Yingjie also got in the car, then soon the car started and went away.

    Qin Yufei felt her heart beating fast, her body sweat, she pursed her lips and swallowed saliva.
In her head was the conversation she imagined.
The girl asked, “Who’s calling, is it your girlfriend?” Gu Yingjie smiled and shook his head: “Of course not, where did I get the girlfriend?”

Qin Yufei started the car and drove off, following the direction in which Gu Yingjie leave.
She shouldn’t have thought about it.
Their conversation might not have been like that, but she couldn’t control her imagination.
She drove the car out of the parking lot and saw Gu Yingjie’s car turning right in the front direction.
That was not the direction she was going home, and she somehow hit the steering wheel and turned right as well.

    The car kept driving, and after driving a few blocks, Qin Yufei finally realized that she was following Gu Yingjie.

    This startled her and made her feel terrible.
The memories of over three years ago came flooding back, and she clenched her teeth, her hands squeezing the steering wheel tightly.
She didn’t know how she drove the car, but she actually ended up following the place.
It was a club, very famous, Qin Yufei once visited too.
It was vivacious inside and not a good place for a date.

Qin Yufei parked her car on the side of the road across from the club, and she didn’t get out of the car, she just watched from the car.
She didn’t know what she was doing, crazy.
After a while, she saw Gu Yingjie and the girl coming from the direction of the parking lot, and seemed to have met a friend when they walked to the entrance of the club.
Qin Yufei had seen that person before, the one who also came with Gu Yingjie in the same car that day when they went out on the yacht.
The girl ran happily towards the friend.
Gu Yingjie also walked over and talked with that person.
Then they walked into the club together.

    Qin Yufei didn’t know that Gu Yingjie was walking inside while telling the man, “Well, I sent your sister over for you, so you have to treat me tonight.”

She kept staring at the club door.
Her heart was gloomy.
She knew Gu Yingjie did not lie.
She saw it with her own eyes.
She believed him.
But she was just cranky and couldn’t put her mind at ease.
She had the urge to call Gu Yingjie, to ask him where he was, to ask him who was around, whether it was a man or a woman, to hear if he was lying.

“Stop it, Qin Yufei, stop it, don’t make yourself so annoying.” She said to herself.

    That’s why she didn’t dare to fall in love.
She had warned Gu Yingjie.
But he wouldn’t listen.
She just wanted to be a superficial, rich white woman.
She didn’t want to become a vicious and suspicious old demon.

Qin Yufei turned on her car, wandered around the street, kept turning and turning, and finally she drove to Gu Yingjie’s house.
She parked in front of the neighborhood and sat for a long time before giving Gu Yingjie a call.

“Gu Yingjie, are you done with the gathering?”


    “I’m free now.
Can we meet up?”

    “Sure.” Gu Yingjie was happy and asked her tentatively, “Then do you mind coming here? I’m with some friends.
I’ll introduce you to them.”

    “No, I don’t want to go.” She refused without hesitation.

 “Okay.” Gu Yingjie understood what she meant.
She didn’t want to go public yet.
“Then I’ll pick you up from your house?”

    “No need.
Just meet at your house.
You come back, okay?”

    Of course Gu Yingjie said yes.
After hanging up the phone, Qin Yufei drove the car into the underground parking lot of the community, went upstairs, and leaned against Gu Yingjie’s door and waited for him.
The time passed slowly.
She waited and thinking it had been a long time, how he had not arrived yet.
She couldn’t help but wonder if the girl at the club wouldn’t let him go, if she would be spiteful, and if Gu Yingjie would coax her.

Qin Yufei shakes her head.
Shake off these guesses.

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She has not been like this in the past.
In the past, she was bursting with confidence and felt that she was infinitely charming and that men deserved to fall in love with her.
She didn’t even have to go through the trouble of chasing boys, and the men who courted her could line two streets.
She is richer than her best friend.
Her best friend is not as pretty as she is.
She feels everyone loves her cheerful personality.
That man should love her to the bone.
She never doubted these, she never encountered frustration.


    Until she caught them in bed.

She beat them up, but in fact felt like she was the one who got beaten up hard.
She had never been treated like that in all her life.
She was bruised and battered.

She doesn’t know what it’s like for other people to break up.
She only felt as painful as being skinned.
They stripped her of her pride, stripped of her false sense of superiority, stripped of her self-esteem.
Although she eventually survived the loss of love and betrayal, she knew she had a problem.
When a man chased her, she would guess if it was for her money, and when a woman got close to her, she would wonder if she was trying to use her.

