt that she had to reveal her true face to him first, so that he was mentally prepared and find her boring for only after a long time later.

There are bad thoughts that you can understand before you get too deep into your feelings, and it won’t hurt too much.

    Qin Yufei quietly looked at Gu Yingjie but saw him walking to a shoe store next to him.
It was selling women’s cloth shoes.
Qin Yufei did not know what he wanted to do, after a while, he put down his things and waved at her, she went over and he took a pair of shoes for her to try.
It is a flat-heeled rubber-soled cloth shoe, the color pink and fresh, quite beautiful.
But Qin Yufei did not like it, she shook her head.

 “The color matches your dress, too.” He coaxed her.

    “No.” This type was not her type.
He has a bad eye, it’s time to give him a bad review again.

” Walking so long, change a pair of cloth shoes will be more comfortable.
Just wear them now while shopping, and then you can wear your high heels back.” He continued to coax.

She froze at his words and suddenly found the shoes rather pleasing to the eye.
“Then try it first, if it looks good then I want it.” She gave herself a stepping stone.
As a result, put on the shoes and stand in the mirror to see, if it looks good, indeed quite match her dress.

    The point is, she felt much more comfortable feet.

    The heart is also comfortable.

    Gu Yingjie paid for this pair of shoes.
This is the only thing he paid for her on this shopping trip.

Qin Yufei bounced around in her shoes, unbelievably cheerful.
Don’t know the reason why, anyway, just very happy.

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    After more than a dozen stores, Gu Yingjie finally surrendered.
He sat on his butt on a bench by the street: “Okay, you win, I admit defeat.
You are the best shopper in the world, if the Olympic Games have this program you must be able to win the gold medal.
I have to sit for a while, if you continue to shop, come to collect me later, okay?”

    Qin Yufei laughed loudly and then really walked away.

Gu Yingjie scowled, she left him behind? What kind of woman is this! Where is her conscience?

    Just after complaining in his heart, he saw her peeking out from the corner to look at him, and with a helpless face, he waved at her.
Come back, come back.

    Qin Yufei smiled and came bouncing over with her hands behind her back, her skirt swaying, playful and beautiful.

Gu Yingjie looked at her, no longer feeling tired.
If she could be so happy all the time, it would be great.
He liked the way she smiled.

    “Let’s go back.” She was finally willing to let him go and admit that her heart ache for him.

When they went back, she split the bags and took half of them.
Gu Yingjie finally freed up one hand and sighed, “Finally, I have hands to do something a boyfriend should do.”

    “What is it?”

    A large palm came across and wrapped around her waist.

The author has something to say.

    Little theater.

Gu Yingjie: the author, yesterday your small theater smoked hot?

Author: No, deliberately written this way, to see what the reaction of people.

    Gu Yingjie: the results?

Author: The result is not many mentions this, quite a bit of heartache.

Gu Yingjie: ……

Qin Yufei: Nuts!

Author (sigh): In fact, yesterday’s small theater is very implicit, ah, but no one can see.

Gu Yingjie: What kind of implication?

Qin Yufei: I don’t think you should ask.

The author (in high spirits): is that Gu Yingjie got carried away hahahahaha, then was beaten by Qin Yufei, had to hey hey hey hey.
This does not even understand?

Gu Yingjie: ……

Qin Yufei: Nuts!

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