While before, she would think that they liked her, sincerely liked her.

She has made none new friends, should say there are no genuine new friends.
She had reservations, and her smile was just a smile.
Those who could get close to her were old friends she had known for years before she studied abroad.
Yin Ting, for example.
But she didn’t tell her about what had happened to her in America.
She would worry that her friend disliked her.

    Just as now, she would worry that Gu Yingjie hates her.

    The elevator “dinged” and stopped at this floor.
When Gu Yingjie came out of the elevator, he looked up and saw Qin Yufei standing in front of his house.
Before he had time to speak, he saw her leap over, hugged him, stood on tiptoe, and kissed him.

What a flying love affair.
Gu Yingjie was very receptive.
He countered and deepened the kiss.

  “Had a fight with your mother?” He asked her.

    Qin Yufei shook her head and hugged him.

    Gu Yingjie drags her to the door.
As soon as the door closes, Qin Yufei kisses him again.
She touched him, passionate as fire.

    Gu Yingjie could not resist at all.
Every time his queen deliberately teases him, he only surrenders.

    The two were soon naked, too late to go to the bedroom, and did what they didn’t do last time on the sofa.
The sofa cushions were thrown everywhere again.
Gu Yingjie wants to laugh.
These cushions are really not right with Young Miss.

Things were only half done when Qin Yufei abandoned her armor and surrendered, while Gu Yingjie had to take the condom and carried her into the bedroom to finish the second half.

    Afterwards, the two people were too tired to speak and cuddled up to each other.
After a while, Gu Yingjie was kicked.

    “Gu Yingjie, I’m hungry.”

    “What do you want to eat?”

    “Fried chicken and fries.”

    “I don’t have any here.”

    “Oh.” She stopped talking and curled up in his arms.
After a while, she said, “I’m hungry.” She hadn’t even eaten dinner, and she had just been so exhausted.

Gu Yingjie sighed and struggled for a while to get up.
“Then I’ll go out and buy it for you.
There’s a McDonald’s, it’s a quick drive.”

    She watched as he cleaned himself up and got dressed, and was a little touched.
But once, that man for her limited edition CD to be signed, queue in the snow overnight, at that time, she was more touched than now.
But in the end it was that result.

    She shook her head and threw the memories away.
If only one could lose one’s memory.

    “It’s so late, don’t go out.
What do you have here? Bread will do.”

    “There’s no bread.” Gu Yingjie went out to rummage through the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and came back to tell her, “How about egg noodles?”

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 “Okay.” She sat on the big bed and nodded as she hugged his quilt.
Gu Yingjie’s heart is going to melt.
How can he like her so much? He went over and kissed her.
“You wait, I’ll cook noodles.
It will be ready soon.”

Gu Yingjie went to the kitchen to make noodles.
As soon as the noodles were in the pot, Qin Yufei came out.
She was wearing his shirt, with two bare legs.
The whole body was on fire when Gu Yingjie looked at it, and he felt he really had to restrain himself.
Or he would have scared her away, right?

    But she didn’t understand his pains at all.
Even when she wore this, she came over and hugged his waist and asked him, “Gu Yingjie, do you like me?”

Is this woman a demon?

    “Very much.” He answered honestly.

    “How much?”

I like you so much that I want to drag you to bed again.
Gu Yingjie pursed his lips.
“Like you so much that I want to crack ten eggs into your noodles.”


Okay, Gu Yingjie admitted that this love line was really not good.
He continued, “Eat ten eggs are bad.
I’ll just put two for you.”

    Then she laughed.


  The author has something to say.

    Little theater.

Author: Ah Jie, I’ll tell you about my little theater was yesterday.

    Gu Yingjie: Totally not interested in listening.
You make my wife sad.
I don’t want to talk to you.

    Author: Ugh.
Why are you like this?

    Gu Yingjie: Hum.

    Author: Ugh.
It’s so hard to be an author.

    Gu Yingjie: …….
Wait, what just happened?

    Author: It’s a small theater situation.

    Gu Yingjie: ……

    Author: Don’t think it’s appropriate? Then I have many more versions.
For example, you say ugh wife is so mean.
Your wife says hum.
Then you say, ugh I’m so cheap.
The meaner my wife is, the more I like her.
And ……

    Gu Yingjie: stop, stop.

    Author: What?

    Gu Yingjie: Ugh, I have to go find the right weapon again.

    Author: Hey!

Gu Yingjie: Ugh, I’m not willing to beat you to death.

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